Pause, Ponder and Prepare For Your Emerging New Normal

A Refreshing and Renewed sense of Balance and Harmony is what this Libra New Moon is ushering in for each and everyone of US. On September 28, 2019 @ 11:26 AM PDT we will experience the Libra New Moon Exact Station Event. Balance and Harmony, across all levels of our daily lives are being restored at the Libra New Moon Exact station Event and for the 16 days of this transit. Today (and the 16 days that follow) is a time for Pausing, Pondering and Preparing. Pausing to consider all that is currently manifesting in our Individual Realities and deciding upon which New Direction we each will take. Pondering on which New Beginnings are aligning with our Highest Good and how we can better Empower these New Beginnings. Preparing for the New Destinations we each are embarking upon and the adjustments that are taking place, in our Every Day Lives. Welcome to Your Emerging New Normal. What We Each Set Into Motion, during this 16 Day Transit shall totally transform how we Live Our Daily Lives and where we actually see ourselves ascending to. New Beginnings will definitely BE the Constant and Prevailing Theme for the next 16 Days.

During this Libra New Moon 16 Day Transit, New Love and Creative Business Commitments will Manifest Very Quickly and Cherished Relationships that will Alter Our Life Paths will enter into each of our lives. We each will have the opportunity to Start Fresh, with Passion being at the center of all Emerging New “NORMAL” Associations, Situations and Endeavors. Negotiations Concerning Business, Creativity and Romance will BE Fast and Furious and a Rush of Harmony will flood all Emerging New Normal Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Now is the time to Embrace the New Beginnings that are Manifesting and to Empower Yourself and the Emerging New “Normal” Life and Lifestyle that is becoming apparent as this Next “NEW” Phase of Life begins for each of US. Now it the time to reach Forward, and to cultivate only those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that definitely are serving your Highest Good. Now is the time to make New Plans and Seek New Destinations that aid in our Comfort and Benefit our Spiritual and Financial Bottom Lines! Continue to Nurture those Passion Projects and Potentials that you currently are devoted to and REMAIN Positive, in the face of the Changes that are certainly ahead, for each of US, these next 16 Days. Trust That Where Each of US Is GOING, Is Greater Than Where Each of US Has Ever Been!

The Libra New Moon Transit Period is About Fresh Starts. fresh Starts All Across the Board and on every level and aspect, in our daily lives and lifestyles. Now is the Time to BE Self-Responsible, with our actions and Self-Responsible with all our obligations. Now is the time for some Very Healthy Selfishness. Consider your Comfort, Stability and Sustenance and Focus in on What It Takes to Make YOU Contented and Complete and then Go For All of That! However that looks to each of US, we each must BE Selfish in Our Thoughts and Selfish in Our Decisions. What, Who, How and Why each of US chooses to do these next 16 days will have a Most Profound EFFECT on the next 7-9 years of our lives. Choose Very Deliberately and Very Wisely!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Decisions and Discussions, Transformation & Unexpected Change for The Greater Good

With all of the Solar and Cosmic Energy Surges we have been under these past few days, on the back of a Most Powerful Aquarius “GREEN” Full Moon we experienced on August 15, 2019, we are in for one HELLUVA Ride as we experience the Virgo “BLACK” New SuperMoon Exact Station Event on August 30, 2019 @ 3:37 AM PDT. This New Moon will be the closest to Earth of any New Moon, all year, and it packs Much Punch and Power. New Love, New Money and New Health Situations, Associations and Endeavors will be prevalent and regardless of the status of your Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors, we each will come to a Major Crossroads that we must make a CHOICE about which Road will be the Path we will travel on for the next 7-9 Years, on one or all levels of Our Current Reality. Every Stale Situation, Every Stagnate Association and Stalled Endeavor will BE Stirred and Stimulated, during this New Moon Phase and we each will come face to face with making tough yet necessary Decisions and have Serious Discussions, concerning each one of these that is present in Our Emerging New Normal. Wherever there is STASIS, in our Lives, will come up and will have to be dealt with and decided upon, once and finally for all. The Power, Ability and Courage to Transform Our Realities by making that Tough Decision and by having that Tough Discussion, is abundantly available, to each of US, during this 3.5 Days New Moon Phase. We will each either Empower Our Fear(s) or Embrace Our Future. The Choice, as always, is for Each of US to Make! CHOOSE & DECIDE VERY WISELY!

