Thoughtful (Mindful) Thursday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Gratitude Starts It All

Endeavor and believe that you are worthy and deserved. Elevate and establish your self worth with Positive Affirmations that encourage your ascension. Trust your intuition as your guide and believe that you are deserving of Progressively Positive Outcomes in all your associations, situations and endeavors. Start each day with the affirmation “I AM Grateful for…” and begin to appreciate the simple things that really matter to you. Pick something new each day to BE Grateful for and seek out associations, situations and endeavors that feed your gratitude, in positive and balanced ways. STAY GRATEFUL and Empower yourself with Purpose Reminders that feed your Soul.  Release yourself from negative thought patterns and behaviors and allow yourself to replace them with positive and progressive thought patterns and behaviors. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU CHANGE YOUR REALITY.


I AM Grateful I AM Who I Desire to Be. I AM Worthy and Deserved of all Recognition that I AM Receiving. I AM Empowering MySoulSelf with Purpose Reminders. I AM Positive and Progressive, in My Thoughts, Actions, Word, Deeds and Behavior Patterns.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Winning Wednesday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Speak, Know, Trust & Live (BE) Your Truth

Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (Being) Your Truth will absolutely liberate you. Anxiety and Stress can be alleviated. Nervous Conditions and Anger Issues can be greatly diminished. Personal Dispositions definitely improve. Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (Being) Your Truth will align you with your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits and serve as your greatest promoter. Old Doors Close and New Doors Open. Unhealthy alliances dissolve and profitable partnerships organically form. Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (Being) Your Truth allows you to experience your Highest Good Expansion. Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (BEING) Your Truth will elevate your standard of living and deliver the lifestyle you desire. Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (BEING) Your Truth affords you many opportunities to Plant Self-Empowerment Seeds in Your Highest Good Ground. Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (BEING) Your Truth places you on the Path of Ascension. Abandon and Avoid all situations, associations and endeavors, that are unwilling or unable to align with the Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (BEING) of Your Truth.


I AM Liberated by Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (Being) My Truth. I AM Aligning with My Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits by Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (Being) My Truth. I AM Elevating My Lifestyle by Speaking, Knowing, Trusting and Living (Being) My Truth. I AM Experiencing My Highest Good Expansion by Speaking and Knowing, Trusting and Living My Truth.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Transformation Tuesday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Awaken the Very Best of You

Self-Determination begins with establishing the value that you add to every situation, endeavor and association. Your Value is determined by what you give, how you give it and the intentions that motivated you into service, along with what someone else determines is beneficial, therapeutic or satisfying, in some way. Make it your practice to always live in a way that is truly giving the best of you, truly sharing your gifts, and your value. Connect with and Embrace and Trust the Magic that resides inside of your Soul. Entertain and Appreciate and Attract, to yourself, all of Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits and Start To INJOY All The Finest Tastes and Desires that reside inside of your Soul. Give Yourself Every Highest Good “Thing” practically possible. Believe Your Own Most Humble Hype and Begin to Quench Your Highest Good Thirsts.

Awakening the Very Best of You will allow you to start Taking Care of the Rest of You!


I AM Establishing My Value. I AM Living a Beneficial, Therapeutic or Satisfying Lifestyle as an Example to Others. I AM Embracing and Trusting the Magic that Resides in My Soul. I AM Attracting Every Highest Good Goal, Desire, Active Pursuit and Opportunity to Me. I AM Awakening The Very Best Of ME!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Manifesting Monday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Belief + Action = Manifestation

Invest in yourself (BELIEF) and inject your ambition (ACTION) into your daily life and you will achieve your desired results (MANIFESTATION).

Your thoughts and dreams only manifest after you take the necessary steps towards your goals. Make the investment (BELIEF) of your time, talent and treasury, into your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits, and add your own Committed Ambition (ACTION) and you will produce (MANIFESTATION) your Highest Good Desired Results.

Give to yourself, the same as you have given to others, wholeheartedly and completely. Tap into the Belief Center of Your Soul and bring forth The Visions of Your Wholeness, from the Well of Assurance that bubbles deep inside You. Be Positive. Be Productive. BE COMMITTED. Seek out the most efficient way to manifest your goals and trust the steps you take towards manifestation. However and Forever Passionate, BE INFORMED when making decisions. Become Resourceful and Resilient while you process through obstacles and progress towards goal manifestation.

