Extremely Intense Transformations Comes After Extremely Intense Confrontations

On Sunday October 27, 2019 @ 8:38 PM PST we will experience the Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. During the 3.5 Day Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow, We each will have to deal with the Emotional Holds, Bonds and Attachments, that each of US currently has, that are really keeping each of US Physically Stagnated, Emotionally Frustrated and Mentally Spinning our Wheels, Gaining No Real or Tangible Traction At All. This Scorpio New Moon is all about Lifting The Individual Limitations, Once and For All and Embracing Your Emerging New Normal. During this Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow, Relationships of All Kinds and on All Levels will go through some sort of “Confrontation” that will Bring a Much Deeper Closeness. These Confrontations may not necessarily be hostile or heated, and Most will be long overdue. This Scorpio New Moon will bring out the Deepest Held Emotions we each are holding on to, pertaining to those certain Situations, Associations and Endeavors, in each of Our Individual Realities, that is in need of Final ReConciliation. Now is the Time to Recognize, Resolve and RELEASE Those Negative, Toxic and/or Manipulative Situations, Associations and Endeavors and to Revive, ReBOOT and RELAUNCH Those Positive, Healthy and Balanced Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Many of US will experience Emotionally Intense New Beginnings and others will experience Successful ReStarts of New Situations, Associations and Endeavors that recently began and that may be Sputtering Along and in NEED of a JumpSTART! Now is The Time to BE Very Mindful of Your Own Intentions and Desires and to TOTALLY Trust Your Own Intuition.

Where We Each Are Going Is Much Better Than Where We Each Have Been!

This Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow will give each of US many opportunities to “Get In Touch With Our Forgotten Feelings”. By Going To The Very Depth of Our Soul, we each will find those Forgotten Feelings & Fears that must BE ReCONCILED and RELEASED, Once and For All. By Going Through The process of ReConciliation, we each will BE able to Conquer Every Physical Limitation, Clear Away Every Unnecessary Emotional Burden and Clear Away All Mental Clutter that has been preventing each of US from Truly Living Our Best LIFE and BEING Our Best Self. Now is The Time for RELEASING All Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial or Sexual ATTACHMENTS that no longer serve Our Highest Good and are not a Contributing Part of Our Emerging New Normal. Honest Love Connections will Accelerate along Currently Developing Avenues and a Few of US will Experience “The ReTURN of Something Lost”. This ReTURN could BE in the form of a Lover, Friend, Business Opportunity or any other possible experience attached to a LOSS. Again, Stay Very Mindful of Your Own Intentions and Trust Your Own Intuition. Now is The Time to Embrace and Empower The “MAGICKAL” YOU! Now is The Time to Tap Into Your Power and Begin To ReMAKE Your Reality. Now is The Time To Transform Your Life Into Exactly What You Desire It To BE!



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