November 30, 2020 Gemini Full Moon Soul Vibe

On November 30, 2020 @ 1:29 AM PST, we experienced the Gemini Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse Direct Station Event. The Vibe of this Event is centered around how we each interpret, communicate and share knowledge, along with What is Concealed and How it is Revealed, Individually and Collectively. Gemini Energy is Fast-Paced and All Over the Place and Comes At US Like A Rushing Wave. Eclipses tend to hide some things and reveal others and they always bring us to a Pivotal Point, and can have US a little groggy, so be Mindful of this for the next 3 days when making decisions. Now is the Time for the Great Mystical Revealing of the Concealed. Whatever has been personally held back, hidden or deceitfully Concealed, purposefully and otherwise, will be Revealed, in a Major Way. On Our way to the Intersection of Fate and Karma, we each will have to make critical life decisions based upon information that is coming at each of US, at a faster than normal pace. How we receive and then communicate the Facts of the information is very important. Distorted Information, Half-truth’s and Out Right Lies will be Exposed and ONLY The Detailed Facts of The Matter will be able to Stand. Now is the TIME for Releasing Every Toxic, Negative or Dysfunctional Personal Association, Situation and Endeavor, along with Releasing ALL Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial and Sexual “EXCESS BAGGAGE”. Now is the TIME to Release All Expectations ( Spoken & UnSpoken) that many of US have for others, as they are the Doors to most of our Personal Disappointments. Individually and Collectively, we are approaching The Karmic Crossroads, with Significant Fated Crosswinds clearing the way for a New Era, A New Paradigm and A New Age! Many of US will come to a Pivot Point and we must not allow any FEAR to prevent US from Stepping Up, Into The Liberty and Freedom of Expansive Living. Now is the TIME to Set New Patterns of Living and Being, for Setting New Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits to Manifest and for Establishing New Appetites, Attitudes and Aspirations that will provide you with the Life and Lifestyle You Deserve. We are entering a Potent Energy Portal that can be essential in transitioning from the Old into the New. Use this Time and Energy to Transform Every Aspect of Your Entire Existence. Eliminate ALL Fear, Doubt, Procrastination and Laziness from your life, immediately and permanently, and Replace them with Courage, Belief, Motivation and Productivity! Start with your most basic of needs, wants and desire and then EXPAND Outward. Start Right Where You Are At and Start Right NOW! Take that one idea and plant it in Prosperous Ground and Get Busy with the work that always follows any planting and watch it grow. Strive to BE More Authentic, Each and Every Day, in Every Deliberate and Intentional Thought, Action, Word and Deed and Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Assurance while you Repair Your Esteem, For Self and From Others! The Authentic YOU is the Very Best Version of You There Is. You have to travel a very bumpy Path on the Way to Authenticity, a Physical Obstacle Course and Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Gauntlet, however if you Keep It Positive and Keep It Pushing, You Will Arrive At Your Most Desired Destination. NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW, WHERE YOU ARE GOING IS MUCH BETTER THAN WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

