November 30, 2020 Gemini Full Moon Soul Vibe

On November 30, 2020 @ 1:29 AM PST, we experienced the Gemini Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse Direct Station Event. The Vibe of this Event is centered around how we each interpret, communicate and share knowledge, along with What is Concealed and How it is Revealed, Individually and Collectively. Gemini Energy is Fast-Paced and All Over the Place and Comes At US Like A Rushing Wave. Eclipses tend to hide some things and reveal others and they always bring us to a Pivotal Point, and can have US a little groggy, so be Mindful of this for the next 3 days when making decisions. Now is the Time for the Great Mystical Revealing of the Concealed. Whatever has been personally held back, hidden or deceitfully Concealed, purposefully and otherwise, will be Revealed, in a Major Way. On Our way to the Intersection of Fate and Karma, we each will have to make critical life decisions based upon information that is coming at each of US, at a faster than normal pace. How we receive and then communicate the Facts of the information is very important. Distorted Information, Half-truth’s and Out Right Lies will be Exposed and ONLY The Detailed Facts of The Matter will be able to Stand. Now is the TIME for Releasing Every Toxic, Negative or Dysfunctional Personal Association, Situation and Endeavor, along with Releasing ALL Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial and Sexual “EXCESS BAGGAGE”. Now is the TIME to Release All Expectations ( Spoken & UnSpoken) that many of US have for others, as they are the Doors to most of our Personal Disappointments. Individually and Collectively, we are approaching The Karmic Crossroads, with Significant Fated Crosswinds clearing the way for a New Era, A New Paradigm and A New Age! Many of US will come to a Pivot Point and we must not allow any FEAR to prevent US from Stepping Up, Into The Liberty and Freedom of Expansive Living. Now is the TIME to Set New Patterns of Living and Being, for Setting New Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits to Manifest and for Establishing New Appetites, Attitudes and Aspirations that will provide you with the Life and Lifestyle You Deserve. We are entering a Potent Energy Portal that can be essential in transitioning from the Old into the New. Use this Time and Energy to Transform Every Aspect of Your Entire Existence. Eliminate ALL Fear, Doubt, Procrastination and Laziness from your life, immediately and permanently, and Replace them with Courage, Belief, Motivation and Productivity! Start with your most basic of needs, wants and desire and then EXPAND Outward. Start Right Where You Are At and Start Right NOW! Take that one idea and plant it in Prosperous Ground and Get Busy with the work that always follows any planting and watch it grow. Strive to BE More Authentic, Each and Every Day, in Every Deliberate and Intentional Thought, Action, Word and Deed and Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Assurance while you Repair Your Esteem, For Self and From Others! The Authentic YOU is the Very Best Version of You There Is. You have to travel a very bumpy Path on the Way to Authenticity, a Physical Obstacle Course and Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Gauntlet, however if you Keep It Positive and Keep It Pushing, You Will Arrive At Your Most Desired Destination. NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW, WHERE YOU ARE GOING IS MUCH BETTER THAN WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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