Make The “ONE” Decision That Will Alter Your Life Path—Choose Your Freedom or Repeat Your Patterned Fear(s)

Independence, Inspiration and Initiative are the Major Themes for this Aries Hunter Full Moon Exact Station Event, which we will experience on October 13, 2019 @ 2:07 PM PDT. During the entire 88 Hour Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and for 13 days after, Our Choices, Decisions and Our Well Thought Out Plans, regarding our Personal Freedom, Our Creative Motivation and Our Drive and Direct Efforts, will come up for Our Final Approval. This is a Very Ambitious Time for Each of US. What we each dive Head-First into will definitely set the tone for each of US, for the next 7-9 Years. Pay attention to Your Emerging New Normal and Make the Fine Distinctions and Decisions regarding those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are Present and that are Progressing or Beginning to Show Promise. Tremendous Growth Opportunities will BE available, for each of US, during this Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and the 13 days that follow. Now is the Time to Step Into The New, with Eagerness. Expand Yourself and Your Lifestyle and Take That Chance You Have Been Seriously Considering. Some of US will receive that Cash Influx we have Desperately Desired, while some of US will receive Other Considerations that will help US reach a Personal Milestone, Inspirational Summit or Motivational Peak. Now is the Time to BE Very WISE, especially with the Cash/Other Considerations we receive. Exercise Prudence and BE Absolutely Sure about every Choice, Decision and Plan that we make and align ourselves with. Now is the Time for Stripping Away the Excess and for Narrowing Our Focus. Now is the Time to Focus on the LIFE YOU DESIRE and to Close the Door and Walk Away from the LIFE YOU DESPISE!

Unique and Continuing Personal Transformation will force each of US to really examine our Motives and Intentions for BEING Who We Are and for DOING What We Do, during the entire Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and the 13 days that follow. Each of US will come Face-To-Face with Our Clear and Present Reality. Now is the Time for a Raw and Honest Individual Reality Assessment. What we see and what we experience will show each of US those areas of Our Individual Realities that are Definitely No Longer Acceptable and it will be up to each of US to make some Hard Fear vs Freedom Choices. Stagnate Situations, Abhorrent Associations and Eschewed Endeavors Must BE eliminated from Our Individual Realities and replaced with Sterling Situations, Admirable Associations and Excellent Endeavors. By Reaching Down into the Stanky Parts of Our Souls, we can find the Courage and Commitment to Clean Up Our Realities in order to Move Forward, Positively and Progressively. Now is the Time to Release Our Every Emotional Hang-Up that keeps US Stuck and Frustrated. Now is the Time to Conquer Our Every Physical Bad Habits that Sabotage Our Motivation. Now is the Time to Control Our Minds and Thoughts and to Put Our Individual Plans into Positive and Progressive Motion. Now is the Time to Reach For What We Really Want, RIGHT NOW and to Walk Away From What We Won’t, ANYMORE!

The LIFE and LIFESTYLE We Truly Desire Is ONE Decision Away!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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