Belief + Action=Manifestation

Belief + Action = Manifestation

Invest in yourself (BELIEF) and inject ambition (ACTION) and you will achieve your desired results (MANIFESTATION). Your thoughts and dreams only manifest after you take the necessary steps towards your goals. Make the investment (BELIEF) of your time, talent and treasury, into your Highest Good Goals and Desires, and add your own committed ambition (ACTION) and you will produce (MANIFESTATION) your Highest Desired Results.

Give to yourself, the same as you have given to others, wholeheartedly and completely. Tap into the Belief Center of Your Soul and bring forth the Well of Assurance that bubbles deep inside you. Be Positive. Be Productive. BE COMMITTED.

Seek out the most efficient way to manifest your goals and trust the steps you take towards manifestation. However and Forever Passionate, BE INFORMED when making decisions. Become Resourceful and Resilient while you process through obstacles and progress towards goal manifestation.

Belief + Action = Manifestation. Apply this principle to every association, situation and endeavor, for maximum returns.


I AM Believing, Acting and Manifesting My Highest Good Goals and Desires. I AM Positive. I AM Productive. I AM Committed. I AM Informed when making All Decisions. I AM Resourceful and Resilient as I progress towards Manifesting My Highest Good Goals and Desires.

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