November 18, 2017 Spiritually Scorpio New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Saturday November 18, 2017 @ 3:42 AM PST, we will experience the Spiritually Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. I call this a “SPIRITUALLY” Scorpio New Moon because the themes of our lives and methods of manifestation will be driven by your Spiritually Attainable Goals & Desires. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is cozying up with Venus & Jupiter, and the gifts that each bring to the event. Venus adds beauty and comfort to all that she endeavors and Jupiter brings expansion and vision. Chiron, The Wounded Healer & Soul Mate Connector is also in a very favorable position in relation to this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon, as well, giving each of us great opportunities for Permanent Healing. Scorpio Season has brought up some deep planted Fear Seeds. Scorpio Season has revealed most, if not all of the SHADOWS and we have either faced them and overcome them and healed or we have not. If you have not, YOU Should and Must, in order to allow yourself the space in your Soul, to begin the inner healing process. This Scorpio Season has been an emotional & physical gauntlet of some scorching and scary and scarring events, from our past. Some of our Mastered Self Secret Desires have been revealed and some are beginning to be fulfilled and New Possibilities, regarding our Mastered Self Pleasures and Passions, are starting to grab more of our attention. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is about Planting Mastered Self Seeds of Complete Healing, of Spiritually Productive Business Expansion and of Prosperous Outcomes of Mastered Self Endeavors. What you plant now, will come to harvest later. Plant Very Wisely!

Many of us arrive at this Event having already dealt with most of the Spiritual Taurus Full Moon Energies. We have answered the questions, made the necessary choices & decisions. Clarity of direction is easier when the view is less obstructed. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is the time to give Our Spiritually Attainable Passions, our Complete & Dedicated Production. Those that are Ready Must Make Spiritual Expansion a Part of Your New Normal Reality! Take the time to get absolutely clear about the directions of your every endeavor. Make distinctions with your Highest Good as the baseline of acceptable experiences. Choose Accountability and Ascend. Choose Courage and Conquer. Choose Empowerment and Evolve. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon can be used as our “Spring Planting” into 2018. Use this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon energy to commit to a schedule that is realistically workable yet challenging enough to produce tangible & sustainable results. Start by Meditating of Your Goal. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Goal Meditation. Next you must Materialize Your Resources. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Materializing Resources. Now you must Manifest Your Goal into Your Current Reality. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Manifesting Reality. Repeat as Necessary.

I mentioned earlier that Chiron would be in a very favorable position to this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon because I also need to advise you that Mercury is in its pre-retrograde Shadow Period, and will go retrograde Dec 3rd-22nd. With the combination of these 2 events coupled with other Planetary Geometry that will be present, pay close attention to every situation and look for Soul Mate Connections to intensify. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is all about making and strengthening Soul Mate Connections, of all kinds. Existing Soul Mate Connections will get much needed and appropriate attention and developing Soul Mate Connections that align with your Mastered Self and your Narrowed Down Purpose will continue along the current organically evolving Path. Each of us has more than a few Soul Mate Relationships, Jobs, Business Opportunities, Relocations, and the list goes on, that we have experienced, during this incarnation. Allow your intuition to guide you in the new directions that begin to present themselves, during this period. Choose the avenues that best fit into your New Normal and align with your Narrowed Down Purpose. Be Open & Honest! Operate from a Mature & Wise Heart Space, with Pure Intentions and Actions, emotionally stable and balanced. Embrace each of these connections for what they truly are: Purpose Pointers! As we Narrow Down our Purpose, we narrow down the people, places and experiences that point us towards our Purpose. The further along the Journey you are, the more important these Soul Mate Connections become. Make all Soul Mate Connections with this in mind. Many of us are about to come face to face with FATE! Not just any fate, our Own Manifesting Fate. What you set into Motion, in the past, shall come back and Greet You, in the present! Get Ready, On All Levels, Get Ready! Choose Purpose over Practice. Choose Passion over Pain. Choose Pleasure over Persecution. Choose Present over Past.