Now is the TIME to Act on the CHANGE that each of US seeks and has right in front of US. There is SOMETHING, SOMEONE or SOME Opportunity that each of US has been wavering on and contemplating, some for months, others for years. Now is the TIME to Aggressively ACT Upon That CHANCE Situation, Association or Endeavor, that we sense and feel is aligning with our Highest Good and will tangibly contribute to our Individual Awakening, Expansion and Ascension. Right NOW, start to SOW Deep Seeds of Deliberate Intent, concerning the Change each seeks and concerning every Highest Good Goal, Desire and Active Pursuit that is producing effective results, currently in your Emerging New Normal. During this 3.5 Day New Moon Phase, we each have the opportunity to ReSET and ReBOOT our Entire Existence. Whatever is not currently working or running smooth in our Reality, RELEASE IT with confidence and quiet assurance that the New Path is less cluttered with extra drama and adversity. By fully embracing the Individual Transformation that this New Moon Phase is demanding, we each will make the necessary steps towards fulfilling our Purpose and Living Our Best and Greatest Lives and Lifestyles. We can no longer Live IN or Off of the Past. What is Done is Done and What will BE, Will BE! What Will BE is much more fulfilling than What is Done! We can either Fuel Our Fears or Fuel Our Futures, however we can only Fuel ONE. What You Fuel Will Definitely Grow!

Unexpected Change, of Perspective and/or Experience, for Our Highest Good will definitely take place, sometime during the next 16 days after this New Moon Exact Station Event. By it being unexpected, there is very little each of US can do to resist the Changes that will happen to each of us these next 16 Days. Have the Courage and Will to Embrace whatever Change (Unexpected and/or Secretly Desired) that manifests into Your Emerging New Normal and the Determination to Level-UP, in every critical area of your Current Life Experience or get left behind in the Repeat Cycle of Existence. Begin to Actively Participate in the What IS and What Will BE and release the Past and Embrace The Present, in the best interest of Yourself and those that are in your Intimate Circle. Where we are going is much more important than where we have been. Your Mastered Self Life and Lifestyle is One Unexpected Change, EMBRACED & EMPOWERED, Away!

How Each of US navigates through this 3.5 Day New Moon Phase will determine the Destinations and Discoveries each of US will experience for the rest of our lives. Make sure that the Situations, Associations and Endeavors that make it into Monday are the Absolute ONES you want to be connected to for the next 7-9 Years, if not longer.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US!

On July 31, 2019 @ 8:11 PM PDT, we will experience the Leo “BLACK” Super Moon Exact Station Event. Seven (7) minutes later, Mercury Stations Direct, as well. While we will still have Six (6) Planets in Retrograde, Mercury Stationing Direct signals the time for a smoothing out of communications and overstanding and of clarity of vision and thought. This is the End of Eclipse Season and the past 29 days have been a Real Emotional Rollercoaster of a Ride, for most of us. The areas of the Emotionality that flared are the areas where we each needed to Re-DEFINE or Establish Some Boundaries, which I AM sure most did. The Vibe of the season calls for that. No ONE was EXEMPT! Somehow, Someway we all went through SOMETHING, on some level. All of the Drama and Trauma that each of us experienced was for our Highest Good. Some have been Stretched out further than Ever before while others were Pushed all the Way to the Absolute Edge. BREATHE. BREATHE, Again. We Made it Through and NOW we are prepared to step into the Next NEW Phase of our Current Reality! The Doorway into Your Next NEW Phase is opening and it leads to the Gateway of Your Emerging New Normal. What each of us is stepping into is an entire New Way of Living and Being. These Next 88 Days can set the tone for the Rest of Your Incarnation and What We Have Set Into Motion IS Coming Back To Greet Us, Right Now. Cultivate those emerging situations, associations and endeavors that are aligning with your Mastered Self and that are adding Tangible Value to your Awakening, Ascensions and Spiritual Lifestyle. Effective Communication and Aggressive Promotion are the Keys and Ways to Accelerated Progress, along your Chosen Path of Self-Sustenance. Put Yourself Out There and Rise and Shine and begin to S.O.A.R.! Aggressively Advance Your Cause, Business, Endeavor by Empowering Yourself with Confident, Courage and Commitment. Push Through Procrastination with Positivity and your desired results will begin to Manifest. Smash Through Stagnation by Standing UP in Your Truth and the Stability it Affords You.

