Shockwaves, Aftershocks, Energetic Fluctuations and Directed Effort

Over this past weekend, we experienced a most powerful Solar Shockwave that effected our atmosphere in the most profound and interesting ways. Most of us started feeling the effects last week and many of the effects we experienced mimicked some common ailments and illness and some not so common physical, mental and emotional interruptions and disturbances. As we navigate through the Aftershocks this week, BE MINDFUL of the fact that what we are experiencing is the actual Cosmic Calibration that always follows these types of Solar Shockwaves. Many will experience Fatigue, Malaise, Apathy and a few other inner and physical ailments that can serve as Energy Zappers and deterrents. Fatigue and those other Energy Zappers are ILLUSIONS and can only be effective if we allow them to BE. This is the time to be MORE determined in all that we endeavor and all that we are seriously and actively pursuing. Take these next few days to get really clear about your manifesting goals and take some serious and confident action steps towards achieving your goals and towards obtaining that which you are actively pursuing. Raise Your Vibration To Match The Vibration of Who You Desire To BE and Where You Desire To Go and Trust Every Confident Action Step Ahead!

Energy Fluctuations and Soul Power Surges are to be expected, in both directions, so prepare to have many sensational energy events, individually and collectively. Seek Out Energetic Balance, Right Now, as we are being challenged to dig DEEPER Internally, than at any time in our lives, and to RISE Over and Above All Obstacles, and to REMOVE All Limitations and Doubt, and to RESPOND To Every Setback, Self-Imposed and/or Otherwise, with the Quiet Assurance that every Highest Good Goal and Desire is worth the RENEWED and REVIVED EFFORT we are each being called to give towards our parts in our Manifesting Realities. Allow these fluctuations to show you the Confirmations of Your Intuition and the Signs of Your New Destinations and comfortably take the Reins of Your Own Journey into Your Own Hands. The Confident and Progressive and Productive Action Step you take, NOW, will pay off and pay you back, in Tangible and Material Ways!

Only our Directed Effort will count, this week. There are no Shortcuts through to the end of “The Process”. Regardless of where any of us our, in the MANY “The Process” we each currently are going through, we each must always remember that Completion is the Key, for each and every “The Process”. We all have Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial and Sexual “The Process” that are concurrently active and demanding Full Run to Completion, in order to BE better Equipped to Awaken and Ascend. The only way we get to the Finish Line is by Completing The Entire Course that we set out on. The only way to get to the End of the Game is to Play All of the Minutes Allotted. The only way to get to the Top of the Mountain is to Finish The Climb! Take this week and examine all of our “The Process” that are currently active and focusing our Thought Energy into upgrading, revising or finishing all “The Processes'” that are either stagnate, delayed or just not evolving, at all. It will take our Directed Effort to Muscle through the Pain and Agitation of revisiting these and yet our Directed Effort along these lines will Heal the Internal Turmoil many of us deal with, on a daily basis. ALWAYS REMEMBER: What You Set Into Motion, Shall Come Back and Greet You, so take this week to Set Your Directed Effort into Motion and Prepare for the Manifestation of Your Highest Good Goals and Desires to Come Back and Greet You!


I AM Raising My Vibration To Match The Vibration of Who I Desire To Be and to Where I Desire To Go. I AM Taking Confident and Progressive and Productive Action Steps That Will Pay Me Back In Tangible and Material Ways. I AM Setting My Directed Effort into Motion and preparing for the Manifestation of my Highest Good Goals and Desires to Come Back and Greet Me!

Prolific Expression, High Intuition & Changes of Plans

Today is Manifesting Monday. Communication is Key, Today.

The efforts we make and the action steps we take, TODAY, will have the most beneficial effects on the goals, desires, endeavors and pursuits we each are Deliberately and Diligently focusing our Thought-Energy and Purposed Effort towards. Today is the day to Speak LIFE into all your Highest Good Goals and Desires and Active Pursuits, with Cosmic Confidence that what you truly need, want and desire WILL begin to MANIFEST into Your Current Reality. Today is not the day to get caught up in useless conversations. BE Determined to make every conversation totally focused on Positivity, Production and Profit! Today is the day to Empower Yourself and to Put Your Highest Good Plan(s) into Practical and Productive and Profitable ACTION!

Today is Manifesting Monday. Trusting your Intuition is Key, Today.

