Join ME on the Live Inspired! Live Radio Show Interview Thursday February 7, 2019

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

As many of you already know, my International Best-Selling co-author book project; Empowering YOU, Transforming Lives 365 Inspirational Anthology, was released on December 4, 2018, I AM excited to invite each of you to join me, Thursday morning @ 11:00 AM PST, on the Live Inspired! Radio Show, hosted by Rebecca Hall Gruyter, on the VoiceTalk America Network. Rebecca will be talking with me and 2 other co-authors of this powerful anthology. 

Here is the link to the show: 
Live Inspired! | VoiceAmerica™

You will get an inside peek as the authors share special highlights from our International Best-Selling Book! This daily inspiration will help you in the coming year to live ON AND WITH, GREAT PURPOSE!

The following are the other links and call in numbers so you can check me out:

Facebook /events/1181579698614983/

Show Call-In Number: 866-472-5795 Between 11:20-11:40 AM PST

I truly appreciate each and every one of YOU, for all of the encouragement and support and look forward to you joining me, Thursday morning @ 11:00 AM PST for this powerful and insightful interview experience!

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Book Launch Update

After reaching Best Seller in the US in 2 hours, we have reached #1 International Best Seller in 12 hours! This Amazing Book Project is #1 International Best-Selling Authors in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico & The UK!!!!

The US and Canada Just updated and here are our current rankings:

#1 in Hot New Releases in Transformation and spirituality
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#2 in Transformational
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#1 in Hot New Releases in Spiritual Personal Transformation
#1 in Hot New Releases in Self Help Personal Transformation
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#4 in Transformation
#11 in Personal Transformation
#12 in Motivational

I’m excited to share that our new book, EMPOWERING YOU, TRANSFORMING LIVES! Is now available for the special rate of $1 USD (just for the first 24-48 hrs.).  This daily inspiration book brings together 40 powerful experts that are uniting and leaning in to encourage, uplift and empower you each day of the year so you can live on purpose and with great purpose!  Help us get the word out to reach as many people as possible.

Here are the links to order your copies:










I appreciate and THANK everyone that supports this endeavor!

Mark Edward Pyle

I AM Ascensions Mastered Self Academy

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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Today’s The Day!

**Today’s the day!!!** I’m excited to share that our new book, EMPOWERING YOU, TRANSFORMING LIVES! Is now available for the special rate of $1 USD (just for the first 24-48 hrs).  This daily inspiration book brings together 40 powerful experts that are uniting and leaning in to encourage, uplift and empower you each day of the year so you can live on purpose and with great purpose!  Help us get the word out to reach as many people as possible.  

Here is the link:



I appreciate and THANK everyone that supports this endeavor!

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Mastered Self Cosmic Soul Vibe-Focused Thought

The Art of Focused Thought

Train & Equip Your Mind in the Art of Focused Thought. Being able to focus on a thought is vitally important. One must BE able to hold a Focused Thought for increasingly prolonged periods in order to infuse that Focused Thought with the Cosmic Soul Energy necessary for activating the Manifestation Process. Focused Thought is not a one-time deal. Focused Thought is Most Effective as a Daily Practice! One MUST condition the Mind to filter out all unnecessary Emotional Chatter & Mental Clutter with a daily practice of Mind Empowering Meditation and Creative Visualization. Build up Your MIND with your Mastered Self Creative Visualizations, in and from Your Own MIND and practice clearing the clutter and focusing in on Your Creative Visualizations, for as long as you can. One starts this process by removing all EMOTION from Your Mind and focusing in on what the real “MATTER” of the situation is and what it will take to change it into Your Desired Result! Make A Mental List of EVERYTHING YOU “REALISTICALLY” DESIRE TO ACCOMPLISH and Focus Only On That List! Allow yourself a few days of committed practice and trust the process and begin to add Your Creative Visualizations to the mix! The Longer One Can Hold Their Creative Visualizations, The Greater the Accumulation & Infusion of Cosmic Soul Energy for the particular thought. Start out modest and work your way up to 7 minutes of holding your Creative Visualization. Practice Daily, for 88 Days, for Maximum Effect.