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US—What Will YOU Do?

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

July 2, 2019 Mastered Self Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse Soul Vibe

BE PATIENT…Looking for that New SoulMate Summer Love? BE PATIENT, it is coming. Looking for New Financial Opportunities? BE PATIENT, they are coming, also. Looking for Both, Neither or Something totally different, altogether? BE PATIENT, those are coming, as well. On July 2, 2019 @ 12:16 PM PST we will experience the Cancer New Moon Exact Station Event. 6 minutes later, @ 12:22 PM PDT we will experience the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Event. With Clean Slates and Fresh Starts being the theme of this event, we all can PATIENTLY Push Forward with our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that are lingering right outside our periphery and just outside of our controlling grasp. BE PATIENT. Life, as each of us currently knows it, is accelerating, with FateFUL Events and Karmic Encounters drawing each of us towards our Purpose and closer to Manifesting our Desired Realities. BE PATIENT. Issues of Security, Emotional, Financially and otherwise, are present and we must all BE PATIENT as the issues that are arising have more to do with some lingering fear in each of us than anything that should really effect you. Again, BE PATIENT and trust that all is working out for your Highest Good. Hasty Steps taken, right now, will Cause a 9-Year Cosmic Ripple Effect that will cause some to repeat the unlearned lesson of the previous Cycle, while others will remain or become Spiritually Stagnate and Consciously Bankrupt. Well-planned out action steps, in those directions that are showing TANGIBLE returns and that align with your Highest Good will prove productive and profitable, and will Effect you POSITIVELY, during this 9-Year Cycle. Pour all your Thought Energy, Action Energy and Manifesting Energy into furthering those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that absolutely matter and that contribute to your Awakening, Ascensions and Expansion.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

April 15-17, 2018 Mastered Self Mercury Direct-Aries New Moon-Saturn Retrograde Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Sunday April 15, 2018 @ 2:20 AM PDT we experienced the Mercury Direct Station Event. Mercury will be in its Post-Shadow Phase until May 3, 2018. It will  take that long for Mercury to get back up to Full Speed. All Communication Delivery Systems and Methods are getting back in sync and running smoother than they have been these past few weeks. Clarity in Communications is a welcomed effect, during this phase and favors the “cleaning up” of your miscommunications rather than the “messing up” of Your Progress and Prosperity. Take some time to go back over your email and phone messages, for missed opportunities that may have slipped through the cracks. If you were expecting a call, text, email or package that never came, reach out and make the re-connection, and take Positive Action Steps towards your Goal Realization. Use this Post-Shadow Phase to infuse motivation into your daily affairs with Positive Outcome Affirmations.

