November 14, 2020 Scorpio New Moon Soul Vibe

Saturday November 14, 2020 @ 9:07 PM PST, we experienced the Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. On the heels of Mars Direct Station Event on November 13, 2020, after 2.5 months of Retrograde Motion, this Scorpio New Moon is packed with Intense and Passionate New Beginnings Energy, Emotional and Physical Transformations Energy and Move Productively Forward with Positive Motivation Energy. Taking everything into consideration concerning the current Social Climate, we are at a Cosmic Crossroads and Societal Turning Point, turning the corner of Truth, Honesty and Integrity. Where we go and Grow, from this point, will be determined by how serious each of us is about Equity, Fairness, Liberty and Justice, first to and for ourselves, individually and then for Society and Humanity, collectively. This Scorpio New Moon will expose our Individual Behaviors, Philosophies and Belief Systems, exaggerating the Benefits, Flaws and Faults, for each of us to examine and make the necessary individual and collective changes in order to Align with the Cosmic Energy of Individual Transformation, Inter-Personal Reconciliation and Human Equality. Swift and Crushing Karma comes to those of us that fail to Align with this Comic Energy. The Energy of this Scorpio New Moon is Full of Optimism for a Better Future and gives each of us access to resources to assist us in Manifesting Our Mastered Self Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Now is the TIME for each of us to Lead with Our Values Up Front. Take the First Steps Toward Your Liberty, Bliss and Peace by making it a point to never reduce your value for the sake of fitting in or for getting along. Step Away from all of the Negative, Toxic and Corrosive GroupThink Rhetoric and make a Personal Choice to Self-Determine and Self-Validate Your Own Directions, Destinations and Decisions. Manifest Justice, Personally, One Associations, Situation and Endeavor, At A Time. Confront Those Dysfunctional Relationship Undercurrents that obstruct your progress and remove all Negative, Toxic and Low-Level Vibrational Associations, Situations and Endeavors that rob each of us of our Time, Talent and Treasury and Focus Only On What You Can Change, Control or Construct, Personally. Take some time to Celebrate The Small Victories and Successes that we each have achieved, and steady yourself for the tremendous journey we are all embarking upon. Start That Online Business, Write That Book, Develop That App, Apply For That Promotion, Paint That Portrait, Sing That Song, Lose That Weight, Manifest That New Transportation, Enroll In That Course, Solidify That Relationship, Invent That Gadget and Do Any Other THAT that needs to be done, with Intense passion, Conviction and Commitment and Trust The Entire Process of Manifestation. Start Today and You Will Be One Day Closer to Actualizing Your Goal. Now Is The Time To Stop Talking About “IT” and To Start Being About “IT”. What You Plant and Feed, Will Definitely Grow! Take Ownership of Your Own Attitudes and Responsibility for Your Actions and Start Happening To LIFE Instead Of Allowing Life To Happen To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

October 16, 2020 Libra New Moon Soul Vibe

On Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 6:05 PM PDT, we experienced Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Exact Station Event. Mercury Retrograde (Until November 3, 2020) always signals a time of Review, Revise and Release and this time we are in for a Scorpion Type Intensity (+/- 16 Days) regarding the Situations, Associations and Endeavors we have to either Review, Revise or Release. On Friday October 16, 2020 at 12:31PM PDT, we experienced the Libra New Moon Exact Station Event. Balance, Harmony, Equality and Fairness are all Libra Themes. This Libra New Moon is All About New Beginnings in the Midst of Old Endings! Old Situations, Associations and Endeavors are coming to an end and New Situations, Associations and Endeavors are Beginning ANEW! Navigating through the Chaotically Intense Waters towards these New Beginnings and away from those Old Endings can be either Liberating or Limiting, with each one of US getting to decide which Water Way to FLOW With. As we Review Our Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors, we must decide which ones are New and Beginning and which ones are Old and Ending, and by making the Positive and Profitable Revision Decisions to the New Beginnings and by making the Self-Healing and Wholeness Releasing Decisions of the Old Endings, we will acquire Emotional Balance Within Our Individual Realities and Emotional Harmony Without Our Individual Realities. What You End NOW Will End Forever and What You Start Now Will Be Around for the Next 7-9 Years, so be Very Specific, I Mean Right Down to the Very Details, Specific, with your choices of Intentional Affirmations and in your Every Thought-Out Decision. What You Set Into Motion SHALL Come Back and Greet You. New Ways and Means of Living, Being and Becoming Our Truth draws each of US towards realizing Our Life Purpose and beginning to BE Our Purpose, instead of just Live It. By Living Your Truth, you transcend the mundaneness of Low-Level Vibratory Activities. By Being Your Truth, you operate only as your Authentic Self, no games and and no gimmicks. By Becoming Your Truth, you penetrate the veil of hypocrisy and BECOME The Rock of Liberty, Peace, Strength and Bliss, you long to experience. Your Individual Cosmic ReBOOT is Here! Embrace New Ways of Thinking and Communicating Those New Thoughts by Revising Your Perspective on those things outside of your control and releasing all things that have no direct effect on your sustenance, sufficiency and/or survival. Conduct a Thorough Review of Every Situation, Association and Endeavor and Every Thought, Action and Belief, currently in your Individual Reality and Absolutely Release everything that is Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and/or Sexually Toxic, Negative, Unbalanced, Draining and or in any other way, Detrimental to Your Spiritual Wholeness, Physical Wellness and Overall Success. Break The Cycles of Fear and Doubt and The Patterns of Procrastination and Malaise with Daily Affirmations of Power, On Purpose Breathing, Creative Visualization Meditation and Mind Empowering Exercises and start making Better Life Decision, from Better Life Choices and Options, while experiencing the Better Lifestyle You Thristfully Seek. For Every Old Ending There Is A New Beginning, So Make Every New Beginning Your Very Best Ever. Where You Go From Here Is Totally Up To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