October 1, 2020 Aries Harvest Full Moon Soul Vibe

On September 29, 2020 we experienced Saturn Direct Station Event. Saturn had been Retrograde since May 11, 2020 and all of us experienced the effects of this Major Planet Retrograde. While in the midst of effects of the lockdown, Saturn, The TaskMaster Planet of our Life Lessons, Our Work and other Vocational Toils and Our KARMA reversed it’s course and threw a wrench into Our Highest Good Plans, Projects and Productions. Now that Saturn has turned Direct, we each can get back to those Highest Good Plans, Projects and Productions that have been stalled or on the back burner since early May 2020. On October 1, 2020 at 2:05 PM PDT, we experienced the Aries Harvest Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Aries Harvest Full Moon is packed with Tremendous “Move Forward Momentum” and serves as an Energetic Portal Opening for each of US to Ascend Up Through and use as our Cosmic Fuel to Boldly walk away from the Outdated Mentalities and Emotionality Obstacles that have held US back and at bay from truly Living Our Best Lives. While many people may be showing and expressing their Inner Rage, now is the time for Cleansing and Purifying Our Inner Anger and for Transmuting that Anger into Positive and Productive Outlets of Expression and Action. As Saturn picks up speed and as we navigate through this Aries Harvest Full Moon Open Portal, being Purposeful and Conscious with our Intentions and Motivations gives US extra inspiration and ambition to reach for and obtain our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. By taking the Path that others are afraid to take, we can exalt ourselves ahead of the masses in terms of making tangible strides towards realizing Our True Purpose and putting our Untapped Potential to work for US, Practically and Profitably. Becoming Purposeful in Our Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deeds will lead US towards materializing our Biggest Desires, regardless of how far away from them we each may be. Now is the time to Think Before You Act and THEN ACT, Aggressively and Ambitiously and the Manifesting Results will begin to Tangibly Effect Your Individual Reality in the Most Profound and Precise Ways. These next few days and weeks are vitally important to the Health and Well-Being of Our Souls and Immediate Experiences and will definitely be the Beginnings of What is Yet To Come, for many of US! New Alliances Formed and Nurtured NOW will bring Amazing Opportunities into Our Existence and help to Ground Each of US in Ways only Dreamed About and Never Experienced. Take Complete Ownership of Your Attitudes, Actions and Beliefs and Transmute Negativity and Toxicity into Positivity and Profitable Production while Preparing for Expansive and Encouraging Growth as we each Embolden Our Directed Efforts towards Manifesting Our Desired Results! The Only Limitations We Face Are Self-Imposed! Be The Change You Seek By Becoming The Cause You Are and Allow Everyone Else To Become The Effect! Where You Go from Here Is Totally Up To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Reshaping Your Reality by Rebalancing Your Relationships and Shifting (Raising) Your Vibration!

On Tuesday April 7, 2020 @ 7:34 PM PDT, we experienced the Libra Pink Full Supermoon Exact Station Event. Libra Energy is all about RELATIONSHIPS! Libra Energy is all about BALANCE, EQUITY and HARMONY, In Relationships! All ImBalanced, UnEqual and Chaotic Association, Situation and Endeavor will come to a head and must be dealt with during this Libra Pink Full Supermoon Phase. Take some time out, RIGHT NOW, and Reflect on all that you have going on in your Reality and Release Every Unhealthy Element That Currently Weighs You Down and Keeps You From Being Who You Truly Are. RIGHT NOW, Start Reshaping Your Reality Into All That You Desire It To Be. Now is the time to DISLODGE Yourself from any Association, Situation or Endeavor, that is not in Perfect Cosmic Alignment with Your Mastered Self. Every ImBalanced Relationships, On Every Level and of Every Kind, will be brought to a head and dealt with, SWIFTLY, either by Solidifying or by Smashing. Every UnEqual Association, Situation and Endeavor will be brought into Perfect Balance, either by Extreme Compromise or by Complete Removal. Any Chaotic Association, Situation or Endeavors will be QUIETED, either by Reformation or by Removal! No Other Options Are Available, At This Time! We all have at least ONE THING that we know is Detrimental to our Ascension and Forward Progress. RELEASE IT and Replace It with Positive and Productive Action that lead You Closer To Your Desired Results.

Resetting Your Reality (Shifting (Raising) Your Vibration) is mandatory, in the current climate we each are faced with. Regardless of our Personal Associations, Situations and Endeavors, New Developments have caused each of us to reevaluate our current Ways and Means of Being, Living and Doing. Old Sure Things have suddenly become unreliable and forecasting the future is proving to be a crap-shoot, at best. By adopting a Consistent and Continuous Daily Spiritual Regime Of Visualization Meditation, Purposed Breath Work and Daily Affirmations, we align ourselves with Every Positive Cosmic Force, working for Our Good and we are equipping ourselves with the very best tools, practices and techniques, to Shift (Raising) Our Vibration and Maintain It. By ReProgramming The SoulCore Level (Activating Our Mastered Self), we each can find the Cosmic Balance Necessary for Constant Ascension. New Solutions to Old Problems Are Only Received After Clarity of Mind Is Achieved.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Make The “ONE” Decision That Will Alter Your Life Path—Choose Your Freedom or Repeat Your Patterned Fear(s)