Later this evening @ 6:57 PM PDT we will experience the Aries New Moon Station Event. This Aries New Moon is a time for Ascertaining and Asserting Your Ambitions. Take some serious time and give serious effort to the careful evaluation of all of your Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires. Identify those that are unrealistic or are now outdated and release them, without any thought whatsoever. Gather and Focus on only those Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires that are currently serving your Highest Good and showing Tangible Results and begin to actively nurture them, with Positive, Progressive and Practical Action Steps.  This Aries New Moon is a time for Inspiring and Implementing Your Independent Drive and Determination. Self-Motivation is critical to Mastered Self Goal Realization. Find those things that inspires your Mastered Self and sparks the Creative Light that yearns to shine Brilliantly from you. Give Fuel to Your Mastered Self Pursuits, Projects and Passions by adopting an Aggressively Forwardly Progressive Mindset, focused on purposely penetrating the barriers previously and currently between you and your desired lifestyle and destinations and by being thoroughly committed to overcoming the obstacles previously and currently hindering you from Mastered Self Goal Manifestation. This Aries New Moon is a time for Tapping Into and Trusting Your Individual Leadership. Now is the time to rely totally on your Own Intuition. Believe in Yourself and allow Your “For the Future” Forecasting to show you the Ways and Means for your successful navigation into the Flow of Life that you currently desire and deserve to experience. Trust your own judgement, now, and continue to advance along reasonable and practical lines of endeavor, with maximum efficiency and effort FOR maximum production and profit. This Aries New Moon is time for Preparing For and Promoting Your Positive Fresh Starts and Prosperous New Beginnings. Take advantage of this opportune time to Set The Stage for Your Greatness. Take the time, now, to Set A New Theme Song to Your Life. You Change Your Outcomes by Changing Your Beginnings! Make Positivity, Prosperity, Progression and Practicality the filler content of your New Story and begin to infuse Spiritual Success and Self Sustenance when you tell your New Story, again and again and again. Become the Champion of Your Own Cause and begin to attract other Champions to your Experience.

On Tuesday April 17, 2018 @ 6:46 PM PDT we will experience the Saturn Retrograde Station Event. This Cosmic Event is loaded with THICK and SUBTLE KARMA! Saturn deals with the lessons in life we need to learn and what is very restrictive, destructive and oppressive. Saturn normally forces us to slow down and brings challenges that are growth opportunities or demise markers, it just depends upon how you have been living and what you have been giving in those most vulnerable and vital areas of your life. What You have Set into Motion Is Coming Back To Greet You, Indeed and In Deeds! Karma is neither Good nor Bad, KARMA JUST “IS”. Your Recent Past Deliberate Thoughts and Actions and Intentional Behaviors and Attitudes will be directly responsible for the Cosmic Climate of your Current Karma Experience and what you will have to deal with in the next 16 days. Pay special attention to the recurring lessons, themes or patterns that you desire not to repeat, as they will definitely be featured and prevalent. Be determined to make a better choice or decision, this time around. If you must go through something, The FEAR of the Up Ahead is much better to carry than the FEAR of the Familiar. Be dedicated to the healthy final “Paid in Full” disbursement of all Outdated, Obsolete or Oppressive Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires that have served their Purpose and you have completed the Life Lesson for. Free yourself of the guilt, shame, disrespect and any other type of externally generated agitative influence so that you can experience the joy of living the Lifestyle you deserve simply by being Your Mastered Self. Regardless of the nature of the association, endeavor, goal or desire, when faced with a hard choice or decision, always choose what aligns with and serves your Mastered Self Destinational Goal Realization.


I AM Ascertaining and Asserting My Ambitions, Inspiring and Implementing My Drive and Determination, Tapping Into and Trusting My Leadership while I AM Preparing For and Promoting My Positive Fresh Starts and Prosperous New Beginnings.