Believe in Yourself and Trust Yourself and become the #1 Priority, to Yourself. Make Yourself as important as your job is, or car is, or spouse is, or child is, or whatever IT is…Make being kind to Yourself a familiar thing to you, NOT A FOREIGN OR FORBIDDEN THING.




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November 3, 2017 Mastered Self Ascension Portal Closing Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

Cosmically & Physically here in 3D, we all have been experiencing turbulent times. What used to be isn’t, anymore, and most people still have not accepted that there is a New Normal. Spiritually, many of us have experienced either one Major Shift or a few mini-shifts, that have arrived us at different places and with new and improved gifts and with a Narrowed Down Purpose…More on that later…The past 30+ days or so have been like this relentless gauntlet of emotional tests & mental frustration. Think back to the Eclipse Season…Remember what you did not face, back then, Yeah, it’s here NOW and you must face it, head up, now. We are faced with the sum total of all of our missed opportunities to Be Real, right now. Each of us is going through some sort of cleansing of the Past. Completions & Graduations for some, Endings & New Beginnings for others and so the Cycles of Life continue on. Ready or not: We are entering into Ascension Season. On the “7’s” Ascensions: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial & Sexual Ascensions. All Across the Board Ascensions.

For the next 30 days, each of us will begin to realize the significant changes to our Daily Ways of Living. Subtle in nature, these changes spawn from an inner desire to optimize each moment, each experience and to maximize each endeavor with appreciation, only then can we INJOY this Experience, this incarnation, to the absolute fullest and remember and embrace all of ourselves. The quick expansion of knowledge is the effect of the Dimensional Access Gates Being Open. Each Dimensions has its own Entrance Gate. Each Dimension has its own Knowledge, that resides behind the Gate and evolves there. Each of those Dimensions is currently Open and all of the Knowledge housed therein is also Available. It is truly an advantageous time for those of US that seek this Vital Knowledge, as we can tap into Our Home Dime, as I like to refer to it. I AM the Gatekeeper of the 7th Dime, when I AM not incarnated here in 3D or the other Earth Type Realities that we concurrently experience. Those that dare, Seek Out Your Dime and ingrain all of the Dime’s Knowledge, while the gates Are Open…Portals Closing Very Soon! Approximately 75 hours before All Dime Gates Close! Monday Nov 6 @ 9:22 PM PDT.

Ascension Portals are currently open and the Power of Ascension is being felt by many of us. Spiritually, many of us are heading in different directions that we ever thought, learning new and advanced techniques and really just being brave enough to do something our very own way. Epiphanies & Awakenings are happening, almost daily, and the intensity of the downloads have been surging and rolling and penetrating and probing, have altered the Way many of us look at how we can Live Optimal & With Complete Liberty. Recent & On-Going Vibrational RE-Calibrations are effecting our Gifts, in the most profound ways. Activations are Happening and New Energies merge with Existing Energies and until all of this settles down, we can expect the mini-shifts of Awareness, to continue. Concurrently, On-Going Frequency Intensifications & Convergences are integrating into Our Operating Systems and we are experiencing Episodes of Ascension Symptom’s. You are Rising in Frequency and the old has a hard time vacating. Hang on in there and things will settle down, shortly. We need some of the old system, to stabilize the New System, until at maximum operating efficiency. Allow the fluctuations to be Signs of Ascension and Growth, and Encourage the Next Positive Thing that Occurs, In Your Life and the benefits will be tremendous.

More than a few of us reach this Auspicious Station with a Narrowed Down Purpose. The past 18 months or so, since early/mid 2016, the Way we live and conduct our daily business has transformed. Take an honest look at what you were doing back in early 2016 and what you are doing, today. Compare how you earn your money and how you live your Life between early 2016 and today and BE honest with the assessment. Some have moved on from stable careers and branched out, on their own, while others have gone the reverse. As we each Ascend, we begin to Narrow Down Our Purpose. As we embrace our Mastered Self, we overstand that what we really Pursue is Our Liberty in One’s Passion. I Desire My Passion. In My Passion Is My Liberty. We Desire Our Passions. In Our Passions Is Our Liberty. As we Ascend, we narrow our focus and concentrate our energies, towards those areas that really serve our Highest Good and allow each of us to begin to Live Life on Our Own Terms! Now is the Time to Turn Your On the “7’s” Mastered Self Desires, those Goals that you have been called to do or forced into, either way, into Your Pursuits. Now is the Time to Gather Up All That Is Showing Tangible Results, all that you are currently nurturing, all that is Intuitively Promising and Package it up and Market it. Now is the Time to just “Do the Damn Thang, Already!”