Independence, Inspiration and Initiative are the Major Themes for this Aries Hunter Full Moon Exact Station Event, which we will experience on October 13, 2019 @ 2:07 PM PDT. During the entire 88 Hour Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and for 13 days after, Our Choices, Decisions and Our Well Thought Out Plans, regarding our Personal Freedom, Our Creative Motivation and Our Drive and Direct Efforts, will come up for Our Final Approval. This is a Very Ambitious Time for Each of US. What we each dive Head-First into will definitely set the tone for each of US, for the next 7-9 Years. Pay attention to Your Emerging New Normal and Make the Fine Distinctions and Decisions regarding those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are Present and that are Progressing or Beginning to Show Promise. Tremendous Growth Opportunities will BE available, for each of US, during this Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and the 13 days that follow. Now is the Time to Step Into The New, with Eagerness. Expand Yourself and Your Lifestyle and Take That Chance You Have Been Seriously Considering. Some of US will receive that Cash Influx we have Desperately Desired, while some of US will receive Other Considerations that will help US reach a Personal Milestone, Inspirational Summit or Motivational Peak. Now is the Time to BE Very WISE, especially with the Cash/Other Considerations we receive. Exercise Prudence and BE Absolutely Sure about every Choice, Decision and Plan that we make and align ourselves with. Now is the Time for Stripping Away the Excess and for Narrowing Our Focus. Now is the Time to Focus on the LIFE YOU DESIRE and to Close the Door and Walk Away from the LIFE YOU DESPISE!

Unique and Continuing Personal Transformation will force each of US to really examine our Motives and Intentions for BEING Who We Are and for DOING What We Do, during the entire Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and the 13 days that follow. Each of US will come Face-To-Face with Our Clear and Present Reality. Now is the Time for a Raw and Honest Individual Reality Assessment. What we see and what we experience will show each of US those areas of Our Individual Realities that are Definitely No Longer Acceptable and it will be up to each of US to make some Hard Fear vs Freedom Choices. Stagnate Situations, Abhorrent Associations and Eschewed Endeavors Must BE eliminated from Our Individual Realities and replaced with Sterling Situations, Admirable Associations and Excellent Endeavors. By Reaching Down into the Stanky Parts of Our Souls, we can find the Courage and Commitment to Clean Up Our Realities in order to Move Forward, Positively and Progressively. Now is the Time to Release Our Every Emotional Hang-Up that keeps US Stuck and Frustrated. Now is the Time to Conquer Our Every Physical Bad Habits that Sabotage Our Motivation. Now is the Time to Control Our Minds and Thoughts and to Put Our Individual Plans into Positive and Progressive Motion. Now is the Time to Reach For What We Really Want, RIGHT NOW and to Walk Away From What We Won’t, ANYMORE!

The LIFE and LIFESTYLE We Truly Desire Is ONE Decision Away!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Out From the SHADOWS and Into The Light—Revelations, Declarations and CLARITY!

This morning @ 5:29 AM PDT, we experienced the Powerful Aquarius “GREEN” Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Full Moon is all about Celebrating our Positive and Prosperous Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are currently present and flourishing (or beginning to flourish) in our Individual Realities and that are aligning with our Emerging New Normal. Take some time, TODAY, in Focused Thought and in Gratitude and acknowledge each Positive and Prosperous Situation, Association and Endeavor that is genuinely and tangibly contributing to Your Awakening, Expansion and Ascension. NO OTHER SITUATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS OR ENDEAVORS SHOULD MATTER!

Today and for the foreseeable future, Hidden Truths, Love Secrets and Silent Desires (Our Own and those concerning US from others) will be Revealed and Brought Out Into The Open and DEALT WITH! IN and ON Every Level of Our Current Reality, What has been long kept in the Shadows, NOW must come into the Light of Full Awareness. Acknowledging, Excepting and Revealing these Truths, Secrets and Desires will Empower each of US to fully Live, Speak and BE Our Truth, Once and For All! Out of NoWhere Personal Epiphanies and Unexpected Declarations (Our Own and those concerning US from others) will come quickly and may come in bunches. Flow with each with Ease and Grace and seek refuge in the Clear and Calm Mind that each is currently operating with, thanks to the Cosmic Gift this Full Moon gave US. Right NOW, each of US has the ability to Read Others’ Energy, with accuracy and detail, as well as having Enhanced Intuition, which will aid US in our Decision-Making Processes. It is vitally important that each of US, totally and completely, TRUSTS OUR INTUITION AND ENERGY READS! Unnecessary and Misaligning Situations, Associations and Endeavors will delay our progress and has the potential to derail US, altogether.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