Belief + Action = Manifestation. Apply this principle to your every Highest Good Association, Situation and Endeavor, for Maximum Returns.


I AM Believing, Acting and Manifesting My Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. I AM Positive. I AM Productive. I AM Committed. I AM Informed when making All Decisions. I AM Resourceful and Resilient as I progress towards Manifesting My Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal Opening Soul Vibe

On Saturday August 8, 2020 We Experienced the Lion’s Gate Portal Opening Cosmic Event. The flood of our I AM Presence has begun to pour out on all of humanity and can be received, fully and completely, without respect of person, position or placement. Embracing your I AM Presence activates your Individual Sovereignty, which is the beginning of transforming our Individual Realities into exactly what each of us envisions for ourselves, at the Highest Levels of our existence. Since July 28, 2020, many of us have been experiencing a myriad of Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Symptoms that have cause us to question our health and well being. Most have experience upsets of routine and irregular happenings, in our body’s and throughout our daily lives that have caused us to rethink exactly what it is that we each incarnated for. Shadow Work to release long held traumas and the inner healing of old wounds has been difficult, painful, scary and liberating, all at the same time. Fear of the unknown has paralyzed a few of us, causing a delay in this much needed SoulCore Level Healing Process. Seeking answers for the recent upheavals and searching for Clarity has been elusive for some and apparent for others while we trek towards Wholeness of Self and the Well Being of others. Self-Refinement is a violent process, as it takes intense HEAT to purge all impurities out of Our Souls in order to get to the Most Precious and Valuable Parts of Our Existence. The PURGE is Real and Necessary and VITAL and NO ONE is EXEMPT of this Cosmic Process when The Lion’s Gate Portal Opens. Being striped of our old ways of being, thinking, seeing and perceiving should signal a Time of Gratifying Change however many view this process with uncertainty and resist all forms of Constructive Renewal for the sake of staying Comfortably Dysfunctional. The Process of our Souls’ Ascension is designed to challenge each of us to not only step out of our Individual Comfort Zones, it requires us to start to view our lives and lifestyles from a position of Unencumbered Independence, as well as adopting a Revised Sense of Purpose. Refusing to confront our own negativity prolongs the process of Healing and lends to our feelings of despair. Recognizing where we have contributed to the malaise of society and consciously correcting those Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deeds promotes Individual Wellness and encourages Global Evolution. Becoming The CHANGE You Seek in Others will Manifest The CHANGE Others Seek in You, which is exactly what has to happen for society to awaken and ascend and evolve. There are no shortcuts available and this process will only be accomplished with Determined Boldness and Courageous Effort. Use this time to embrace and fortify your Individual Truth and Stand Up Tall In It, backing down for No One. Align Your Thoughts with Your Highest Good and begin to live the Life You Desire. Become accountable for your every thought, action, word and deed and Believe in the Very Best of You that awaits emergence. No One and No Thing, Outside of Yourself can change who you truly are and desire to be.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Stepping Into Your Emerging New Normal, As You Stand Up In Your Truth!

On Wednesday April 22, 2020 @ 7:25 PM PDT, we will experience The Most Powerful Taurus New Moon Exact Station Event. Creature Comforts of Pleasure, Home Life and How You Injoy the Material Things In and Of Life are the Themes of this Taurus New Moon. In The Midst of this Global Shift, this Taurus New Moons’ Energy will be filled with Rich and Fertile Groundbreaking (& Unexpected) Developments and you can expect to experience Major Shifts, Personally, as well as Social and Individual Shifts that Uproot Old Systems and Structures and Unstick STUCK Energy. The Time is NOW to Step Into Your Emerging New Normal with Eager Anticipation and Energized Ambition. Look at all that is Developing In Your Individual Reality and Make Fine Distinctions as to What You Give Your Energy To and Why. Now is the Time to Rise Above Procrastination and Soar Into Productivity. Now is the Time to Face Your Fears and Fight For Your Souls’ Privilege to Actively Pursue Your Highest Good Goals and Desires. Now is the Time To Consciously Invest Your Energy only into those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that Align with Your Mastered Self and Promote Harmony With and For Humanity. What You Feed, RIGHT NOW, Will Definitely Grow!