September 17, 2020 Virgo New Moon Soul Vibe

On September 17, 2020 @ 4:01 AM PDT, we experienced the Virgo New Moon Exact Station Event. On the Heels of Jupiter Stationing Direct on September 12, 2020, this Virgo New Moon is Power-Packed with Expansive and Manifesting Energy. Each one of US should feel Super-Charged with Self-Confidence, even more than we have before and should feel Extremely Motivated and Inspired to Reach For and Acquire Our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. With the Proper Attention of Individual Thought Energy and Productive Application of Individual Ambition Effort, EVERYTHING We Need, Want and Desire is well within Our Manifesting Reach. What You Feed Your MIND Will Definite Grow, Abundantly, Right Now! Positive Changes Are Upon US and The Approaching Horizon is Fabulously Clear and Ready For US to Embrace, with a Renewed Sense of Purpose and Innerstanding Of What We Came To Achieve, During This Current Incarnation. Where Each of US Is Going is Much More Fulfilling than Where Each of US has Been. Leave The Past In The Past and Launch Yourself Positively Upward and Progressively Forward and Anticipate Your Greatest Greatness to Emerge. New Associations, Situations and Endeavors will present themselves, in BOLD Fashion and should show US the Ways and Means towards Self-Sufficiency, Self-Sustenance, Self-Reliance and Self-Empowerment. These Are The Most Important Causes Each of US Face, NOW, and should take Precedence and Priority, in our Daily Manifesting Choices, Decisions and Well Thought-Out Plans! As We Each Come to Critical Turning Points of Destiny, take the time to get Clear about your Passions by Deliberately Focusing Your Entire Thought Energy into Those Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that Feed Your Soul, Blissfully, Beautifully and Bountifully. Seek Clarity of MIND, NOW, and Strategically Implement Your Revised Plan for Personal Prosperity, With Purpose, Passion and Productive Action. Be Purposeful in Intent, Positive in Thought and Progressively Production in Action and Prosperous Results Will Manifest! Profitable Seeds Planted Productively Will Bear Prosperous Fruit, Purposefully!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Stepping Into Your Emerging New Normal, As You Stand Up In Your Truth!

On Wednesday April 22, 2020 @ 7:25 PM PDT, we will experience The Most Powerful Taurus New Moon Exact Station Event. Creature Comforts of Pleasure, Home Life and How You Injoy the Material Things In and Of Life are the Themes of this Taurus New Moon. In The Midst of this Global Shift, this Taurus New Moons’ Energy will be filled with Rich and Fertile Groundbreaking (& Unexpected) Developments and you can expect to experience Major Shifts, Personally, as well as Social and Individual Shifts that Uproot Old Systems and Structures and Unstick STUCK Energy. The Time is NOW to Step Into Your Emerging New Normal with Eager Anticipation and Energized Ambition. Look at all that is Developing In Your Individual Reality and Make Fine Distinctions as to What You Give Your Energy To and Why. Now is the Time to Rise Above Procrastination and Soar Into Productivity. Now is the Time to Face Your Fears and Fight For Your Souls’ Privilege to Actively Pursue Your Highest Good Goals and Desires. Now is the Time To Consciously Invest Your Energy only into those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that Align with Your Mastered Self and Promote Harmony With and For Humanity. What You Feed, RIGHT NOW, Will Definitely Grow!