January 16, 2018 Mastered Self Capricorn New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Tuesday January 16, 2018 @ 6:17 PM PST, we will experience the Capricorn New Moon Exact Station Event. This Capricorn New Moon will be centered around going Deep Within our own thought processes and revising, repairing or releasing the patterns that seem to still be lingering, that no longer serve our Highest Good. This Capricorn New Moon will send us into our Intentions and cause each of us to revise, repair or release the reason why we do what we do and to make the changes necessary to manifest our Mastered Self Desires. This Capricorn New Moon will met each of us right where we are at and allow us to KNOW that we are equipped with all we need, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT WHERE WE ARE, WITH EVERYTHING WE CURRENTLY HAVE! This Capricorn New Moon will launch those of us that are ready, forward, into our (Narrowed Down) Purposed Work. This Capricorn New Moon is our opportunity to Plant Revised and Repaired or Release Our Deliberate Seeds of Intent, with Maximum Manifesting Energy and for Maximum Manifesting Effect.

Many of us arrive at this Capricorn New Moon with lingering doubts about the directions and Paths our lives are currently on. This Capricorn New Moon will shine a very bright light on areas of our lives that are in definite need of reviving, repairing or releasing. We all must remember that everything begins with a Thought. What we focus our thoughts on manifests into our Reality,over and over again. When we focus on those things that are NEGATIVE in our lives, we continue to manifest those same NEGATIVES into our Reality. The same holds true when we focus on the POSITIVES. The power of consistent Positive Thought can transform our Current Reality into the Life and Lifestyle our Mastered Self knows is already ours. Start with how you perceive your relationships and associations to see where you may hold lingering negative thoughts and revise, repair or release those thought patterns that are sabotaging your progressive movement and delaying your Spiritual Ascension. When we think better, we feel better and when we feel better, we live better. Something as simple as this can really change your Current Reality Experience.

Everything we do has an Intention. We have many different intentions, for many different things and each of them comes from our Soul. Regardless to what stage of Spiritual Ascension any of us is on, what we do and why we do it is all determined by our intentions. People with Positive Intentions do Positive things. People with negative Intentions do Negative things. The results of our actions directly correlate with the original intent of those actions. What we set into motion shall come back and greet us, Good, Bad, Ugly & Unexpected. This Capricorn New Moon provides each of us with the ability and courage to examine our intentions for everything and everyone we are currently engaged with and revise, repair or release those intentions that no longer serve our Highest Good and delay manifestation of our Mastered Self Desires. Take a close look at your Reasons and Reasoning for the things you do and the people you relate with. Ask yourself “Why do I do the work that I currently do?” or “Why am I in the current relationship that I am in?” and acknowledge the real reasons why you are currently where you are. Once we can acknowledge the real reasons, then we can revise, repair or release those intentions that cause the our actions to continue to manifest negative results. Something as simple as this can change your Current Reality.

This Capricorn New Moon is meeting everyone of us right where we currently are. What I mean by this is: Each of us is at some point in our life where we are feeling the push to do “something”. Some of us want more personal freedom while others seek more security and stability. Some of us are looking for a career change while others are contemplating getting off the Grid, altogether. No matter where each of us is currently stationed in life, each of us needs to know that whatever IT is that we seek, we are equipped to receive IT, RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT WHERE WE ARE! Waiting on the perfect time to do anything will have us doing exactly that—WAITING—Paralyzed with fear, doubt or inadequacy. This Capricorn New Moon will be a springboard for each of us that is at this place. We have no more excuses to make. We have no more obstacles to overcome. We have no more preparations to complete and no more titles to acquire. Those that are ready to launch must now launch, with all the quiet assurance and confidence necessary to sustain and fortify you, after your launch. Trust in all that you currently are and trust that you are more than ready to fulfill your (Narrowed Down) Purpose. Trust that the Next Step you take will lead you to everything you desire and deserve. Trust your Mastered Self to lead and guide you to your Mastered Self Desires.

This Capricorn New Moon is a time to Plant Our Revised and Repaired Seeds of Deliberate Intent and to Release Our Sabotaging Seeds of Deliberate Doubt, for Maximum Manifestation Effect.