Chase Away the Frivolities of Life with Your Empowered MIND! EMPOWER Your MIND with Focused Thought. Learn how to Breathe Cosmic Soul Energy into your Focused Thoughts and Daily Experience and Become much more empowered and much more involved in how your life and the experiences thereof, manifest. Guide Your Focused Thought Energy to those ideas and goals that will elevate you and align you with your Deep Desired Self, Your Mastered Self! Daily Become Mindful & Purposeful as You Deliberately & Intentionally Seek Out, Search For & Serve ONLY those situations, associations and endeavors, that consistently serve your Highest Good and Positively Promote You and Your Mastered Self Goals & Desires!

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Mastered Self Daily Affirmation #1




Incorporate this into your daily life, 3 times a day, for 11 days, for Optimal Effect!

What You Set Into Motion Shall Come Back To Greet You!

Deliberate Intentions Bring Deliberate Results!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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Save These Dates-October 15, 2018 & Dec 4, 2018

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

I AM excited to announce that I AM a Co-Author of a tremendous book project: Empowering YOU, Transforming Lives, which is a 365-Day Anthology of inspirational messages that will allow you to elevate your current existence and live with Purpose and On Purpose. This book will be released on Dec 4, 2018. 

On October 15, 2018, RHG Magazine & TV Guide will run a full feature interview with me, highlighting my contribution to this powerful anthology and introducing I AM Ascensions. I AM grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge and encouragement with everyone that desires.

Here is the link to this wonderful publication: Please take some time and read this amazing publication and you can find the announcement regarding the book project I AM a part on page 54.

I AM currently working towards a major content release and fine-tuning my website, in preparation for this auspicious event and appreciate everyone’s continued support as we bring fruition to passionate project and endeavors!

For more information, please send inquiries to: All inquiries will be promptly responded to.

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April 15-17, 2018 Mastered Self Mercury Direct-Aries New Moon-Saturn Retrograde Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Sunday April 15, 2018 @ 2:20 AM PDT we experienced the Mercury Direct Station Event. Mercury will be in its Post-Shadow Phase until May 3, 2018. It will  take that long for Mercury to get back up to Full Speed. All Communication Delivery Systems and Methods are getting back in sync and running smoother than they have been these past few weeks. Clarity in Communications is a welcomed effect, during this phase and favors the “cleaning up” of your miscommunications rather than the “messing up” of Your Progress and Prosperity. Take some time to go back over your email and phone messages, for missed opportunities that may have slipped through the cracks. If you were expecting a call, text, email or package that never came, reach out and make the re-connection, and take Positive Action Steps towards your Goal Realization. Use this Post-Shadow Phase to infuse motivation into your daily affairs with Positive Outcome Affirmations.

