November 18, 2017 Spiritually Scorpio New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Saturday November 18, 2017 @ 3:42 AM PST, we will experience the Spiritually Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. I call this a “SPIRITUALLY” Scorpio New Moon because the themes of our lives and methods of manifestation will be driven by your Spiritually Attainable Goals & Desires. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is cozying up with Venus & Jupiter, and the gifts that each bring to the event. Venus adds beauty and comfort to all that she endeavors and Jupiter brings expansion and vision. Chiron, The Wounded Healer & Soul Mate Connector is also in a very favorable position in relation to this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon, as well, giving each of us great opportunities for Permanent Healing. Scorpio Season has brought up some deep planted Fear Seeds. Scorpio Season has revealed most, if not all of the SHADOWS and we have either faced them and overcome them and healed or we have not. If you have not, YOU Should and Must, in order to allow yourself the space in your Soul, to begin the inner healing process. This Scorpio Season has been an emotional & physical gauntlet of some scorching and scary and scarring events, from our past. Some of our Mastered Self Secret Desires have been revealed and some are beginning to be fulfilled and New Possibilities, regarding our Mastered Self Pleasures and Passions, are starting to grab more of our attention. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is about Planting Mastered Self Seeds of Complete Healing, of Spiritually Productive Business Expansion and of Prosperous Outcomes of Mastered Self Endeavors. What you plant now, will come to harvest later. Plant Very Wisely!

Many of us arrive at this Event having already dealt with most of the Spiritual Taurus Full Moon Energies. We have answered the questions, made the necessary choices & decisions. Clarity of direction is easier when the view is less obstructed. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is the time to give Our Spiritually Attainable Passions, our Complete & Dedicated Production. Those that are Ready Must Make Spiritual Expansion a Part of Your New Normal Reality! Take the time to get absolutely clear about the directions of your every endeavor. Make distinctions with your Highest Good as the baseline of acceptable experiences. Choose Accountability and Ascend. Choose Courage and Conquer. Choose Empowerment and Evolve. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon can be used as our “Spring Planting” into 2018. Use this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon energy to commit to a schedule that is realistically workable yet challenging enough to produce tangible & sustainable results. Start by Meditating of Your Goal. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Goal Meditation. Next you must Materialize Your Resources. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Materializing Resources. Now you must Manifest Your Goal into Your Current Reality. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Manifesting Reality. Repeat as Necessary.

I mentioned earlier that Chiron would be in a very favorable position to this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon because I also need to advise you that Mercury is in its pre-retrograde Shadow Period, and will go retrograde Dec 3rd-22nd. With the combination of these 2 events coupled with other Planetary Geometry that will be present, pay close attention to every situation and look for Soul Mate Connections to intensify. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is all about making and strengthening Soul Mate Connections, of all kinds. Existing Soul Mate Connections will get much needed and appropriate attention and developing Soul Mate Connections that align with your Mastered Self and your Narrowed Down Purpose will continue along the current organically evolving Path. Each of us has more than a few Soul Mate Relationships, Jobs, Business Opportunities, Relocations, and the list goes on, that we have experienced, during this incarnation. Allow your intuition to guide you in the new directions that begin to present themselves, during this period. Choose the avenues that best fit into your New Normal and align with your Narrowed Down Purpose. Be Open & Honest! Operate from a Mature & Wise Heart Space, with Pure Intentions and Actions, emotionally stable and balanced. Embrace each of these connections for what they truly are: Purpose Pointers! As we Narrow Down our Purpose, we narrow down the people, places and experiences that point us towards our Purpose. The further along the Journey you are, the more important these Soul Mate Connections become. Make all Soul Mate Connections with this in mind. Many of us are about to come face to face with FATE! Not just any fate, our Own Manifesting Fate. What you set into Motion, in the past, shall come back and Greet You, in the present! Get Ready, On All Levels, Get Ready! Choose Purpose over Practice. Choose Passion over Pain. Choose Pleasure over Persecution. Choose Present over Past.

Believe in Yourself and Trust Yourself and become the #1 Priority, to Yourself. Make Yourself as important as your job is, or car is, or spouse is, or child is, or whatever IT is…Make being kind to Yourself a familiar thing to you, NOT A FOREIGN OR FORBIDDEN THING.




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