Your Mastered Self Will Guide Your Thoughts to Your Mastered Self Desires.

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November 3, 2017 Taurus Spiritual Full Moon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Friday November 3, 2017 @ 10:22 PM PDT, we will experience the Taurus Spiritual Full Moon Exact Station Event. Some would say that this is a SuperMoon, that’s cool, too. I tend to believe that this Taurus Full Moon is a Spiritual Full Moon. Spiritual because the SHADOWS are amongst US. All sorts of Beings and Spirits and Ancestors & Masters & Ancients are truly PRESENT & WATCHING & AVAILABLE, having travelled through Ascension Portals, which are currently open and available for Pivot Travel. Scorpio Season has driven each of us deep into the abyss of the Dark Cracks & Dim Crevices of our Souls. Those places that never get to the Light of Day, YES, Those Places There! Scorpio Energy is all about the underworld, the shadows, the Dark & Dim, the restricted and taboo, the place of your dreams/nightmares. YES, THOSE PLACES THERE! With all of this bubbling over, NOW everything in the home is getting ready to BE Transformed!

With the recent Cosmic Energy Shift and the Vibrational RE-Calibration, many of us have experienced different energy surges and changes in the way we see things about the Ways we live our daily lives. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is amplified with Ascension Energy. The Cosmic Veil is currently Transparent, take a peek into the Clear and see your soultions, to your every fear, your every deficiency, your every ailment & your every obstacle. Your Guides are Present and here to assist you. Step UP into your Transformation and allow the process to develop, organically. Resistance will only delay your Transformation. Take this opportunity to expose your shadows & conquer them & release them, once and for all, each and every ONE of them. Transform your fear into Fervor, and move past all of those dark hurts and pains and guilt’s and shames and abuses, for your own good. Use this Spiritual Energy to Fuel your Passion, again and to focus yourself back to your Highest Good. Transform your Reality by changing your perspective and Get Real & Honest and you will immediately see that your Pivot is not only close, it is necessary! This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will deal with all of the hidden things that we each refuse to face, in our daily lives. Taurus rules the creature comforts, the way we live and how we finance our Ways of Living and we each will come face to face with what has been lurking in the shadows of our heart.

This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is a time of Harvest. For a lot of us, it just seems that we need one more thing in order to step out of our comfort zone and into our Mastered Self. Making the choice to invest in oneself is always a risky proposition and there are no guarantees. Making the choice to break away from the normal and venture into the unknown can be very daunting. Thinking about remaining in the same place, doing the same thing, going the same direction should spur each of us into to immediate action yet most of us need a helpful nudge, now and again. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is that helpful nudge each of us needs in order to believe that the Initial Process is Complete! Now is the time to ”Do The Damn Thang” with all that you have Gathered and Produced and Prepared and allow the fullness of the process to evolve, organically. These past few days have been a trek and journey of Gathering, getting together those things that are producing tangible results. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will provide each of us with the courage & clarity to Go to Market with What We Already Have That Is Currently Producing Tangible Results! This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will clear the way for you, in your chosen Passion and will shine its Light Brightest on those areas that are definitely beneficial for you to give a little bit more attention to.

This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will signal a time of Progressive & Forward Movement. Within the next 21 days, give or take, each of us will have to answer 3 hard questions, choose between 2 tough choices and make 1 MAJOR Decision, regarding something or someone. We must clear ourselves of all unhealthy associations as we Ascend or we will repeat the previous negative cycle. Releasing all toxic and harmful people, associations & situations will lighten your daily load and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter & emotional debris. Get Real & Honest, No Matter What Comes Your Way, and everything will work out accordingly. Most of the time, we make things way more than they actually turn out to be. Own your SHIT, when necessary and take No One’s in Return. When making your choices and decision, remember to rise above all pettiness and cut your losses when you know there is no other solution. BE Deliberate in your Thoughts regarding your relationships. BE Consistent in your Stances & Positions. BE Committed to Your Desired Results. Make Realistic Promises to Yourself & Stick to Your Word!