Financial Matters and Relationships will be Highlighted and Strongly Present, during this Taurus New Moon Phase and for the next 2 weeks or so. With the uncertainty of all that is happening, now is the Time to Get a Strong Grip on your Finances and a Clear and Definite Picture of Your Intimate and other Interpersonal Relationships. Now is the Time for You to Ground Yourself in Your Value and to Set Clear and Precise Boundaries concerning Your Time, Your Talents and Your Treasury! Look for the opportunities to elevate yourself Upward and take advantage of every Positive Offer, that will enhance your esteem and your estate. Now is the Time to Seek Out, Search For and Serve only those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that add exponential value to your current experience and that have promise for continued success. Now is the Time to Be Determined, Motivated, Inspired and Dedicated to Fulfill Your Life Purpose and Start Living Your Mastered Self Destiny. Now is the Time to Become the “YOU” You have always Desired to Be. It is not about who you were and where you have been-It is all about who you are becoming and where you are going!

Real Progress is yours for the taking, all you have to do is Plant Your Seeds of Success, in this Rich and Fertile Taurus New Moon Cosmic Ground that is upon us and get on with your portion of the Great Work which is commencing. Now is the Time to Ask Yourself, “What Do I Really Desire To Do and Who Do I Truly Desire To Be?” and your answers will come to you, some quietly and subtly and others Loud and Clear however will receive the Vital Answers and be given the Vital Directions to Manifest What is Buried Deep In Your Soul. Trust The Process, Believe in Your Purpose and Begin The Journey Towards TOTAL Fulfillment!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Intense ReSetting of Our Daily Lives & New Beginnings, In The Midst of The “SHIFT” into Our Emerging New Normal!

On The Cosmic Waves of The March 19, 2020 Spring Equinox, On March 24, 2020 @ 2:28 AM, PDT, we experienced The Aries New Moon Station Event. We just entered into a Cycle of Intense ReSetting of Our Daily Lives & New Beginnings, in The Midst of The “SHIFT” into Our Emerging “New” Normal! Currently, the Portal of Cosmic Change is Open For Business and willing to assist each of US, in the areas of our lives that are Stagnate, Stale, Stalled, Stuffy and STANKY, and in Desperate and Overdue NEED of Immediate and Permanent Change! Every Personal Association, Situation and Endeavor, that is no longer serving Our Highest Good, will come to a head, NOW and be DEALT WITH, NOW! Unpleasant as it may be, ALL Imbalanced Associations, Uncomfortable Situations and Valueless Endeavors WILL BE Reconciled and Removed, allowing those that remain to be brought into Perfect Alignment with Our Emerging “New” Normal. Now is the TIME to EMBRACE All Cosmic Change Energy, Wherever It Manifests In Our Lives. Now is the TIME to Trust Where You Are Going and to Forget Where You Have Been!

Aries Energy is Impulsive and Always Ready To Go. Aries Energy is Aggressive and Bossy. Aries Energy is Playful and Pushy. How each of US navigates through this Cycle determines How and What the Next 7-9 Years of Our Individual Lives will be like. Take some time and THINK about what you would really like to do WITH, Through and For, YOURSELF and just get started with it. Write that book, Design that website, Create that unique product and begin to market it, Become that Consultant, in your area of expertise, Start that Business, or whatever it is that you have been desiring to accomplish, and give it everything you have and Trust the Process. Start Right Where You Are, Right Now, With Everything You Have, Right Now and Believe in Yourself and Your Vision. What You Feed, Right Now, Will Definitely Grow. Your Success is Contingent Upon YOU Getting Your Ass In Gear! Now is not the TIME to Sit Back and Wait, Now is the TIME to Get Up and BE GREAT!