Later this evening @ 6:57 PM PDT we will experience the Aries New Moon Station Event. This Aries New Moon is a time for Ascertaining and Asserting Your Ambitions. Take some serious time and give serious effort to the careful evaluation of all of your Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires. Identify those that are unrealistic or are now outdated and release them, without any thought whatsoever. Gather and Focus on only those Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires that are currently serving your Highest Good and showing Tangible Results and begin to actively nurture them, with Positive, Progressive and Practical Action Steps.  This Aries New Moon is a time for Inspiring and Implementing Your Independent Drive and Determination. Self-Motivation is critical to Mastered Self Goal Realization. Find those things that inspires your Mastered Self and sparks the Creative Light that yearns to shine Brilliantly from you. Give Fuel to Your Mastered Self Pursuits, Projects and Passions by adopting an Aggressively Forwardly Progressive Mindset, focused on purposely penetrating the barriers previously and currently between you and your desired lifestyle and destinations and by being thoroughly committed to overcoming the obstacles previously and currently hindering you from Mastered Self Goal Manifestation. This Aries New Moon is a time for Tapping Into and Trusting Your Individual Leadership. Now is the time to rely totally on your Own Intuition. Believe in Yourself and allow Your “For the Future” Forecasting to show you the Ways and Means for your successful navigation into the Flow of Life that you currently desire and deserve to experience. Trust your own judgement, now, and continue to advance along reasonable and practical lines of endeavor, with maximum efficiency and effort FOR maximum production and profit. This Aries New Moon is time for Preparing For and Promoting Your Positive Fresh Starts and Prosperous New Beginnings. Take advantage of this opportune time to Set The Stage for Your Greatness. Take the time, now, to Set A New Theme Song to Your Life. You Change Your Outcomes by Changing Your Beginnings! Make Positivity, Prosperity, Progression and Practicality the filler content of your New Story and begin to infuse Spiritual Success and Self Sustenance when you tell your New Story, again and again and again. Become the Champion of Your Own Cause and begin to attract other Champions to your Experience.

On Tuesday April 17, 2018 @ 6:46 PM PDT we will experience the Saturn Retrograde Station Event. This Cosmic Event is loaded with THICK and SUBTLE KARMA! Saturn deals with the lessons in life we need to learn and what is very restrictive, destructive and oppressive. Saturn normally forces us to slow down and brings challenges that are growth opportunities or demise markers, it just depends upon how you have been living and what you have been giving in those most vulnerable and vital areas of your life. What You have Set into Motion Is Coming Back To Greet You, Indeed and In Deeds! Karma is neither Good nor Bad, KARMA JUST “IS”. Your Recent Past Deliberate Thoughts and Actions and Intentional Behaviors and Attitudes will be directly responsible for the Cosmic Climate of your Current Karma Experience and what you will have to deal with in the next 16 days. Pay special attention to the recurring lessons, themes or patterns that you desire not to repeat, as they will definitely be featured and prevalent. Be determined to make a better choice or decision, this time around. If you must go through something, The FEAR of the Up Ahead is much better to carry than the FEAR of the Familiar. Be dedicated to the healthy final “Paid in Full” disbursement of all Outdated, Obsolete or Oppressive Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires that have served their Purpose and you have completed the Life Lesson for. Free yourself of the guilt, shame, disrespect and any other type of externally generated agitative influence so that you can experience the joy of living the Lifestyle you deserve simply by being Your Mastered Self. Regardless of the nature of the association, endeavor, goal or desire, when faced with a hard choice or decision, always choose what aligns with and serves your Mastered Self Destinational Goal Realization.


I AM Ascertaining and Asserting My Ambitions, Inspiring and Implementing My Drive and Determination, Tapping Into and Trusting My Leadership while I AM Preparing For and Promoting My Positive Fresh Starts and Prosperous New Beginnings.



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March 20, 2018 Mastered Self Spring Equinox Cosmic Event Soul Vibe~Happy Solar New Year 2018

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Tuesday March 20, 2018 @ 9:15 AM PDT we will experience the Spring Equinox Exact Station Cosmic Event. This is the signal that our Solar New Year is upon us. January 1st is a very arbitrary date and no where near the actual start of the New Year, Cosmically Speaking. Calendars have their place, yet it is this time of every year that is the start of the New, all around. Resolutions, plans and promises of changes made on and for the Jan 1st Calendar New Year can seem to lose their steam very quickly while those made and instituted at this Cosmic Event will have much more lasting power and practical effect on our daily lives. Following the Powerful Pisces New Moon on March 17, 2018, we are arriving at this Event having been through the emotional tug of wars that have been swirling in our lives, in those areas that we have been unbalanced or deceitful and that needed stabilizing, which were exposed during Eclipse Season. All the tough decisions have been made and the new course corrections have been charted and now is the time to set sail for those prosperous new destinations that are up ahead.