Each Step We Take, We Step Deeper into Our New Normal

Each Spiritual Ascension Step We Take, We Step Deeper into Our Mastered Self!

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June 20, 2017 Summer Soulstice Mastered Self Soul Vibe


Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Tuesday June 20, 2017 @ 9:24 PM PDT, we will experience the 2017 Summer Soulstice Exact Station Event. At this Exact Station Event, the Sun will move into Cancer. Cancer Energy injects emotions and feelings into those things that matter most to us. Cancer Energy infects us with its nurturing kindness. Cancer Energy comforts us with its concerning empathy and Cancer Energy strengthens us with its loyal understanding. Cancer Energy reminds us of what we received, as far as the love and compassion we each crave versus what we allowed others to give us in that regards. Cancer Energy puts it all on Front Street. This 2017 Summer Soulstice will draw each of us deep into our own tiny heartspace, to the place where our secrets reside. Open Up the vault and allow everything to come out, your fears, your past hurts, your desires, your goals, everything. Once the vault is clear, begin to gather up only those things that serve your Highest Good, and place those things in that space, nothing more. What you bravely face and let go of will strengthen you. What you hide from and hang on to will weigh you down tremendously. It is not about who you love as much as it is about who loves you and how they show that love.

The recent ride has been a bit bumpy for each of us. Changes of plans and unexpected happenings have become more regular than not. Changes in perspective are necessary to make sense of all that has Shifted in our individual and collective experiences. The New Normal is starting to take shape, for each one of us. Pay attention to the major happenings, events and endeavor opportunities that are present in your current experience, at this Exact Station Event and for the next 21 days. These will be incorporating and infusing into your individual New Normal as recurring experiences. The directions you take and the people you encounter will be indicative of the types of comings and goings that your New Normal will be all about. Take advantage of this Cancer Energy to clear out all Negative Energy Sources from within your own experience. Make a Stand Up Against the Negative Energy Sources that are outside of you, attempting to disrupt your Way of Life and Flow. Fortify yourself with this Cancer Energy when you have to slam a few doors shut or walk away from someone or something. Think about what is best for you when making your choices and decisions instead of what feels good, right or even practical to you. Look for the Pivot Opportunity and be ready for it when it present itself to you.

This 2017 Summer Soulstice is a balance point between Light and Dark, Up and Down, Black and White, Yes and No and Cause and Effect! The middle point of the Yearly Cosmic Cycle, where time stands almost still. The point where we either gain ground or begin our retreat. Shrewd Financial Energy is present, at this 2017 Summer Soulstice. Take advantage of this most auspicious energy by infusing your feelings into your current financial endeavors and vocations. It is Time to “Give It All You Got” concerning what you do for your financial security and stability. The energy is so Powerfully Present that our Highest Desires and Goals could actually manifest between now and the Fall Equinox, given the immediate influx of our true feelings. Surprises are in store for all creative business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors. Now is the time to instinctually connect with what matters most to you regarding your financial and vocational endeavors and to determinedly commit to manifesting the results that you know you can achieve and that you believe you deserve.

This 2017 Summer Soulstice can be the platform upon which you can build a great endeavor. The blueprint for your success resides inside you, already. You have to allow this blueprint to consume you in a way that will inspire you to reach for the Highest Expression of Your Mastered Self. What you produce now can profoundly affect your financial and social standing, in the most surprisingly positive ways. The Very Best of You is waiting to come out and now is the perfect time for this. No matter what it is that you endeavor and no matter what your current vocation is, each of us has the wherewithal to kick it up a notch and get the ball rolling, in new and prosperous directions. The old methods (The Old Normal) have ran their course and now it is time for fresh and innovative ideas and concepts (The New Normal) to jumpstart your stalled projects and opportunities. Give yourself permission to do something different and then trust the next step you take, in the new direction. Allow the process to fully run and nurture your decision into a positive outcome with your renewed efforts and dedication. Equip yourself by determining that you will succeed before you take the step. Empower yourself by believing you deserve your own determined level of success. Expand yourself in preparation to receive all that you desire, that you manifest into your experience.