June 17, 2019 Mastered Self Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon Soul Vibe

On June 17, 2019 @ 1:30 AM we will experience the Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon Exact Station Event. There has been a Major SHIFT, Cosmically, Energetically and Humanly, and each of us has experienced the fluctuations in our internal attitudes and beliefs and in our external endeavors and active pursuits, due to the very recent Soul Operating System Upgrade and ReBOOT we each, individually, went through. Much like any computer after a Operating System Upgrade and ReBOOT, we each, individually, are feeling out and test driving the New Features that have been installed and integrated, into our own Individual Soul Operating Systems. BE Mindful of the Subtle Changes that have occurred to each of us, internally as well as externally and Begin to Stretch Yourself Out, into your Emerging and Expanding New Normal. Mindfully and Purposefully Process through Your Obstacles (Self-Imposed and Otherwise) while you Progress towards Realizing (Manifesting) your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits with Much Awareness and Openness and with Much Consciousness and Curiosity and Trust the Next Deliberate Intent Action Steps you take towards Manifesting Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits.

During the 3.5 days of this Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon Phase is the Most Auspicious Time to take tremendous advantage of All of the “EXTRA” Soul Energy that will be available to each of us that desire to improve our lives, in Tangible and Meaningful Ways. Use this 3.5 Day Phase to tap into the EXTRA Focus Soul Energy that can be applied to every Highest Good and Currently Manifesting Situation, Association and Endeavor that are currently showing more than just Promise, they are actually and measurably beginning to show Progress. What we Focus our Thoughts and Deliberate Intent Actions on is WHAT we will Manifest in our Individual Realities. Use this Phase to integrate the EXTRA Optimism Soul Energy that can Propel You well into your Emerging New Normal, with the confidence that is necessary to take whatever it is that You are Actively Pursuing, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and Interpersonally, to the Next and Even the Next “Next” Levels. All that needs to BE done is to Trust and BELIEVE, in Yourself, first, and in your Vision of the “What and How” of your Desired Life and Lifestyle and then in Your Plan to Manifest Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits.

With the EXTRA Feelings of Security Soul Energy at our disposal these next 3.5 Days, we can aggressively reach outside of our Comfortable and Regular, into our Awesome and Outstanding. Take advantage of the 3.5 Day Phase to pinpoint the areas that you desire to Expand and then to Penetrate the Layers of Opposition that have prevented you from realizing the Most and Greatest Expression of Your True Self and exactly what that looks like and feels. Empower Yourself with the EXTRA Faith in Your Abilities to Manifest Soul Energy that will be flowing strong and heavy during this 3.5 Day Phase. Take the time to get very clear about those Emerging New Normal Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are definitely aligning with Your Highest Good and that Positively Effect Your Individual Reality, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and Interpersonally, Tangibly and Otherwise. Expansion across all of your Most Profitable and Productive Situations, Associations and Endeavors will occur when the required Deliberate Intent Actions are instituted, implemented and integrated, in our Daily Lives.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

May 18, 2019 2:11 PM PST Mastered Self Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon Soul Vibe

On May 18, 2019 @ 2:11 PM PST, we experience the Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon Station Event. This Mystical and Rare Event will not come back around again until 2021. This Full “BLUE” Moon is infused with at least 12 times the Manifesting Power and Strength than a normal Full Moon. Whatever THOUGHTS you have been focusing on will quickly start to manifest, following this Full “BLUE” Moon. This is a Manifesting Full Moon and as such, you can expect Kismet, Good Fortune, Positive Karma and Blessings, both Cosmic and Material, during the initial days of this auspicious cycle. It is vitally important to BE Deliberate in your Intentional Thoughts, focusing in on those endeavors and pursuits that are showing tangible signs of actually effecting your Spiritual and Financial Well-Being. Give all of your thought-energy to only these things—NOTHING ELSE—for the first 3.5 days of the cycle and you will quickly see the manifesting results that will even surprise the most lofty thinkers among us. Deliberately THINK BIG and watch the Expedited Returns Multiply, into your current Reality.

