Manifesting Monday Focused Thought 11-Day Affirmation Soul Vibe

Promote Your Purpose, POSITIVELY!

Promote Your Purpose, POSITIVELY by Surrounding yourself with Progressively Positive Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Gravitate towards those situations, associations and endeavors that truly resonate with your Soul and Align with your Mastered Self and your Highest Good Goals and Desires. Make continuing connections with the Progressive Situations that Promote Positivity, with the Positive Associations that encourage Progressive Growth and with the Progressive Endeavors that Positively Promote Your Purpose. Become impassioned and driven to make the important connections count, and count for something tremendously prosperous. Examine all your situations, associations and endeavors and invest in those that pull you towards tangibly manifesting your own goals. Embrace your greatness and begin the steady march towards goal manifestation with confidence and clarity. Find the Winners in your field and begin to follow them closely and incorporate the practices and techniques that advance you and your situations, associations and endeavors progressively and positively forward.

AFFIRMATION: 3 Times a Day for 11 Days

I AM Promoting My Purpose, POSITIVELY. I AM surrounding myself and gravitating towards Progressively Positive Situations, Associations and Endeavors. I AM making continuing connections with Progressive Situations, Associations and Endeavors that Promote Positivity. I AM Embracing My Greatness. I AM Incorporating Winner Techniques and Practices that Advance Me and My Situations, Associations and Endeavors Progressively and Positively Forward.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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