Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US!

On July 31, 2019 @ 8:11 PM PDT, we will experience the Leo “BLACK” Super Moon Exact Station Event. Seven (7) minutes later, Mercury Stations Direct, as well. While we will still have Six (6) Planets in Retrograde, Mercury Stationing Direct signals the time for a smoothing out of communications and overstanding and of clarity of vision and thought. This is the End of Eclipse Season and the past 29 days have been a Real Emotional Rollercoaster of a Ride, for most of us. The areas of the Emotionality that flared are the areas where we each needed to Re-DEFINE or Establish Some Boundaries, which I AM sure most did. The Vibe of the season calls for that. No ONE was EXEMPT! Somehow, Someway we all went through SOMETHING, on some level. All of the Drama and Trauma that each of us experienced was for our Highest Good. Some have been Stretched out further than Ever before while others were Pushed all the Way to the Absolute Edge. BREATHE. BREATHE, Again. We Made it Through and NOW we are prepared to step into the Next NEW Phase of our Current Reality! The Doorway into Your Next NEW Phase is opening and it leads to the Gateway of Your Emerging New Normal. What each of us is stepping into is an entire New Way of Living and Being. These Next 88 Days can set the tone for the Rest of Your Incarnation and What We Have Set Into Motion IS Coming Back To Greet Us, Right Now. Cultivate those emerging situations, associations and endeavors that are aligning with your Mastered Self and that are adding Tangible Value to your Awakening, Ascensions and Spiritual Lifestyle. Effective Communication and Aggressive Promotion are the Keys and Ways to Accelerated Progress, along your Chosen Path of Self-Sustenance. Put Yourself Out There and Rise and Shine and begin to S.O.A.R.! Aggressively Advance Your Cause, Business, Endeavor by Empowering Yourself with Confident, Courage and Commitment. Push Through Procrastination with Positivity and your desired results will begin to Manifest. Smash Through Stagnation by Standing UP in Your Truth and the Stability it Affords You.

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US—What Will YOU Do?

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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