As we each begin this Solar New Year, lets all take some time out and thoroughly examine each area of your life; Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and Sexually. Honestly list all of the positive benefits that you assess in each area and then make a list of the self-imposed negative effects that may be in each area, and put them side by side. You will quickly see where your Highest Good is being served by your practices in each area and you will quickly see where your self-imposed negative effects are costing you in each area. Regardless of Who, What, Why, When or How, RELEASE ALL OF YOUR SELF-IMPOSED NEGATIVE EFFECTS IN EACH AREA YOU HONESTLY ASSESS. Self-Imposed Negative Effects are Low Lust Level Vibrations. Indulging Self-Imposed Negative Effects paralyzes your Mastered Self and hampers and delays Ascension. Look for ways to eliminate all negative effects, energies and influences that are evident in any area of your life. Make it a daily practice of starting and ending each day with this saying: “Today I  Choose The Positive In All Things and Refuse The Negative In All Things. Today I Choose To Be Great In All Things and Choose To Be Successful In All Things. Today I Choose to Be Positive, Prosperous and Productive.” Repeat this practice for 21 days and the changes that will manifest in your reality will transform your life.

What each of us plants during and immediately after this Cosmic Event will manifest in our individual realities, in the comings days, weeks and months. Now is the time for each of us to prepare our Highest Good Ground for the Spring Equinox Mastered Self Seed Planting. Take the time to carefully examine every Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial and Sexual association, situation, encounter and endeavor that you are currently connected to and determine which of them serves your Highest Good or your Low Lust Level Vibration. Pull up those Weeds of Outside Drama and Confusions that will drain your Ground of Manifesting Nutrients. Cut down those Trees of Negative Obligations and Unbalanced Burdens that are blocking the Cosmic Sun from shining on you. Plow over those Shrubs of Self-Doubt and Deception that diverts precious Cosmic Energy from you. This must be done for each area of your life to ensure maximum manifestation come harvest time. Take this time to Clean Your Highest Good Ground. The ground you plant in is just as important as the seeds you plant. This Ground work is vitally important and must be done thoroughly. Failure to properly prepare your Ground will result in less than desirable yields and in some cases, negative yields will be ever present. You will Manifest exactly what you plant, according to how and in what you plant in. Do All Of The Necessary Work and Prepare Your Most Fertile Highest Ground For Mastered Self Seed Planting with diligence, determination, dedication and desire. Go Ahead, Sweat a little bit, it really is worth it come Manifesting Harvest Time!

Once we have our Highest Good Ground ready, we can begin to gather up and plant the following 7 Mastered Self Seeds of Deliberate Intent:

  1. Mastered Self Seed of PURPOSE
  2. Mastered Self Seed of Positiveity
  3. Mastered Self Seed of Prosperity
  4. Mastered Self Seed of Practicality
  5. Mastered Self Seed of Productivity
  6. Mastered Self Seed of Provocation
  7. Mastered Self Seed of Precision

Without Purpose, we will continue to drift along aimlessly and unfulfilled. Without Positiveity, we constantly are faced with defeat and disappointment. Without Prosperity, we are just spinning our wheels and never gaining any traction or ground. Without Practicality, we will never overcome obstacles. Without Productivity, will will always be stagnant. Without Provocation, we will never step out of our comfort zones and Without Precision, we will just never arrive anywhere. Narrow down your Purpose. Promote your Purpose with Positiveity. Motivate your Purposed Positiveity with Prosperity. Maintain your Purposed Positive Prosperity with Practicality. Materialize your Purposed Positive Prosperous Practicality with Productivity. Market your Purposed Positive Prosperous Practical Production with Provocation and Manifest your Purposed Positive Prosperous Practical Productive Provocation with Precision.




