Extreme Transformations, Shifting Landscapes and Sudden Soul Connections

Shake-Ups and Shifts within Our Situations, Break-Ups and Breakthroughs within Our Associations and Transformational Turning POINTS, in Our Endeavors and Our Daily Lives, will BE highlighted, for 88 Hours, when we experience the Pisces Harvest Full Moon Exact Station Event, on September 13, 2019 @ 9:32 PM PDT. With the Pisces Flood of Emotional Intensity, the Energy of this Pisces Harvest Full Moon Phase will Extreme, Intense and slightly Overwhelming, for those that are still in the “Considering” Phase of any Decision that has to be made. Many of US are either standing at or racing towards a Crossroads. The Choices and Decisions we each make will determine Who’s In and Who’s Out, along with the Where’s, How’s and Why’s “WE DO What WE DO”, that each of US will BE experiencing over the next 7-9 Years. The Road or Path We Each choose will BE determined by the amount of Growth vs. Fear we each are experiencing, at this current time. Growth will lead US to the New and Better, while Fear will paralyze US into repeating another cycle of Frustration, Stagnation and Depression. Now is the TIME to take that Risk that you know will Change the Trajectory of Your Current Path and Trust the ENTIRE Process, Start to Finish. Now is the TIME to Heal from all of the Hurt and HEAD Into Your Emerging New Normal, with Confidence, Commitment and Clarity. Now is the TIME to Stand UP In Your POWER and to Stand UP In Your Truth.

Opportunities for Extreme Transformation will find each of US, during the 88-Hour Pisces Harvest Full Moon Phase and for the 13 days that follow. Pay attention to the areas of your Current Reality that are Expanding and give your Focused Thought Energy and Productive Effort Energy to those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that Encourage YOU to Move Forward and that Motivate YOU to Reach Deep Inside for the Strength to Continue to Create the Reality You Deserve and Desire. Shifts in the Structure of Our Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors will BE a Constant Theme, for the 88-Hour Pisces Harvest Full Moon Phase, with every interpersonal conversation being Emotionally Charged and Energetically Intense. The Feeling of Walking on the Sliding Landscape will BE Ever Present and Ever ANNOYING! Extreme Transformation is Like This! Resisting this Type of Extreme Transformation will not prevent it from happening, it will only make getting through it that much more difficult. Wherever Extreme Transformation shows up in Your Reality, Run Towards and EMBRACE IT, just as you would upon seeing a long-thought-lost relative or dear friend. The End Result of Our Individual Transformation will prove to BE much more valuable to each of US as we Ascend towards Realizing and Manifesting Our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits.

Sudden and Significant Soul Connections will continue to happen, for each of US, during the 88-Hour Pisces Harvest Full Moon Phase and for the 13 days that follow. Expect New Soul Connection Situations, Associations and Endeavors to show up, in your Emerging New Normal. Regardless of the nature of these New Soul Connections, each one will have a heavy dose of Fate and Karma surrounding it or them. Embrace, Explore and Empower Each New Soul Connection that Aligns with Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits and Allow for the Natural Progression of the New Soul Connection Situation, Association or Endeavor to take place and to Take Each of US to New Places of Expansion and Experience. Where Each of US is Going is Much Greater Than Where Each of US Have Ever Been. Now is the TIME to Trust Your Intuition and INJOY The Ride!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Efficient Production Maximizes Results

Maximum productivity starts with you being and living at your Maximum Efficiency. Mastering ones’ efficiency starts with recognizing and enriching and encouraging your strengths and limiting your exposure to things that are negative and toxic and drain on your energy. Passionately pursue those positive outlets and maximize those opportunities that present themselves, as a result. Persistently search for and align with Equal Exchange of Energy Situations, Associations and Endeavors, as these will add value to your journey and provide an energy balance, which is a Soul Booster. Analyze every process in your daily life and look for the gaps of time that are not lining up with your Highest Good and fill them with positive and progressive action steps towards manifesting your Highest Good Goals and Desires. Eliminate wasteful appetites that add anything unwanted to you or causes an interruption to your lifestyle and embrace the realness of who you truly desire to be and positively progress towards your goals, efficiently.


I AM Recognizing and Encouraging My Strengths. I AM consistently aligning with Equal Exchange of Energy Situations, Associations and Endeavors. I AM BEING and Living at My Maximum Productive Efficiency. I AM Positive and Progressive in My Action Steps Towards Manifesting My Highest Good Goals and Desires.