Financial Matters and Relationships will be Highlighted and Strongly Present, during this Taurus New Moon Phase and for the next 2 weeks or so. With the uncertainty of all that is happening, now is the Time to Get a Strong Grip on your Finances and a Clear and Definite Picture of Your Intimate and other Interpersonal Relationships. Now is the Time for You to Ground Yourself in Your Value and to Set Clear and Precise Boundaries concerning Your Time, Your Talents and Your Treasury! Look for the opportunities to elevate yourself Upward and take advantage of every Positive Offer, that will enhance your esteem and your estate. Now is the Time to Seek Out, Search For and Serve only those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that add exponential value to your current experience and that have promise for continued success. Now is the Time to Be Determined, Motivated, Inspired and Dedicated to Fulfill Your Life Purpose and Start Living Your Mastered Self Destiny. Now is the Time to Become the “YOU” You have always Desired to Be. It is not about who you were and where you have been-It is all about who you are becoming and where you are going!

Real Progress is yours for the taking, all you have to do is Plant Your Seeds of Success, in this Rich and Fertile Taurus New Moon Cosmic Ground that is upon us and get on with your portion of the Great Work which is commencing. Now is the Time to Ask Yourself, “What Do I Really Desire To Do and Who Do I Truly Desire To Be?” and your answers will come to you, some quietly and subtly and others Loud and Clear however will receive the Vital Answers and be given the Vital Directions to Manifest What is Buried Deep In Your Soul. Trust The Process, Believe in Your Purpose and Begin The Journey Towards TOTAL Fulfillment!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Reshaping Your Reality by Rebalancing Your Relationships and Shifting (Raising) Your Vibration!

On Tuesday April 7, 2020 @ 7:34 PM PDT, we experienced the Libra Pink Full Supermoon Exact Station Event. Libra Energy is all about RELATIONSHIPS! Libra Energy is all about BALANCE, EQUITY and HARMONY, In Relationships! All ImBalanced, UnEqual and Chaotic Association, Situation and Endeavor will come to a head and must be dealt with during this Libra Pink Full Supermoon Phase. Take some time out, RIGHT NOW, and Reflect on all that you have going on in your Reality and Release Every Unhealthy Element That Currently Weighs You Down and Keeps You From Being Who You Truly Are. RIGHT NOW, Start Reshaping Your Reality Into All That You Desire It To Be. Now is the time to DISLODGE Yourself from any Association, Situation or Endeavor, that is not in Perfect Cosmic Alignment with Your Mastered Self. Every ImBalanced Relationships, On Every Level and of Every Kind, will be brought to a head and dealt with, SWIFTLY, either by Solidifying or by Smashing. Every UnEqual Association, Situation and Endeavor will be brought into Perfect Balance, either by Extreme Compromise or by Complete Removal. Any Chaotic Association, Situation or Endeavors will be QUIETED, either by Reformation or by Removal! No Other Options Are Available, At This Time! We all have at least ONE THING that we know is Detrimental to our Ascension and Forward Progress. RELEASE IT and Replace It with Positive and Productive Action that lead You Closer To Your Desired Results.

Resetting Your Reality (Shifting (Raising) Your Vibration) is mandatory, in the current climate we each are faced with. Regardless of our Personal Associations, Situations and Endeavors, New Developments have caused each of us to reevaluate our current Ways and Means of Being, Living and Doing. Old Sure Things have suddenly become unreliable and forecasting the future is proving to be a crap-shoot, at best. By adopting a Consistent and Continuous Daily Spiritual Regime Of Visualization Meditation, Purposed Breath Work and Daily Affirmations, we align ourselves with Every Positive Cosmic Force, working for Our Good and we are equipping ourselves with the very best tools, practices and techniques, to Shift (Raising) Our Vibration and Maintain It. By ReProgramming The SoulCore Level (Activating Our Mastered Self), we each can find the Cosmic Balance Necessary for Constant Ascension. New Solutions to Old Problems Are Only Received After Clarity of Mind Is Achieved.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Intense ReSetting of Our Daily Lives & New Beginnings, In The Midst of The “SHIFT” into Our Emerging New Normal!