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March 1, 2018 Mastered Self Virgo Full Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

Thursday March 1, 2018 @ 4:51 PM PST we will experience The Virgo Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Event closes the portal on Eclipse Season and signals a Time of Mastered Self Harvesting. This Virgo Full Moon Energy is Emotionally Sensitive and will bring everyone back down to earth, with a heavy emphasis on hard work (think nose to the grindstone) and practical use of your time, talents and treasury. Eclipse Season brought up some growth and healing opportunities that have been lingering and needed to be dealt with. Choices made during Eclipse Season always take 3-6 months to show the results and start to bear the fruits of Manifestation. Trust your decisions and allow for the natural course to take place. All will be revealed in the coming days, weeks and months. Efficiency, structure, organization and discipline will be major areas of illumination as we continue to progress along with those prosperous endeavors that align or are aligning with our Highest Good and Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

The SoulCore Matter of this Virgo Full Moon will be all about Our Illusions versus Our Realities. No matter what the situation, association or endeavor, we all make deals with ourselves when we make the decisions to align ourselves with outside influences. Whether it is the decision to take a new job or promotion, start or end a intimate relationship, move to a new location, or any other outside hook up or association, we make secret deals with ourselves in order to align with that which we are considering. When those secret deals fall through or fall short, most of us displace our self anger onto the situation, association or endeavor, that did not have any knowledge of our secret deal. Negotiating with yourself always leaves you vulnerable for disappointment, heartache or both. This Virgo Full Moon will show each of us where we are being Self-Deceptive and Self-Sabotaging and allow for the opportunity to release those negative Thought-to-Action patterns and heal and grow and move towards fulfilling all of the Mastered Self Promises that each of us has made to ourselves. This Virgo Full Moon will show each of us which situations, associations and endeavors we can “Get out of our own way” of and show us the areas that actually Empower and Elevate our Self-Worth and Self-Esteem, in very progressive, productive and prosperous ways. Now is the time to get completely honest and transparent, with ourselves and to examine every situation, association and endeavor, we are currently aligned with and determine if it currently serves our Highest Good and make decisions based upon if it will continue to do so. If it is not Broke, Fine Tune it. If it is Broke and Salvageable, Repair it and continue to work with it. If it is Broke Beyond Repair and Practical Use, discard it and look to new ways of situating, associating and endeavoring. IT’S IS AS SIMPLE AS THIS! Take heed to the areas that come to the Light, during and for the 2 weeks after this Virgo Full Moon and make the required Course Corrections that will propel you Progressively Forward, towards manifestation of your Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

This Virgo Full Moon will Vibrate with a Serious “Back-to-Business”, “Back-in-Business” and “Open-for-Business” Frequency that will progressively push some of us along our chosen Path. As we prepare for the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2018, each of us will feel the sometime subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle pushes and pulls into our Narrowing Purpose and start to manifest incremental positive outcomes that will add to our confidence and assist in our Ascension. The situation, association or endeavor that will put us closer to our Mastered Self Goals and Desires could be the very next one that we align ourselves with. Each of us must be willing to take the next step towards our Greatness and TRUST and BELIEVE that the results will manifest as your Mastered Self has assured they would!

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February 15, 2018 Mastered Self Aquarius Solar Eclipse Cosmic Event & New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Thursday February 15, 2018 @ 12:51 PM PST we will experience the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Cosmic Event. This is the Second Eclipse in the past 2 weeks. This is a Way Shower Eclipse. This is an Anything Goes Eclipse. This is an Aquarius Solar Eclipse. This is a Powerful Partial Solar Eclipse, one that is theme-packed with Karma, Fate, New Beginnings and a whole lot of Soul Mate-Centered Energy, on all levels and effecting all areas of our Current Reality.  Marriage and Partnerships, Deals, Ideas, Transportation, Education and Communications will be areas most effected by the Aquarius Solar Eclipse Cosmic Event. 14 minutes later @ 1:05 PM PST we will experience the Aquarius New Moon Exact Station Event. This Aquarius New Moon is supercharged with all the same themes of the Solar Eclipse, with an added bonus of the Unexpected (Karma, Fate) SHOWING UP, right in the middle of something Good. Where this can take you is beyond your wildest thoughts yet you will have to go in a totally NEW DIRECTION. Trust your Mastered Self to lead you in the Only Direction you can go and allow the New Beginnings to Manifest a Progressive and Positive Cycle into your Current Reality. Scientific Holistic Medicine, Alternative Pain Management and Therapies and Blogging and Writing will be very favorable areas and will produce some of the more advanced concepts of new treatments and better relief with some timely scientific breakthroughs. This Aquarius New Moon will multiply the effect and outcome of every area this Aquarius Solar Eclipse brings present into your Current Reality.