Decisions and Discussions, Transformation & Unexpected Change for The Greater Good

With all of the Solar and Cosmic Energy Surges we have been under these past few days, on the back of a Most Powerful Aquarius “GREEN” Full Moon we experienced on August 15, 2019, we are in for one HELLUVA Ride as we experience the Virgo “BLACK” New SuperMoon Exact Station Event on August 30, 2019 @ 3:37 AM PDT. This New Moon will be the closest to Earth of any New Moon, all year, and it packs Much Punch and Power. New Love, New Money and New Health Situations, Associations and Endeavors will be prevalent and regardless of the status of your Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors, we each will come to a Major Crossroads that we must make a CHOICE about which Road will be the Path we will travel on for the next 7-9 Years, on one or all levels of Our Current Reality. Every Stale Situation, Every Stagnate Association and Stalled Endeavor will BE Stirred and Stimulated, during this New Moon Phase and we each will come face to face with making tough yet necessary Decisions and have Serious Discussions, concerning each one of these that is present in Our Emerging New Normal. Wherever there is STASIS, in our Lives, will come up and will have to be dealt with and decided upon, once and finally for all. The Power, Ability and Courage to Transform Our Realities by making that Tough Decision and by having that Tough Discussion, is abundantly available, to each of US, during this 3.5 Days New Moon Phase. We will each either Empower Our Fear(s) or Embrace Our Future. The Choice, as always, is for Each of US to Make! CHOOSE & DECIDE VERY WISELY!

Now is the TIME to Act on the CHANGE that each of US seeks and has right in front of US. There is SOMETHING, SOMEONE or SOME Opportunity that each of US has been wavering on and contemplating, some for months, others for years. Now is the TIME to Aggressively ACT Upon That CHANCE Situation, Association or Endeavor, that we sense and feel is aligning with our Highest Good and will tangibly contribute to our Individual Awakening, Expansion and Ascension. Right NOW, start to SOW Deep Seeds of Deliberate Intent, concerning the Change each seeks and concerning every Highest Good Goal, Desire and Active Pursuit that is producing effective results, currently in your Emerging New Normal. During this 3.5 Day New Moon Phase, we each have the opportunity to ReSET and ReBOOT our Entire Existence. Whatever is not currently working or running smooth in our Reality, RELEASE IT with confidence and quiet assurance that the New Path is less cluttered with extra drama and adversity. By fully embracing the Individual Transformation that this New Moon Phase is demanding, we each will make the necessary steps towards fulfilling our Purpose and Living Our Best and Greatest Lives and Lifestyles. We can no longer Live IN or Off of the Past. What is Done is Done and What will BE, Will BE! What Will BE is much more fulfilling than What is Done! We can either Fuel Our Fears or Fuel Our Futures, however we can only Fuel ONE. What You Fuel Will Definitely Grow!

Unexpected Change, of Perspective and/or Experience, for Our Highest Good will definitely take place, sometime during the next 16 days after this New Moon Exact Station Event. By it being unexpected, there is very little each of US can do to resist the Changes that will happen to each of us these next 16 Days. Have the Courage and Will to Embrace whatever Change (Unexpected and/or Secretly Desired) that manifests into Your Emerging New Normal and the Determination to Level-UP, in every critical area of your Current Life Experience or get left behind in the Repeat Cycle of Existence. Begin to Actively Participate in the What IS and What Will BE and release the Past and Embrace The Present, in the best interest of Yourself and those that are in your Intimate Circle. Where we are going is much more important than where we have been. Your Mastered Self Life and Lifestyle is One Unexpected Change, EMBRACED & EMPOWERED, Away!

How Each of US navigates through this 3.5 Day New Moon Phase will determine the Destinations and Discoveries each of US will experience for the rest of our lives. Make sure that the Situations, Associations and Endeavors that make it into Monday are the Absolute ONES you want to be connected to for the next 7-9 Years, if not longer.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Expansion of My Services Announcement

With Great Gratitude and Excitement, I AM Proudly announcing the Expansion of My Services. Starting Monday August 26, 2019, Here at Hacked By Nature, located at 4170 S. Decatur Blvd Suite D6, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103. Hours of Operation are: Mon-Tue and Thur-Fri from 11:00 AM-7:00 PM, PDT. I will BE offering the following services:

Chakra Vibrational Alignment and Balancing Tuning Session, Soul and Karma Readings, SoulMate/SoulMatch & Other Relationship Readings and Planetary Period “Spot” Readings. I have other Reading Services that are available once an initial assessment has been made and a course of action is needed. I will also start offering my Tuesday Classes at 1:00 PM and again at 6:00 PM, in order to make the classes available to those that cannot attend the earlier class.