November 18, 2017 Spiritually Scorpio New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Saturday November 18, 2017 @ 3:42 AM PST, we will experience the Spiritually Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. I call this a “SPIRITUALLY” Scorpio New Moon because the themes of our lives and methods of manifestation will be driven by your Spiritually Attainable Goals & Desires. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is cozying up with Venus & Jupiter, and the gifts that each bring to the event. Venus adds beauty and comfort to all that she endeavors and Jupiter brings expansion and vision. Chiron, The Wounded Healer & Soul Mate Connector is also in a very favorable position in relation to this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon, as well, giving each of us great opportunities for Permanent Healing. Scorpio Season has brought up some deep planted Fear Seeds. Scorpio Season has revealed most, if not all of the SHADOWS and we have either faced them and overcome them and healed or we have not. If you have not, YOU Should and Must, in order to allow yourself the space in your Soul, to begin the inner healing process. This Scorpio Season has been an emotional & physical gauntlet of some scorching and scary and scarring events, from our past. Some of our Mastered Self Secret Desires have been revealed and some are beginning to be fulfilled and New Possibilities, regarding our Mastered Self Pleasures and Passions, are starting to grab more of our attention. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is about Planting Mastered Self Seeds of Complete Healing, of Spiritually Productive Business Expansion and of Prosperous Outcomes of Mastered Self Endeavors. What you plant now, will come to harvest later. Plant Very Wisely!

Many of us arrive at this Event having already dealt with most of the Spiritual Taurus Full Moon Energies. We have answered the questions, made the necessary choices & decisions. Clarity of direction is easier when the view is less obstructed. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is the time to give Our Spiritually Attainable Passions, our Complete & Dedicated Production. Those that are Ready Must Make Spiritual Expansion a Part of Your New Normal Reality! Take the time to get absolutely clear about the directions of your every endeavor. Make distinctions with your Highest Good as the baseline of acceptable experiences. Choose Accountability and Ascend. Choose Courage and Conquer. Choose Empowerment and Evolve. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon can be used as our “Spring Planting” into 2018. Use this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon energy to commit to a schedule that is realistically workable yet challenging enough to produce tangible & sustainable results. Start by Meditating of Your Goal. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Goal Meditation. Next you must Materialize Your Resources. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Materializing Resources. Now you must Manifest Your Goal into Your Current Reality. Fix it in Your Thoughts & Align Your Mastered Self with Your Manifesting Reality. Repeat as Necessary.

I mentioned earlier that Chiron would be in a very favorable position to this Spiritually Scorpio New Moon because I also need to advise you that Mercury is in its pre-retrograde Shadow Period, and will go retrograde Dec 3rd-22nd. With the combination of these 2 events coupled with other Planetary Geometry that will be present, pay close attention to every situation and look for Soul Mate Connections to intensify. This Spiritually Scorpio New Moon is all about making and strengthening Soul Mate Connections, of all kinds. Existing Soul Mate Connections will get much needed and appropriate attention and developing Soul Mate Connections that align with your Mastered Self and your Narrowed Down Purpose will continue along the current organically evolving Path. Each of us has more than a few Soul Mate Relationships, Jobs, Business Opportunities, Relocations, and the list goes on, that we have experienced, during this incarnation. Allow your intuition to guide you in the new directions that begin to present themselves, during this period. Choose the avenues that best fit into your New Normal and align with your Narrowed Down Purpose. Be Open & Honest! Operate from a Mature & Wise Heart Space, with Pure Intentions and Actions, emotionally stable and balanced. Embrace each of these connections for what they truly are: Purpose Pointers! As we Narrow Down our Purpose, we narrow down the people, places and experiences that point us towards our Purpose. The further along the Journey you are, the more important these Soul Mate Connections become. Make all Soul Mate Connections with this in mind. Many of us are about to come face to face with FATE! Not just any fate, our Own Manifesting Fate. What you set into Motion, in the past, shall come back and Greet You, in the present! Get Ready, On All Levels, Get Ready! Choose Purpose over Practice. Choose Passion over Pain. Choose Pleasure over Persecution. Choose Present over Past.