On The Cosmic Waves of The March 19, 2020 Spring Equinox, On March 24, 2020 @ 2:28 AM, PDT, we experienced The Aries New Moon Station Event. We just entered into a Cycle of Intense ReSetting of Our Daily Lives & New Beginnings, in The Midst of The “SHIFT” into Our Emerging “New” Normal! Currently, the Portal of Cosmic Change is Open For Business and willing to assist each of US, in the areas of our lives that are Stagnate, Stale, Stalled, Stuffy and STANKY, and in Desperate and Overdue NEED of Immediate and Permanent Change! Every Personal Association, Situation and Endeavor, that is no longer serving Our Highest Good, will come to a head, NOW and be DEALT WITH, NOW! Unpleasant as it may be, ALL Imbalanced Associations, Uncomfortable Situations and Valueless Endeavors WILL BE Reconciled and Removed, allowing those that remain to be brought into Perfect Alignment with Our Emerging “New” Normal. Now is the TIME to EMBRACE All Cosmic Change Energy, Wherever It Manifests In Our Lives. Now is the TIME to Trust Where You Are Going and to Forget Where You Have Been!

Aries Energy is Impulsive and Always Ready To Go. Aries Energy is Aggressive and Bossy. Aries Energy is Playful and Pushy. How each of US navigates through this Cycle determines How and What the Next 7-9 Years of Our Individual Lives will be like. Take some time and THINK about what you would really like to do WITH, Through and For, YOURSELF and just get started with it. Write that book, Design that website, Create that unique product and begin to market it, Become that Consultant, in your area of expertise, Start that Business, or whatever it is that you have been desiring to accomplish, and give it everything you have and Trust the Process. Start Right Where You Are, Right Now, With Everything You Have, Right Now and Believe in Yourself and Your Vision. What You Feed, Right Now, Will Definitely Grow. Your Success is Contingent Upon YOU Getting Your Ass In Gear! Now is not the TIME to Sit Back and Wait, Now is the TIME to Get Up and BE GREAT!

These Next Few Weeks and Months will be Times of Change, New Beginnings and Renewal. Long Standing Systems and Institutions Will Begin to Crumble as New Paradigms and Power Centers Begin to Take Effect. New Solutions to Old and Existing Problems Will Magickally Appear. Traditional Remedies Will Give Way To Holistic Healing and Harmonious Living. Our Priorities, Perceptions and Plans Must Change in order for US to Take Full Advantage of This Cycle. Who You Become Is Much More Important Than Who You Have Been! The Choice, As Always, Is Yours…

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Extremely Intense Transformations Comes After Extremely Intense Confrontations

On Sunday October 27, 2019 @ 8:38 PM PST we will experience the Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. During the 3.5 Day Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow, We each will have to deal with the Emotional Holds, Bonds and Attachments, that each of US currently has, that are really keeping each of US Physically Stagnated, Emotionally Frustrated and Mentally Spinning our Wheels, Gaining No Real or Tangible Traction At All. This Scorpio New Moon is all about Lifting The Individual Limitations, Once and For All and Embracing Your Emerging New Normal. During this Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow, Relationships of All Kinds and on All Levels will go through some sort of “Confrontation” that will Bring a Much Deeper Closeness. These Confrontations may not necessarily be hostile or heated, and Most will be long overdue. This Scorpio New Moon will bring out the Deepest Held Emotions we each are holding on to, pertaining to those certain Situations, Associations and Endeavors, in each of Our Individual Realities, that is in need of Final ReConciliation. Now is the Time to Recognize, Resolve and RELEASE Those Negative, Toxic and/or Manipulative Situations, Associations and Endeavors and to Revive, ReBOOT and RELAUNCH Those Positive, Healthy and Balanced Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Many of US will experience Emotionally Intense New Beginnings and others will experience Successful ReStarts of New Situations, Associations and Endeavors that recently began and that may be Sputtering Along and in NEED of a JumpSTART! Now is The Time to BE Very Mindful of Your Own Intentions and Desires and to TOTALLY Trust Your Own Intuition.

Where We Each Are Going Is Much Better Than Where We Each Have Been!