I truly appreciate everyone that has been a part of this happening, with Special Thanks, Gratitude and Appreciation to Ashley K. Shift-Owner of Hacked By Nature. Thank YOU for allowing ME space to Operate!

For More Information please send your email inquiries to: awakenings@iamascensions.com

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Out From the SHADOWS and Into The Light—Revelations, Declarations and CLARITY!

This morning @ 5:29 AM PDT, we experienced the Powerful Aquarius “GREEN” Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Full Moon is all about Celebrating our Positive and Prosperous Situations, Associations and Endeavors that are currently present and flourishing (or beginning to flourish) in our Individual Realities and that are aligning with our Emerging New Normal. Take some time, TODAY, in Focused Thought and in Gratitude and acknowledge each Positive and Prosperous Situation, Association and Endeavor that is genuinely and tangibly contributing to Your Awakening, Expansion and Ascension. NO OTHER SITUATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS OR ENDEAVORS SHOULD MATTER!

Today and for the foreseeable future, Hidden Truths, Love Secrets and Silent Desires (Our Own and those concerning US from others) will be Revealed and Brought Out Into The Open and DEALT WITH! IN and ON Every Level of Our Current Reality, What has been long kept in the Shadows, NOW must come into the Light of Full Awareness. Acknowledging, Excepting and Revealing these Truths, Secrets and Desires will Empower each of US to fully Live, Speak and BE Our Truth, Once and For All! Out of NoWhere Personal Epiphanies and Unexpected Declarations (Our Own and those concerning US from others) will come quickly and may come in bunches. Flow with each with Ease and Grace and seek refuge in the Clear and Calm Mind that each is currently operating with, thanks to the Cosmic Gift this Full Moon gave US. Right NOW, each of US has the ability to Read Others’ Energy, with accuracy and detail, as well as having Enhanced Intuition, which will aid US in our Decision-Making Processes. It is vitally important that each of US, totally and completely, TRUSTS OUR INTUITION AND ENERGY READS! Unnecessary and Misaligning Situations, Associations and Endeavors will delay our progress and has the potential to derail US, altogether.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Unexpected Twists of Fate Opening New Doors of Opportunity-Uranus Retrograde/Jupiter Direct Lion’s GATE Portal Closing

Since Early April 2019, many of us have been through the most Expansive and UNCOMFORTALBE Spiritual Growth Spurt of our current incarnation. Every FEAR (Real, Imagined and SELF-IMPOSED), Detour, Obstacle, Delay, Distraction, Obstruction, Blockage that was/is currently on and in Our Path has been forced upon each of US, and presented a few opportunities to CONFRONT and CONQUER Every Painful and Hard TRUTH we each currently have to FACE UP TO. Battling Spiritual Malaise and the “Feelings of Being Stuck” (Real, Imagined and SELF-IMPOSED) took most of us to States and Places of THE Extremes, Moody, Irritable and The Like, and caused many of US to question not only our recent decisions and current directions, it caused many of US to question Our Soul (Life) Purpose. The Spiritual, Mental and Emotional WORK & Physical Effort (Or Lack Thereof) that each of US put into Our Genuine Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Healing and Growth is NOW Quite Evident and the Results Are Starting to Manifest into Your Emerging Reality. What each of US has been Awakened To should BE What each of US should consistently FEED. What You Feed Will Definitely Grow, NOW and for the next 5 months!