What You Do With What You Have Will Get You To What You Really Want

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June 9, 2017 MEPS Mastered Self Sagittarius Full Moon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Friday June 9, 2017 @ 6:09 AM PDT we will experience the Sagittarius Full Moon Exact Station Event. 57 minutes later @ 7:02 AM PDT we will experience the Jupiter Direct Station Event. What a magnificent welcoming of this Sagittarius Full Moon. The benevolence of Jupiter stationing direct will lend tremendous expansion energy to all endeavors that are currently manifesting in your New Normal. Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarius Full Moon and as such will assist in the abundant growth that your ideas and desires have been slowly marching towards. This means full steam ahead with that THING that each of us has been babying along and nurturing. During this Sagittarius Full Moon, Venus will be snuggling with Taurus, emphasizing the creature comforts and what, where, how, when, why & who you love. Things that are close to the home & heart will be featured and relationships of all kinds can benefit from this very auspicious linking. This Sagittarius Full Moon will be in very close degree proximity to Saturn-The Master Teacher & Task Master. Saturn comes to remind us of what each of us has been doing the past 2 years. Saturn’s kind placement here calls for the harvesting & celebration of what is left. Saturn has had us toiling away at something. Through the ups and downs and all of the purging and revisions, through all of the starts and stops and malfunctions, through all of the moves and unpacking, what we now have left, that is serving our Highest Good, is what needs to be harvested & celebrated. We must allow the fruits of our labor to be recognized (harvested & celebrated), by ourselves first and then by others.  

This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Harvest. For many of us, the dust is still settling after the May 25 2017 Gemini New SuperMoon Exact Station Event. The Aftershock Vibration still reverberates, and events that were blown up at that Station Event are just now beginning to show how they will transform our individual realities. Each of us has had to carefully navigate through a situation that transformed a certain part of our life and caused changes to our Way of Living. What we are doing, now, are the most important endeavors we have ever accomplished. Where we are heading, now, are much better destinations than anywhere we have ever experienced. Who we are meeting, now, are the most important connections we have ever made. Transformations are like that. This Sagittarius Full Moon will provide the grounding energy that will allow each of us to begin to move forward, towards our Mastered Self Desires, with a fresh or new perspective, with much better perception and with more confidence and courage. This Sagittarius Full Moon will provide us with the foundational base upon which we can build a more secure and less chaotic future. This Sagittarius Full Moon will give each of us some much needed Quiet Assurance concerning the things that matter most in our daily lives. This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Harvest!

This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Yearning. The Yearning has been building and gaining momentum, for quite a while. The Yearning became apparent to many of us at the May 25, 2017 Gemini New SuperMoon and has been steadily gaining speed, at the SoulCore level. With all that has been happening, energy-wise, most of us have not been able to get away from what is churning and building and percolating inside our Soul. Through all of the recent life-altering eruptions, we have been keenly aware of our Individual Yearning that continues to invade our hearts. For some it may be financial security, for others it may be a new or better job or new home or place to live, and for others it could be some sort of relationship reconciliation, personal, intimate or business. The Yearning is that powerful force that drives each of us and motivates us to make the choices and decisions that shape of Individual Realities. All of us have been awakened to our Personal Yearning and regardless of what it is, Your Personal Yearning will continue to get in your face, up close and personal like, and can make you uncomfortable if you are resistant to the changes that are necessary to manifest Your Personal Yearning. Our Personal Yearnings serve as our motivating factors when we embrace them and when we ignore them, they become significant irritants that delay and stunt our Spiritual & Material growth. We must put our Personal Yearnings in the most important place of our manifesting life. The place that will insure that they receive the best and most of our attention. The place that is just outside our comfort zone. The place that we make sure to nurture and cultivate and encourage. The place that matters most to each of us. Yeah, That Place, Right There! This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Yearning.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about embarking upon Your Greatest Journey, Ever! Now is the time to reach past your failures and succeed. Now is the time to start to soar above your mistakes and thrive. Now is the time to start living your New Normal!