This Scorpio New Moon Phase and for the 13 Days that follow will give each of US many opportunities to “Get In Touch With Our Forgotten Feelings”. By Going To The Very Depth of Our Soul, we each will find those Forgotten Feelings & Fears that must BE ReCONCILED and RELEASED, Once and For All. By Going Through The process of ReConciliation, we each will BE able to Conquer Every Physical Limitation, Clear Away Every Unnecessary Emotional Burden and Clear Away All Mental Clutter that has been preventing each of US from Truly Living Our Best LIFE and BEING Our Best Self. Now is The Time for RELEASING All Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial or Sexual ATTACHMENTS that no longer serve Our Highest Good and are not a Contributing Part of Our Emerging New Normal. Honest Love Connections will Accelerate along Currently Developing Avenues and a Few of US will Experience “The ReTURN of Something Lost”. This ReTURN could BE in the form of a Lover, Friend, Business Opportunity or any other possible experience attached to a LOSS. Again, Stay Very Mindful of Your Own Intentions and Trust Your Own Intuition. Now is The Time to Embrace and Empower The “MAGICKAL” YOU! Now is The Time to Tap Into Your Power and Begin To ReMAKE Your Reality. Now is The Time To Transform Your Life Into Exactly What You Desire It To BE!



Make The “ONE” Decision That Will Alter Your Life Path—Choose Your Freedom or Repeat Your Patterned Fear(s)

Independence, Inspiration and Initiative are the Major Themes for this Aries Hunter Full Moon Exact Station Event, which we will experience on October 13, 2019 @ 2:07 PM PDT. During the entire 88 Hour Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and for 13 days after, Our Choices, Decisions and Our Well Thought Out Plans, regarding our Personal Freedom, Our Creative Motivation and Our Drive and Direct Efforts, will come up for Our Final Approval. This is a Very Ambitious Time for Each of US. What we each dive Head-First into will definitely set the tone for each of US, for the next 7-9 Years. Pay attention to Your Emerging New Normal and Make the Fine Distinctions and Decisions regarding those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are Present and that are Progressing or Beginning to Show Promise. Tremendous Growth Opportunities will BE available, for each of US, during this Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and the 13 days that follow. Now is the Time to Step Into The New, with Eagerness. Expand Yourself and Your Lifestyle and Take That Chance You Have Been Seriously Considering. Some of US will receive that Cash Influx we have Desperately Desired, while some of US will receive Other Considerations that will help US reach a Personal Milestone, Inspirational Summit or Motivational Peak. Now is the Time to BE Very WISE, especially with the Cash/Other Considerations we receive. Exercise Prudence and BE Absolutely Sure about every Choice, Decision and Plan that we make and align ourselves with. Now is the Time for Stripping Away the Excess and for Narrowing Our Focus. Now is the Time to Focus on the LIFE YOU DESIRE and to Close the Door and Walk Away from the LIFE YOU DESPISE!

Unique and Continuing Personal Transformation will force each of US to really examine our Motives and Intentions for BEING Who We Are and for DOING What We Do, during the entire Aries Hunter Full Moon Phase and the 13 days that follow. Each of US will come Face-To-Face with Our Clear and Present Reality. Now is the Time for a Raw and Honest Individual Reality Assessment. What we see and what we experience will show each of US those areas of Our Individual Realities that are Definitely No Longer Acceptable and it will be up to each of US to make some Hard Fear vs Freedom Choices. Stagnate Situations, Abhorrent Associations and Eschewed Endeavors Must BE eliminated from Our Individual Realities and replaced with Sterling Situations, Admirable Associations and Excellent Endeavors. By Reaching Down into the Stanky Parts of Our Souls, we can find the Courage and Commitment to Clean Up Our Realities in order to Move Forward, Positively and Progressively. Now is the Time to Release Our Every Emotional Hang-Up that keeps US Stuck and Frustrated. Now is the Time to Conquer Our Every Physical Bad Habits that Sabotage Our Motivation. Now is the Time to Control Our Minds and Thoughts and to Put Our Individual Plans into Positive and Progressive Motion. Now is the Time to Reach For What We Really Want, RIGHT NOW and to Walk Away From What We Won’t, ANYMORE!

The LIFE and LIFESTYLE We Truly Desire Is ONE Decision Away!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!