Expect Intense Passion to be infused into all of your Sought After Endeavors and Active Pursuits. Expect dreams being realized and long sought after pursuits to finally come into your grasp. WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE, THIS TIME AROUND! Expect Instant and Immediate Success and Expect it in 3’s. 3 Amazing Opportunities may present themselves and you could choose between them or all of them, it just may BE that beneficial, or 3 Difficult Situations may clear themselves up without any effort on your part or 3 Promising Endeavors may manifest into your current Reality, or you may get 1 of each or any combination thereof, that is the Cosmic Beauty of this Auspicious Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon. Always REMEMBER to keep Your Highest Good in your Thoughts and Mind, when any of these present themselves to you and Trust Your Intuition when making Any and ALL Life Decisions. Expect Expansion along Your Most Dedicated Lines of Daily Endeavor and Living as this cycle ushers in a Time of Action and Progress, inspiring each of us to Higher Heights and motivating each of us towards our Goal Realization.

Embrace Your Journey and Empower Yourself, this Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon, with your own dedicated and directed efforts being put into practical use towards manifesting your part. Motivate Yourself with Positive Affirmations that focus on Production, Progress and Profit and commit to a daily regime of Self-Love, Self-Sustenance & Self-Discovery, in order to fully take advantage of the Energies that are transmitting and transmuting, at the time of this Station Event. Face ALL fears and push yourself through any procrastination and doubt and RISE UP, within Yourself, and BELIEVE that this TIME is Your TIME! Shut The Door to Yesterday and Welcome Tomorrow, as we each venture into our New Normals’ and New Beginnings. Become More Grateful and More Generous however More Wise and More Prudent, Indeed and In Deeds! Start Carving Your Niche Out With Precision and With Purpose!

March 1, 2018 Mastered Self Virgo Full Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

Thursday March 1, 2018 @ 4:51 PM PST we will experience The Virgo Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Event closes the portal on Eclipse Season and signals a Time of Mastered Self Harvesting. This Virgo Full Moon Energy is Emotionally Sensitive and will bring everyone back down to earth, with a heavy emphasis on hard work (think nose to the grindstone) and practical use of your time, talents and treasury. Eclipse Season brought up some growth and healing opportunities that have been lingering and needed to be dealt with. Choices made during Eclipse Season always take 3-6 months to show the results and start to bear the fruits of Manifestation. Trust your decisions and allow for the natural course to take place. All will be revealed in the coming days, weeks and months. Efficiency, structure, organization and discipline will be major areas of illumination as we continue to progress along with those prosperous endeavors that align or are aligning with our Highest Good and Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

The SoulCore Matter of this Virgo Full Moon will be all about Our Illusions versus Our Realities. No matter what the situation, association or endeavor, we all make deals with ourselves when we make the decisions to align ourselves with outside influences. Whether it is the decision to take a new job or promotion, start or end a intimate relationship, move to a new location, or any other outside hook up or association, we make secret deals with ourselves in order to align with that which we are considering. When those secret deals fall through or fall short, most of us displace our self anger onto the situation, association or endeavor, that did not have any knowledge of our secret deal. Negotiating with yourself always leaves you vulnerable for disappointment, heartache or both. This Virgo Full Moon will show each of us where we are being Self-Deceptive and Self-Sabotaging and allow for the opportunity to release those negative Thought-to-Action patterns and heal and grow and move towards fulfilling all of the Mastered Self Promises that each of us has made to ourselves. This Virgo Full Moon will show each of us which situations, associations and endeavors we can “Get out of our own way” of and show us the areas that actually Empower and Elevate our Self-Worth and Self-Esteem, in very progressive, productive and prosperous ways. Now is the time to get completely honest and transparent, with ourselves and to examine every situation, association and endeavor, we are currently aligned with and determine if it currently serves our Highest Good and make decisions based upon if it will continue to do so. If it is not Broke, Fine Tune it. If it is Broke and Salvageable, Repair it and continue to work with it. If it is Broke Beyond Repair and Practical Use, discard it and look to new ways of situating, associating and endeavoring. IT’S IS AS SIMPLE AS THIS! Take heed to the areas that come to the Light, during and for the 2 weeks after this Virgo Full Moon and make the required Course Corrections that will propel you Progressively Forward, towards manifestation of your Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

This Virgo Full Moon will Vibrate with a Serious “Back-to-Business”, “Back-in-Business” and “Open-for-Business” Frequency that will progressively push some of us along our chosen Path. As we prepare for the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2018, each of us will feel the sometime subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle pushes and pulls into our Narrowing Purpose and start to manifest incremental positive outcomes that will add to our confidence and assist in our Ascension. The situation, association or endeavor that will put us closer to our Mastered Self Goals and Desires could be the very next one that we align ourselves with. Each of us must be willing to take the next step towards our Greatness and TRUST and BELIEVE that the results will manifest as your Mastered Self has assured they would!