These Next Few Weeks and Months will be Times of Change, New Beginnings and Renewal. Long Standing Systems and Institutions Will Begin to Crumble as New Paradigms and Power Centers Begin to Take Effect. New Solutions to Old and Existing Problems Will Magickally Appear. Traditional Remedies Will Give Way To Holistic Healing and Harmonious Living. Our Priorities, Perceptions and Plans Must Change in order for US to Take Full Advantage of This Cycle. Who You Become Is Much More Important Than Who You Have Been! The Choice, As Always, Is Yours…

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Extremely Intense Transformations Comes After Extremely Intense Confrontations

On Sunday October 27, 2019 @ 8:38 PM PST we will experience the Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. During the 3.5 Day Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow, We each will have to deal with the Emotional Holds, Bonds and Attachments, that each of US currently has, that are really keeping each of US Physically Stagnated, Emotionally Frustrated and Mentally Spinning our Wheels, Gaining No Real or Tangible Traction At All. This Scorpio New Moon is all about Lifting The Individual Limitations, Once and For All and Embracing Your Emerging New Normal. During this Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow, Relationships of All Kinds and on All Levels will go through some sort of “Confrontation” that will Bring a Much Deeper Closeness. These Confrontations may not necessarily be hostile or heated, and Most will be long overdue. This Scorpio New Moon will bring out the Deepest Held Emotions we each are holding on to, pertaining to those certain Situations, Associations and Endeavors, in each of Our Individual Realities, that is in need of Final ReConciliation. Now is the Time to Recognize, Resolve and RELEASE Those Negative, Toxic and/or Manipulative Situations, Associations and Endeavors and to Revive, ReBOOT and RELAUNCH Those Positive, Healthy and Balanced Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Many of US will experience Emotionally Intense New Beginnings and others will experience Successful ReStarts of New Situations, Associations and Endeavors that recently began and that may be Sputtering Along and in NEED of a JumpSTART! Now is The Time to BE Very Mindful of Your Own Intentions and Desires and to TOTALLY Trust Your Own Intuition.

Where We Each Are Going Is Much Better Than Where We Each Have Been!

This Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow will give each of US many opportunities to “Get In Touch With Our Forgotten Feelings”. By Going To The Very Depth of Our Soul, we each will find those Forgotten Feelings & Fears that must BE ReCONCILED and RELEASED, Once and For All. By Going Through The process of ReConciliation, we each will BE able to Conquer Every Physical Limitation, Clear Away Every Unnecessary Emotional Burden and Clear Away All Mental Clutter that has been preventing each of US from Truly Living Our Best LIFE and BEING Our Best Self. Now is The Time for RELEASING All Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial or Sexual ATTACHMENTS that no longer serve Our Highest Good and are not a Contributing Part of Our Emerging New Normal. Honest Love Connections will Accelerate along Currently Developing Avenues and a Few of US will Experience “The ReTURN of Something Lost”. This ReTURN could BE in the form of a Lover, Friend, Business Opportunity or any other possible experience attached to a LOSS. Again, Stay Very Mindful of Your Own Intentions and Trust Your Own Intuition. Now is The Time to Embrace and Empower The “MAGICKAL” YOU! Now is The Time to Tap Into Your Power and Begin To ReMAKE Your Reality. Now is The Time To Transform Your Life Into Exactly What You Desire It To BE!



Pause, Ponder and Prepare For Your Emerging New Normal

A Refreshing and Renewed sense of Balance and Harmony is what this Libra New Moon is ushering in for each and everyone of US. On September 28, 2019 @ 11:26 AM PDT we will experience the Libra New Moon Exact Station Event. Balance and Harmony, across all levels of our daily lives are being restored at the Libra New Moon Exact station Event and for the 16 days of this transit. Today (and the 16 days that follow) is a time for Pausing, Pondering and Preparing. Pausing to consider all that is currently manifesting in our Individual Realities and deciding upon which New Direction we each will take. Pondering on which New Beginnings are aligning with our Highest Good and how we can better Empower these New Beginnings. Preparing for the New Destinations we each are embarking upon and the adjustments that are taking place, in our Every Day Lives. Welcome to Your Emerging New Normal. What We Each Set Into Motion, during this 16 Day Transit shall totally transform how we Live Our Daily Lives and where we actually see ourselves ascending to. New Beginnings will definitely BE the Constant and Prevailing Theme for the next 16 Days.