Believe in Yourself and Trust Yourself and become the #1 Priority, to Yourself. Make Yourself as important as your job is, or car is, or spouse is, or child is, or whatever IT is…Make being kind to Yourself a familiar thing to you, NOT A FOREIGN OR FORBIDDEN THING.




May 25, 2017 MEPS Mastered Self Gemini New SuperMoon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On May 25, 2017 @ 12:44 PDT, we will experience The Exact Station Event of the Gemini New Moon. This also considered to be a SuperMoon. Because of the Moon’s closer proximity to Earth, SuperMoons not only appear to be larger but they also have an intensified effect upon us.

This New SuperMoon is sure to have the intensity & punch of a heavyweight fighter. Gemini has the ability to “split” into two separate entities and many of us will feel this “splitting” in the most dramatic of ways. Because this Moon falls in Gemini it will put emphasis on our having to make a choice between the TWO. This energy will be all about choosing between Me or You, Black or White, Right or Left, Up or Down and In or Out! Feelings of being torn literally in two will pervade the climate and some will feel like that “Am I coming or going” contradiction very heavily. We will all have to exercise our courage of conviction in making these choices, and we must remember to allow that which serves our Highest Good to be the first determining factor in all decisions that will be made. The effects of this Cosmic Storm will be felt, one way or another!

Mercury and Venus are both now out of their post-retrograde shadow periods, and they are going to be key elements in this event. Pluto will be in harsh opposition to Venus and this placement will cause radical transformation to relationships of all kinds — intimate, personal, professional & financial — in some MAJOR way. Pluto tends to just ‘blow things up,’ Figuratively and Literally! Once this occurs, Pluto then shines its transformational Light on the essence of the matter, as that is all that will be left after the bomb drops. It is in these surviving elements where each of us will find the Seeds to plant so that we may begin to cultivate our Intention for our future harvest of manifestations. As the dust settles, make sure you are allowing yourself to process what has been blown up. Take advantage of the transformative power that will be present to improve upon your working situations. Be grateful for the releasing of all things that no longer serve your Highest Good and leave closed doors CLOSED!

Embracing the “New Normal” has been a rocky endeavor for many of us so far. Most of our lives have just been rolling along, then the Shift happened and BAM — what once was normal is now either totally foreign or completely gone from our lives. What we used to do no longer is profitable, healthy or practical, and finding the New Path has been a crap shoot. Fortunately for us those uneasy moments will be replaced with a calming assurance that everything is still moving forward.

With this Gemini New SuperMoon, you will definitely arrive at a New Place of Comfort after the Storm subsides. In order to stay above the fray of emotional outburst and physical harm, this is the time for you to take cover inside your Mastered Self and ride out the waves of jealousy, confusion and entitlement. This is the time to “Man Up” or “Woman Up” and challenge yourself to — for the Last Time — Clean House & Clear the Decks of all negative energy and associations that are no longer welcome in your experience. Make those Choices, NOW!

Time is constantly moving forward. Now is the time for each of us to Move Forward with that THING that we have been nursing. That THING we have been babying. That THING that we are counting on to transform our current Reality… That THING that you know is only for YOU to do! Yea, THAT THING, INDEED! Whatever that THING is for each of us, we must put our Entire Self into it for maximum return. Remember, this is The New Normal and the ‘old thing’ stopped working a long time ago. ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF, because this Gemini New SuperMoon will call for you to make a Choice. Choose THAT THING for yourself. What are you waiting for? Be accountable and take control of your own destiny. Be assertively selfish when making your Choice. Think of your Highest Good only, when making your Choice. Be a friend to No One until you are a friend to yourself, FIRST!

NOW is the time to fully embrace and embark upon Your New Normal. Where it takes you is much more exciting than anywhere you have already been. What it entails is much more fulfilling than anything you have ever done. Whom you will encounter is much more interesting than anyone you have ever met. Why you are taking this Journey is already inside of you. When you get there, you will definitely know it.