The impressions and inspirations we receive, TODAY, will be directional signs that must be pursued, with fierce determination. Listen to your Soul and follow the intuitive directions that are being transmitted, with assurance and commitment. The New Avenues that are upcoming along your Current Path have been manifesting for quite a while and TODAY is the day to take those Steps into Your Evolving New Normal. Our Soul has the BEST of the Very Best in store for each of us. Choose TODAY as the DAY that you give your Soul full operational control, of your Daily Life. Allow your Intuitive Self to lead you towards those awesome endeavors, situations and associations that truly will Expand Your Consciousness and contribute to Your Awakenings and Ascensions!

Today is Manifesting Monday! Flexibility is the Key, Today.

Reviewing, revising and restructuring of all Current Highest Good Goals and Desires and Active Pursuits, with Focused and Deliberate Thought-Energy and Purposed Efforts while you Trust Your Intuition will definitely be advantageous and prosperous, TODAY. Make SMART and Ambitions ADJUSTMENTS that your Soul is directing you to make. Trim the EXCESS, From Your Plans, Pursuits and Processes, on all levels and in all areas. Find hat Works and WORK IT. REPEAT AS OFTEN AS NECESSARY! Niche Craving must BE Precise!


May 18, 2019 2:11 PM PST Mastered Self Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon Soul Vibe

On May 18, 2019 @ 2:11 PM PST, we experience the Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon Station Event. This Mystical and Rare Event will not come back around again until 2021. This Full “BLUE” Moon is infused with at least 12 times the Manifesting Power and Strength than a normal Full Moon. Whatever THOUGHTS you have been focusing on will quickly start to manifest, following this Full “BLUE” Moon. This is a Manifesting Full Moon and as such, you can expect Kismet, Good Fortune, Positive Karma and Blessings, both Cosmic and Material, during the initial days of this auspicious cycle. It is vitally important to BE Deliberate in your Intentional Thoughts, focusing in on those endeavors and pursuits that are showing tangible signs of actually effecting your Spiritual and Financial Well-Being. Give all of your thought-energy to only these things—NOTHING ELSE—for the first 3.5 days of the cycle and you will quickly see the manifesting results that will even surprise the most lofty thinkers among us. Deliberately THINK BIG and watch the Expedited Returns Multiply, into your current Reality.

Expect Intense Passion to be infused into all of your Sought After Endeavors and Active Pursuits. Expect dreams being realized and long sought after pursuits to finally come into your grasp. WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE, THIS TIME AROUND! Expect Instant and Immediate Success and Expect it in 3’s. 3 Amazing Opportunities may present themselves and you could choose between them or all of them, it just may BE that beneficial, or 3 Difficult Situations may clear themselves up without any effort on your part or 3 Promising Endeavors may manifest into your current Reality, or you may get 1 of each or any combination thereof, that is the Cosmic Beauty of this Auspicious Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon. Always REMEMBER to keep Your Highest Good in your Thoughts and Mind, when any of these present themselves to you and Trust Your Intuition when making Any and ALL Life Decisions. Expect Expansion along Your Most Dedicated Lines of Daily Endeavor and Living as this cycle ushers in a Time of Action and Progress, inspiring each of us to Higher Heights and motivating each of us towards our Goal Realization.

Embrace Your Journey and Empower Yourself, this Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon, with your own dedicated and directed efforts being put into practical use towards manifesting your part. Motivate Yourself with Positive Affirmations that focus on Production, Progress and Profit and commit to a daily regime of Self-Love, Self-Sustenance & Self-Discovery, in order to fully take advantage of the Energies that are transmitting and transmuting, at the time of this Station Event. Face ALL fears and push yourself through any procrastination and doubt and RISE UP, within Yourself, and BELIEVE that this TIME is Your TIME! Shut The Door to Yesterday and Welcome Tomorrow, as we each venture into our New Normals’ and New Beginnings. Become More Grateful and More Generous however More Wise and More Prudent, Indeed and In Deeds! Start Carving Your Niche Out With Precision and With Purpose!

Mastered Self Daily Affirmation

Gratitude Starts It All

Endeavor and believe that you are worthy and deserved. Elevate and establish your self worth with Positive Affirmations that encourage your ascension. Trust your intuition as your guide and believe that you are deserving of Progressively Positive Outcomes in all your associations, situations and endeavors.