During this Libra New Moon 16 Day Transit, New Love and Creative Business Commitments will Manifest Very Quickly and Cherished Relationships that will Alter Our Life Paths will enter into each of our lives. We each will have the opportunity to Start Fresh, with Passion being at the center of all Emerging New “NORMAL” Associations, Situations and Endeavors. Negotiations Concerning Business, Creativity and Romance will BE Fast and Furious and a Rush of Harmony will flood all Emerging New Normal Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Now is the time to Embrace the New Beginnings that are Manifesting and to Empower Yourself and the Emerging New “Normal” Life and Lifestyle that is becoming apparent as this Next “NEW” Phase of Life begins for each of US. Now it the time to reach Forward, and to cultivate only those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that definitely are serving your Highest Good. Now is the time to make New Plans and Seek New Destinations that aid in our Comfort and Benefit our Spiritual and Financial Bottom Lines! Continue to Nurture those Passion Projects and Potentials that you currently are devoted to and REMAIN Positive, in the face of the Changes that are certainly ahead, for each of US, these next 16 Days. Trust That Where Each of US Is GOING, Is Greater Than Where Each of US Has Ever Been!

The Libra New Moon Transit Period is About Fresh Starts. fresh Starts All Across the Board and on every level and aspect, in our daily lives and lifestyles. Now is the Time to BE Self-Responsible, with our actions and Self-Responsible with all our obligations. Now is the time for some Very Healthy Selfishness. Consider your Comfort, Stability and Sustenance and Focus in on What It Takes to Make YOU Contented and Complete and then Go For All of That! However that looks to each of US, we each must BE Selfish in Our Thoughts and Selfish in Our Decisions. What, Who, How and Why each of US chooses to do these next 16 days will have a Most Profound EFFECT on the next 7-9 years of our lives. Choose Very Deliberately and Very Wisely!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Decisions and Discussions, Transformation & Unexpected Change for The Greater Good

With all of the Solar and Cosmic Energy Surges we have been under these past few days, on the back of a Most Powerful Aquarius “GREEN” Full Moon we experienced on August 15, 2019, we are in for one HELLUVA Ride as we experience the Virgo “BLACK” New SuperMoon Exact Station Event on August 30, 2019 @ 3:37 AM PDT. This New Moon will be the closest to Earth of any New Moon, all year, and it packs Much Punch and Power. New Love, New Money and New Health Situations, Associations and Endeavors will be prevalent and regardless of the status of your Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors, we each will come to a Major Crossroads that we must make a CHOICE about which Road will be the Path we will travel on for the next 7-9 Years, on one or all levels of Our Current Reality. Every Stale Situation, Every Stagnate Association and Stalled Endeavor will BE Stirred and Stimulated, during this New Moon Phase and we each will come face to face with making tough yet necessary Decisions and have Serious Discussions, concerning each one of these that is present in Our Emerging New Normal. Wherever there is STASIS, in our Lives, will come up and will have to be dealt with and decided upon, once and finally for all. The Power, Ability and Courage to Transform Our Realities by making that Tough Decision and by having that Tough Discussion, is abundantly available, to each of US, during this 3.5 Days New Moon Phase. We will each either Empower Our Fear(s) or Embrace Our Future. The Choice, as always, is for Each of US to Make! CHOOSE & DECIDE VERY WISELY!

Now is the TIME to Act on the CHANGE that each of US seeks and has right in front of US. There is SOMETHING, SOMEONE or SOME Opportunity that each of US has been wavering on and contemplating, some for months, others for years. Now is the TIME to Aggressively ACT Upon That CHANCE Situation, Association or Endeavor, that we sense and feel is aligning with our Highest Good and will tangibly contribute to our Individual Awakening, Expansion and Ascension. Right NOW, start to SOW Deep Seeds of Deliberate Intent, concerning the Change each seeks and concerning every Highest Good Goal, Desire and Active Pursuit that is producing effective results, currently in your Emerging New Normal. During this 3.5 Day New Moon Phase, we each have the opportunity to ReSET and ReBOOT our Entire Existence. Whatever is not currently working or running smooth in our Reality, RELEASE IT with confidence and quiet assurance that the New Path is less cluttered with extra drama and adversity. By fully embracing the Individual Transformation that this New Moon Phase is demanding, we each will make the necessary steps towards fulfilling our Purpose and Living Our Best and Greatest Lives and Lifestyles. We can no longer Live IN or Off of the Past. What is Done is Done and What will BE, Will BE! What Will BE is much more fulfilling than What is Done! We can either Fuel Our Fears or Fuel Our Futures, however we can only Fuel ONE. What You Fuel Will Definitely Grow!

