What YOU Feed Your MIND, Will Grow!

Train Your Mind to FOCUS. Being able to focus on a thought is vitally important. One must BE able to hold a Focused Thought for increasingly prolonged periods in order to infuse that Thought with the Cosmic Soul Energy necessary for activating the Manifestation Process. Focused Thinking is not a one-time deal. One MUST condition the Mind to filter out all unnecessary Chatter with a daily practice of Master Breath Work, Mind Empowering Meditation and Creative Visualization. Build up Your MIND with your Mastered Self Creative Visualizations, in and from Your Own MIND and Practice Clearing the Clutter by focusing in on Your Highest Good Goals & Desires, for as long as you can. PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE, SOME MORE! It will take serious commitment and dedicated efforts and the rewards will become Evident.

Allow yourself at least 11 days of committed practice and trust the process. The Longer One Can Hold Their Creative Visualizations, The Greater the Accumulation & Infusion of Cosmic Soul Energy for the particular thought. Start out not even keeping time until you get the hang of it, then Strive for 7 minutes of Focused Thought for Maximum Manifesting Effect.


I AM Training My Mind to Focus. I AM learning how to filter out unnecessary Chatter from My Mind. I AM Seriously Committed to the Daily Practice of Master Breath Work, Mind Empowering Exercises & Creative Visualization Meditation. I AM Trusting The Process!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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