January 31, 2018 Mastered Self Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon & Lunar Eclipse Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Wednesday January 31, 2018 @ 5:26 AM PST, we will experience The Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon Exact Station Event. Leo themes will be magnified and Leo situations will be dramatically illuminated, for each of us. Strong Creative Influences will be highlighted and available, for each of us. Full Moons signal a time for Endings, Enhancements and Expansions. This Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon will carry with it a triple-magnifying effect, meaning 3 times the POWER. Take some time and write down all of your intentions that you absolutely set on and clear about as this is the MOST ADVANTAGEOUS time for planting Deliberate Seeds for Maximum Manifestations. 3 minutes later @ 5:29 AM PST, we will experience The Lunar Eclipse Exact Station Event. Eclipses have a way of covering up and holding back those things that are actually being released for you and then MAGNIFYING the manifestations of those exact things beginning soon and up to 6 months after this Lunar Eclipse.  This Lunar Eclipse will add another Triple-Magnifying Effect to all of your Deliberate Seed Intentions. Approximately 5 hours later @ 10:23 AM PST, we will experience The North Node Stationary Direct Event. The North Node deals with your Soul and the Destiny of our Mastered Self. This Stationary Direct Event will definitely bring each of us face to face with our Current Reality Path and Experiences. Each of us will have to make some decisions as to what is serving our Highest Good versus what is serving our lower natures and vibrations. This Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse Cosmic Event is a Prosperously Powerful time to step out of the shadows of your life and start to manifest your Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

This Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse Cosmic Event will feel like we have reached a Point of Culmination. The Peak Point. The Summit. For some, it will seem like we have stretched ourselves or our situations every way possible and there just isn’t anywhere else to take things to. We have done all the necessary “things’ and attempted all the “checklist” items and still, WTF?-Point of Culmination. For some, it may feel like our situations are fine or okay. Everything is running smoothly and you are settled. Life is routine and regular-The Peak Point. For those that are absolutely living their Mastered Self Purposed Life-The Summit. Each of us is at least at one of these Points, some of us are at all 3. We can have some things that are culminating, some that are peaking and some that have reached their summit, it just depends upon where each of us is in our Ascension and what Energies and Associations we are allowing into our Individual Experiences. Endings are part of this Journey. Each of us goes through many endings during this incarnation. For Every Ending there is a New Beginning. Every Relationship has a Life Cycle. Every Association has a Life Cycle. Every Situation has a Life Cycle. We can end a cycle and begin another, anew, in the same relationship, association and situation. Endings do not necessarily have to be completions! Take this time to examine your relationships, associations and situations to see which ones are Culminating, Peaking and Summiting and set your deliberate focus on ENHANCING those that are serving your Highest Good and beginning to produce tangible results. Give your real and honest and total focus to only what matters to your Mastered Self, not to what matters to others, and follow your passions to your Purpose! This enhancement should be done with expediency in order to capitalize on this Most Auspicious Time. Expansion is favored, especially for those that are ready to assume a leadership position and willing to realize their Maximum Self Potency. Expand encouraging projects that serve Humanity, in any capacity, as well as those that are holistically based and service oriented. For those that are employed in the public and private sectors, you can start by enhancing your resumes and expanding your perspective. Today is a very good day to ask for a generous salary increase, apply for that next level promotion or to launch your own entrepreneurial endeavor, for maximum long term success.

Your Soul Destination can only be determined by you. We each make decisions based upon our own set of morals and values. Internally, we set our own standards and live according to what we inherently feel is right or wrong. At the SoulCore level is where our beliefs reside. In the Invisible One that resides inside each of us. We each have the power to determine our own Destiny. Some of us will come face to face with our very own Fate, and will not like what we see and what our future prospects are. Ask yourself this question: Am I too afraid to step out of my comfort zone to continue to suffer in a relationship, association or situation that is not serving my Highest Good and never will? Use this time to tap into your SoulCore and get acquainted with your Mastered Self and Chart a New Course. Set Sail for Ports of Cosmic Calibration. Trust in the directions that you are lead into and trust YOURSELF, THIS TIME!



