July 2, 2019 Mastered Self Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse Soul Vibe

BE PATIENT…Looking for that New SoulMate Summer Love? BE PATIENT, it is coming. Looking for New Financial Opportunities? BE PATIENT, they are coming, also. Looking for Both, Neither or Something totally different, altogether? BE PATIENT, those are coming, as well. On July 2, 2019 @ 12:16 PM PST we will experience the Cancer New Moon Exact Station Event. 6 minutes later, @ 12:22 PM PDT we will experience the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Event. With Clean Slates and Fresh Starts being the theme of this event, we all can PATIENTLY Push Forward with our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that are lingering right outside our periphery and just outside of our controlling grasp. BE PATIENT. Life, as each of us currently knows it, is accelerating, with FateFUL Events and Karmic Encounters drawing each of us towards our Purpose and closer to Manifesting our Desired Realities. BE PATIENT. Issues of Security, Emotional, Financially and otherwise, are present and we must all BE PATIENT as the issues that are arising have more to do with some lingering fear in each of us than anything that should really effect you. Again, BE PATIENT and trust that all is working out for your Highest Good. Hasty Steps taken, right now, will Cause a 9-Year Cosmic Ripple Effect that will cause some to repeat the unlearned lesson of the previous Cycle, while others will remain or become Spiritually Stagnate and Consciously Bankrupt. Well-planned out action steps, in those directions that are showing TANGIBLE returns and that align with your Highest Good will prove productive and profitable, and will Effect you POSITIVELY, during this 9-Year Cycle. Pour all your Thought Energy, Action Energy and Manifesting Energy into furthering those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that absolutely matter and that contribute to your Awakening, Ascensions and Expansion.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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