Unexpected Change, of Perspective and/or Experience, for Our Highest Good will definitely take place, sometime during the next 16 days after this New Moon Exact Station Event. By it being unexpected, there is very little each of US can do to resist the Changes that will happen to each of us these next 16 Days. Have the Courage and Will to Embrace whatever Change (Unexpected and/or Secretly Desired) that manifests into Your Emerging New Normal and the Determination to Level-UP, in every critical area of your Current Life Experience or get left behind in the Repeat Cycle of Existence. Begin to Actively Participate in the What IS and What Will BE and release the Past and Embrace The Present, in the best interest of Yourself and those that are in your Intimate Circle. Where we are going is much more important than where we have been. Your Mastered Self Life and Lifestyle is One Unexpected Change, EMBRACED & EMPOWERED, Away!

How Each of US navigates through this 3.5 Day New Moon Phase will determine the Destinations and Discoveries each of US will experience for the rest of our lives. Make sure that the Situations, Associations and Endeavors that make it into Monday are the Absolute ONES you want to be connected to for the next 7-9 Years, if not longer.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US!

On July 31, 2019 @ 8:11 PM PDT, we will experience the Leo “BLACK” Super Moon Exact Station Event. Seven (7) minutes later, Mercury Stations Direct, as well. While we will still have Six (6) Planets in Retrograde, Mercury Stationing Direct signals the time for a smoothing out of communications and overstanding and of clarity of vision and thought. This is the End of Eclipse Season and the past 29 days have been a Real Emotional Rollercoaster of a Ride, for most of us. The areas of the Emotionality that flared are the areas where we each needed to Re-DEFINE or Establish Some Boundaries, which I AM sure most did. The Vibe of the season calls for that. No ONE was EXEMPT! Somehow, Someway we all went through SOMETHING, on some level. All of the Drama and Trauma that each of us experienced was for our Highest Good. Some have been Stretched out further than Ever before while others were Pushed all the Way to the Absolute Edge. BREATHE. BREATHE, Again. We Made it Through and NOW we are prepared to step into the Next NEW Phase of our Current Reality! The Doorway into Your Next NEW Phase is opening and it leads to the Gateway of Your Emerging New Normal. What each of us is stepping into is an entire New Way of Living and Being. These Next 88 Days can set the tone for the Rest of Your Incarnation and What We Have Set Into Motion IS Coming Back To Greet Us, Right Now. Cultivate those emerging situations, associations and endeavors that are aligning with your Mastered Self and that are adding Tangible Value to your Awakening, Ascensions and Spiritual Lifestyle. Effective Communication and Aggressive Promotion are the Keys and Ways to Accelerated Progress, along your Chosen Path of Self-Sustenance. Put Yourself Out There and Rise and Shine and begin to S.O.A.R.! Aggressively Advance Your Cause, Business, Endeavor by Empowering Yourself with Confident, Courage and Commitment. Push Through Procrastination with Positivity and your desired results will begin to Manifest. Smash Through Stagnation by Standing UP in Your Truth and the Stability it Affords You.

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US—What Will YOU Do?

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

July 2, 2019 Mastered Self Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse Soul Vibe

BE PATIENT…Looking for that New SoulMate Summer Love? BE PATIENT, it is coming. Looking for New Financial Opportunities? BE PATIENT, they are coming, also. Looking for Both, Neither or Something totally different, altogether? BE PATIENT, those are coming, as well. On July 2, 2019 @ 12:16 PM PST we will experience the Cancer New Moon Exact Station Event. 6 minutes later, @ 12:22 PM PDT we will experience the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Event. With Clean Slates and Fresh Starts being the theme of this event, we all can PATIENTLY Push Forward with our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that are lingering right outside our periphery and just outside of our controlling grasp. BE PATIENT. Life, as each of us currently knows it, is accelerating, with FateFUL Events and Karmic Encounters drawing each of us towards our Purpose and closer to Manifesting our Desired Realities. BE PATIENT. Issues of Security, Emotional, Financially and otherwise, are present and we must all BE PATIENT as the issues that are arising have more to do with some lingering fear in each of us than anything that should really effect you. Again, BE PATIENT and trust that all is working out for your Highest Good. Hasty Steps taken, right now, will Cause a 9-Year Cosmic Ripple Effect that will cause some to repeat the unlearned lesson of the previous Cycle, while others will remain or become Spiritually Stagnate and Consciously Bankrupt. Well-planned out action steps, in those directions that are showing TANGIBLE returns and that align with your Highest Good will prove productive and profitable, and will Effect you POSITIVELY, during this 9-Year Cycle. Pour all your Thought Energy, Action Energy and Manifesting Energy into furthering those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that absolutely matter and that contribute to your Awakening, Ascensions and Expansion.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!