June 21, 2019 Summer Soulstice Season Vibe

Soul Connections, Karma and FateFUL New Beginnings are in store for all of us, as we welcome this 2019 Summer Soulstice Season. Shifting of perspectives and directions and the renewal of inspiration, optimism and motivation all are keys to tangible expansion during this 88 Day Transit. On the hills of June 17th Powerful and Potent Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon, we each are entering into our most important season of 2019. As the Shifts occur, BE very Mindful of which directions your Soul leads you in and by any and all means, FOLLOW YOUR SOUL as it leads you into the Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are aligning with You and Your True Purpose. Soul Connections, of all kinds and with all kinds, will present themselves during these next 88 Days and it is extremely important for each of us to LISTEN to the Subtle Soul Messages and to make our decisions from a Quiet and Calm Mind and for the furtherance of achieving our most pressing and pertinent Highest Good Goal, Desire and/or Active Pursuit. Everyone should begin to feel the Breeze of KARMA in our Individual Realities and must make room for the New Attitudes, New Arrivals and New Adjustments that are sure to come our way. KARMA IS NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD—KARMA JUST IS! It is like a checking account; there is a DEBIT Side of the ledger and a CREDIT Side to the ledger and at the end, they must Balance. These next 88 Days will BE REPLETE with Karmic Balancing. How each has conducted themselves is how each will perceive their individual karmic events. BE on the lookout for the FateFUL New Beginnings in our Personal Situations, Associations and Active Pursuits that will rock us to our SoulCore, one way or another. On All Levels and Across Every Possible Area of our lives, we each will experience some sort of Foundational Shift due to one or more FateFUL New Beginnings. What manifests because of this will propel each of us towards realizing and injoying the manifestation of our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits! INJOY THIS 2019 SUMMER SOULSTICE SEASON!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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