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May 25, 2017 MEPS Mastered Self Gemini New SuperMoon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On May 25, 2017 @ 12:44 PDT, we will experience The Exact Station Event of the Gemini New Moon. This also considered to be a SuperMoon. Because of the Moon’s closer proximity to Earth, SuperMoons not only appear to be larger but they also have an intensified effect upon us.

This New SuperMoon is sure to have the intensity & punch of a heavyweight fighter. Gemini has the ability to “split” into two separate entities and many of us will feel this “splitting” in the most dramatic of ways. Because this Moon falls in Gemini it will put emphasis on our having to make a choice between the TWO. This energy will be all about choosing between Me or You, Black or White, Right or Left, Up or Down and In or Out! Feelings of being torn literally in two will pervade the climate and some will feel like that “Am I coming or going” contradiction very heavily. We will all have to exercise our courage of conviction in making these choices, and we must remember to allow that which serves our Highest Good to be the first determining factor in all decisions that will be made. The effects of this Cosmic Storm will be felt, one way or another!

Mercury and Venus are both now out of their post-retrograde shadow periods, and they are going to be key elements in this event. Pluto will be in harsh opposition to Venus and this placement will cause radical transformation to relationships of all kinds — intimate, personal, professional & financial — in some MAJOR way. Pluto tends to just ‘blow things up,’ Figuratively and Literally! Once this occurs, Pluto then shines its transformational Light on the essence of the matter, as that is all that will be left after the bomb drops. It is in these surviving elements where each of us will find the Seeds to plant so that we may begin to cultivate our Intention for our future harvest of manifestations. As the dust settles, make sure you are allowing yourself to process what has been blown up. Take advantage of the transformative power that will be present to improve upon your working situations. Be grateful for the releasing of all things that no longer serve your Highest Good and leave closed doors CLOSED!

Embracing the “New Normal” has been a rocky endeavor for many of us so far. Most of our lives have just been rolling along, then the Shift happened and BAM — what once was normal is now either totally foreign or completely gone from our lives. What we used to do no longer is profitable, healthy or practical, and finding the New Path has been a crap shoot. Fortunately for us those uneasy moments will be replaced with a calming assurance that everything is still moving forward.

With this Gemini New SuperMoon, you will definitely arrive at a New Place of Comfort after the Storm subsides. In order to stay above the fray of emotional outburst and physical harm, this is the time for you to take cover inside your Mastered Self and ride out the waves of jealousy, confusion and entitlement. This is the time to “Man Up” or “Woman Up” and challenge yourself to — for the Last Time — Clean House & Clear the Decks of all negative energy and associations that are no longer welcome in your experience. Make those Choices, NOW!

Time is constantly moving forward. Now is the time for each of us to Move Forward with that THING that we have been nursing. That THING we have been babying. That THING that we are counting on to transform our current Reality… That THING that you know is only for YOU to do! Yea, THAT THING, INDEED! Whatever that THING is for each of us, we must put our Entire Self into it for maximum return. Remember, this is The New Normal and the ‘old thing’ stopped working a long time ago. ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF, because this Gemini New SuperMoon will call for you to make a Choice. Choose THAT THING for yourself. What are you waiting for? Be accountable and take control of your own destiny. Be assertively selfish when making your Choice. Think of your Highest Good only, when making your Choice. Be a friend to No One until you are a friend to yourself, FIRST!

NOW is the time to fully embrace and embark upon Your New Normal. Where it takes you is much more exciting than anywhere you have already been. What it entails is much more fulfilling than anything you have ever done. Whom you will encounter is much more interesting than anyone you have ever met. Why you are taking this Journey is already inside of you. When you get there, you will definitely know it.


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