Start each day with the affirmation “I AM Grateful for…” and begin to appreciate the simple things that really matter to you. Pick something new each day to BE Grateful for and seek out endeavors that feed your gratitude, in positive and balanced ways. STAY GRATEFUL and Empower yourself with Purpose Reminders that feed your Soul.

Release yourself from negative thought patterns and behaviors and allow yourself to replace them with positive and progressive thought patterns and behaviors.



I AM Grateful I AM Who I Desire to Be. I AM Worthy and Deserved of all Recognition that I AM Receiving. I AM Empowering MySoulSelf with Purpose Reminders. I AM Positive and Progressive, in My Thought and Behavior Patterns.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Mastered Self Daily Soul Vibe & Affirmation

Feed Your Soul Spiritual Empowerment!

Commit to a Daily Self Love and Spiritual Empowerment practice that nourishes your Soul and fortifies you as you navigate along your Path. Everything you experience and desire feeds on the nourishment you give your Soul.

Begin by starting to feed your Soul in the same way that you feed your other appetites, with affirming spiritual practices and a positive perspective on the things that matters most to you.

Arrange your life around your lifestyle and make your outside obligations fit into your Spiritual Lifestyle. Give your Soul what it truly desires, full control of your life and trust the guidance received.

Treat Yourself Better Than How You Treat The Most Important Person in Your Life.


I AM Devoted to Self-Love and Spiritual Empowerment. I AM Treating MySelf Better Than How I Treat The Most Important Person in My Life. I AM Committed to My Daily Spiritual Practices that Nourishes My Soul as I Navigate My Current Path.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Belief + Action=Manifestation

Belief + Action = Manifestation

Invest in yourself (BELIEF) and inject ambition (ACTION) and you will achieve your desired results (MANIFESTATION). Your thoughts and dreams only manifest after you take the necessary steps towards your goals. Make the investment (BELIEF) of your time, talent and treasury, into your Highest Good Goals and Desires, and add your own committed ambition (ACTION) and you will produce (MANIFESTATION) your Highest Desired Results.

Give to yourself, the same as you have given to others, wholeheartedly and completely. Tap into the Belief Center of Your Soul and bring forth the Well of Assurance that bubbles deep inside you. Be Positive. Be Productive. BE COMMITTED.

Seek out the most efficient way to manifest your goals and trust the steps you take towards manifestation. However and Forever Passionate, BE INFORMED when making decisions. Become Resourceful and Resilient while you process through obstacles and progress towards goal manifestation.

Belief + Action = Manifestation. Apply this principle to every association, situation and endeavor, for maximum returns.


I AM Believing, Acting and Manifesting My Highest Good Goals and Desires. I AM Positive. I AM Productive. I AM Committed. I AM Informed when making All Decisions. I AM Resourceful and Resilient as I progress towards Manifesting My Highest Good Goals and Desires.

May 4, 2019 Taurus New Moon Soul Vibe


Summons the courage to take the scary steps into Your Future and complete the Tasks that you know are the ONE’S that really resonate with you, at the SoulCore level and that can tangibly effect your Path to Prosperity.

Get Comfortable with your New Normal and allow the SHIFT to fully illuminate while you take the action steps towards manifesting your part of your reality.

Get Deliberate with your intentions and thoughts concerning what you actually desire to achieve and your results will begin to match your thoughts and vibration.

Get Familiar with your New Directions and Opportunities as they unfold before you, twice, once from the 3rd EYE View and again as they manifest in your reality, and encourage those that assist in your awakening and ascension process.

Energize your Soul and Empower your Mind, this New Moon Station Event, with the motivation and inspiration necessary to accomplish each Highest Good Goal and Desire you currently have in the works. Your renewed focus and dedication to your projects will JUMPSTART and clear the way for every stalled, slow-moving, or sputtering project, aligning your efforts with the Cosmic Manifesting Energy.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Join ME on the Live Inspired! Live Radio Show Interview Thursday February 7, 2019

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

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Mark Edward Pyle

I AM Ascensions Mastered Self Academy

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Today’s The Day!

**Today’s the day!!!** I’m excited to share that our new book, EMPOWERING YOU, TRANSFORMING LIVES! Is now available for the special rate of $1 USD (just for the first 24-48 hrs).  This daily inspiration book brings together 40 powerful experts that are uniting and leaning in to encourage, uplift and empower you each day of the year so you can live on purpose and with great purpose!  Help us get the word out to reach as many people as possible.  

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I appreciate and THANK everyone that supports this endeavor!