November 3, 2017 Taurus Spiritual Full Moon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Friday November 3, 2017 @ 10:22 PM PDT, we will experience the Taurus Spiritual Full Moon Exact Station Event. Some would say that this is a SuperMoon, that’s cool, too. I tend to believe that this Taurus Full Moon is a Spiritual Full Moon. Spiritual because the SHADOWS are amongst US. All sorts of Beings and Spirits and Ancestors & Masters & Ancients are truly PRESENT & WATCHING & AVAILABLE, having travelled through Ascension Portals, which are currently open and available for Pivot Travel. Scorpio Season has driven each of us deep into the abyss of the Dark Cracks & Dim Crevices of our Souls. Those places that never get to the Light of Day, YES, Those Places There! Scorpio Energy is all about the underworld, the shadows, the Dark & Dim, the restricted and taboo, the place of your dreams/nightmares. YES, THOSE PLACES THERE! With all of this bubbling over, NOW everything in the home is getting ready to BE Transformed!

With the recent Cosmic Energy Shift and the Vibrational RE-Calibration, many of us have experienced different energy surges and changes in the way we see things about the Ways we live our daily lives. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is amplified with Ascension Energy. The Cosmic Veil is currently Transparent, take a peek into the Clear and see your soultions, to your every fear, your every deficiency, your every ailment & your every obstacle. Your Guides are Present and here to assist you. Step UP into your Transformation and allow the process to develop, organically. Resistance will only delay your Transformation. Take this opportunity to expose your shadows & conquer them & release them, once and for all, each and every ONE of them. Transform your fear into Fervor, and move past all of those dark hurts and pains and guilt’s and shames and abuses, for your own good. Use this Spiritual Energy to Fuel your Passion, again and to focus yourself back to your Highest Good. Transform your Reality by changing your perspective and Get Real & Honest and you will immediately see that your Pivot is not only close, it is necessary! This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will deal with all of the hidden things that we each refuse to face, in our daily lives. Taurus rules the creature comforts, the way we live and how we finance our Ways of Living and we each will come face to face with what has been lurking in the shadows of our heart.

This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is a time of Harvest. For a lot of us, it just seems that we need one more thing in order to step out of our comfort zone and into our Mastered Self. Making the choice to invest in oneself is always a risky proposition and there are no guarantees. Making the choice to break away from the normal and venture into the unknown can be very daunting. Thinking about remaining in the same place, doing the same thing, going the same direction should spur each of us into to immediate action yet most of us need a helpful nudge, now and again. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is that helpful nudge each of us needs in order to believe that the Initial Process is Complete! Now is the time to ”Do The Damn Thang” with all that you have Gathered and Produced and Prepared and allow the fullness of the process to evolve, organically. These past few days have been a trek and journey of Gathering, getting together those things that are producing tangible results. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will provide each of us with the courage & clarity to Go to Market with What We Already Have That Is Currently Producing Tangible Results! This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will clear the way for you, in your chosen Passion and will shine its Light Brightest on those areas that are definitely beneficial for you to give a little bit more attention to.

This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will signal a time of Progressive & Forward Movement. Within the next 21 days, give or take, each of us will have to answer 3 hard questions, choose between 2 tough choices and make 1 MAJOR Decision, regarding something or someone. We must clear ourselves of all unhealthy associations as we Ascend or we will repeat the previous negative cycle. Releasing all toxic and harmful people, associations & situations will lighten your daily load and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter & emotional debris. Get Real & Honest, No Matter What Comes Your Way, and everything will work out accordingly. Most of the time, we make things way more than they actually turn out to be. Own your SHIT, when necessary and take No One’s in Return. When making your choices and decision, remember to rise above all pettiness and cut your losses when you know there is no other solution. BE Deliberate in your Thoughts regarding your relationships. BE Consistent in your Stances & Positions. BE Committed to Your Desired Results. Make Realistic Promises to Yourself & Stick to Your Word!

Each Step We Take, We Step Deeper into Our New Normal

Each Spiritual Ascension Step We Take, We Step Deeper into Our Mastered Self!