This Aquarius Solar Eclipse and New Moon Cosmic Event will bring up our Real Companionship Needs and exactly what each of us is prepared to do about them. Relationship deceit, lies and scandals are going to get ILLUMINATED! Karma has its own way of SHOWING each of us just what is really going on and this is PRIME TIME for these ILLUMINATIONS to take place. WHEN WE KNOW BETTER WE CAN DO BETTER—AFTER THIS, WE ALL WILL KNOW MUCH BETTER. This is a time to get very serious about this area of our life. Identifying what our Real Companionship Needs are takes each of us to our SoulCore. Now is the time to recognize what our affectional needs are and give energy and power to those that are vibrating on your Serious or Soul Mate Frequency. Trust your own intuition and believe that you are worthy of what you desire, and that will manifest in your chosen companion. Some Relationships will solidify and continue to Ascend and have a Significant New Beginning that will signal Positive Outcomes to Progressively Multiply and Manifest, in their Current Realities while others will experience the Unexpected Illumination of Discontentment and achieve the Breakthrough that either Transforms or Terminates your association and have a Significant New Beginning that will signal Healing and Self Discovery Outcomes to Progressively Multiply and Manifest, in their Current Realities. Believe the Signs that have been shown during the lead up to these events and watch for more to manifest along the Path of Our Highest Good. Fate always finds you right where you are. Fate always alters your Current Reality. Fate always signals a New Beginning. Now is the time to Recognize Our Fated Opportunities, as they begin to Manifest and Embrace the New Beginnings that are better for us. Now is the time to Release Our Past Failures, as we Awaken and Ascend into Higher Consciousness and Mastered Self Living and Lifestyles. Now is the time to Respond to Our Cause, as we Chart New Courses of Study and Sustenance.

This Aquarius Solar Eclipse and New Moon Cosmic Event is a time for each of us to Go In The Way That We Have Been Shown Is Best For Us. All of us will be faced with internal choices. Mastered Self versus Lower Lust Level Choices. Deciding what serves our Highest Good is not the easy choice due to individual appetites and proclivities. Being able to choose your own Path and your own Way determines your Ultimate Destinations. Positive Outcomes are created with Deliberate Intentions and seeking Mastered Self Endeavors and Experiences. Now is the time to take a honest and serious and complete Current Reality Inventory. List the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Thing, Situation, Association or Endeavor, in your Current Reality, along with Resolves for Each and Begin to Execute Every Ugly, Eliminate Every Bad and EXPAND EVERY GOOD THING, SITUATION, ASSOCIATION OR ENDEAVOR! Now is the time to Fortify the areas in our lives that are showing tangible results and to encourage those areas that are aligning with our Narrowing Purpose. Follow after those things that Satisfy the Mastered Self. Desire only those things that encourage your Positive Growth and Prosperous Endeavors. Give your total focus to those things that further your Ascension and fortify your Standings and Conditions. Now is the time to make Profoundly Progressive Life Pivot Decisions that Energize You and Equip You and Empower You, along your chosen Path.

Who You Desire to BE Is Already Who You Are. Who You Are Is What You Currently Desire to BE. Now is the time to Believe In The Total You and to Start To Just BE YOUR TRUTH—YOUR MASTERED SELF.


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