Uranus Stations Retrograde, TODAY, and for the next 5 months, we can expect Many Unexpected Twists of Fate and Extreme Reversals of Fortune, on each Level of our Existence. What was once appearing way out of our reach is actually closer to US than we think and what may have been a SURE THING may now not even be Possible. Previously Closed Doors may suddenly Spring WIDE Open for each of US or A Previous Definite “NO” may suddenly Become A Stable and Secure “YES”. Unexpected Karmic PAYBACKS and Returns will be a Major Theme, for the next 5 months. Seemingly, and From Out of NOWHERE, each of US will be on the receiving end of a few Unexpected Karmic Paybacks and Returns. KARMA IS NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD; KARMA JUST “IS”. Each of US is sure to receive all that we have put out and how we perceive the Karmic Payback and Return determines the “KIND” of KARMA it is. Who, How & Why WE have been, to ourselves and to others, will determine How we Perceive and Experience these Karmic Paybacks and Returns. That is just how it goes with Uranus Stationing Retrograde. Jupiter also Stations Direct, Today, and for the next 5 months, Good Fortune, Abundance and Significant Turning Points will also be a Major Theme. We each can expect to receive many communications filled with Exciting News about New Doors Opening and New Opportunities Becoming Available. These next 5 months is a Time when we each can be assured that the Favorable Outcome each has been Actively Pursuing will Definitely Manifest into Your Emerging Reality. Focus Your ENTIRE Thought Energy and Intentional Action Energy to Manifesting Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that are Encouraging Your Awakening, Expansion and Ascension and THAT ARE Tangibly and Materially Effecting You, In Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Intellectually, Financially and Inter-Personally Ways and Means. BE ON THE CONSTANT LOOKOUT: The Cosmic AIR is and will be filled with Financial Windfalls and Abundance. More than a few of US will be on the receiving end of one or more Financial Windfalls, between NOW and the End of August 2019. Significant Turning Points will be experienced and Directional Course Corrections will take place for those that are Ready for these Vibrational Shifts. That is just how it goes with Jupiter Stationing Direct.

The Lion’s GATE Portal is Closing sometime within the next 34 Hours. Use this time to Review, Revise and Renew All Associations, Situations and Endeavors that are Encouraging Your Awakening, Expansion and Ascension and THAT ARE Tangibly and Materially Effecting You, In Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Intellectually, Financially and Inter-Personally Ways and Means. With a Clear and CALM Mind, Focus Your ENTIRE Thought Energy on Manifesting Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits, with the Cosmic Confidence that All is Returning as Intended. With Just a Few More Deliberate and Intentional Steps, We Each Will Realize That one or more of our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits is Manifesting in our Emerging Reality!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Goal Manifestation & Purposed Soul Connections and The POWER of 88—Higher Realm Portal Opening Experience is Upon US!

Solar Shockwaves continue to effect the Ways and Means of How we live our daily lives. Transformational Turmoil is subsiding yet we still must breakthrough in order to realize what is right in front of us. Tensions relieved and flaring again, while GROWTH is the ever elusive target for all the things we prefer to dislike about our existence however do nothing to change or correct or break the pattern. Effective Change is upon us and Positive Growth can be accessed as the Lion’s Gate Swings WIDE Open on 8/8. The Cosmic Pull has already begun and most of us have had our sleep patterns interrupted, others have experienced energy fluctuations that manifest as hot flashes or something crawling up your spine/skin and some have experienced a little bit of both. Whatever your experience KNOW THIS: All is well and getting ready to BE Much Better, Much Better Indeed and In Deeds! The PUSH that you feel is coming from Source and that PUSH is in the right direction. Now that the dust has settled after the July Eclipse Seasonal Fallout, NOW is the time to get absolutely CLEAR on Your Whats’ and Whys’ as this Portal Opening will unleash Tremendous Amounts of “Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits” Manifesting Energy. Focus Your ENTIRE Thought Energy and Your ENTIRE Productive Energy only on those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that are aligning with Your Highest Good and that are Tangibly and Materially Contributing to Your Spiritual Awakening, Financial Expansion and Souls’ Ascension. Use the Cosmic Momentum of the Portal Opening Push to Aggressively Put Yourself Out There and To Become The CAUSE You Incarnated To BE! Seize Every “Highest Good Aligning” Opportunity and Rise and Shine and SOAR towards Your Desired Results With Complete Confidence! NOTHING ELSE TRULY MATTERS!

With this Cosmic Energy Free-Flowing and in Full Effect, there will be more than a few Purposed Soul Connections that will manifest in a few different ways. We are at a time when Soul Source Energy is focused on those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that are Supposed to happen and Fate and Karma are Big Players in all that is currently going on , in our daily lives. Some will connect with that job that you have always wanted, while another may receive venture capital to start that business endeavor you always dreamed of. Some may “GET” that secret desire that only you know about while others may receive a very public kind of happening that changes the trajectory of your entire life. Everything is possible and anything could happen. Trust Your Soul and Follow Your Intuition and make every Purposed Soul Connection that are aligning with Your Highest Good and that can Tangibly and Materially Contribute to Your Spiritual Awakening, Financial Expansion and Souls’ Ascension. Choices, Decisions and Connections made will BE a Major Part of Your Reality for the next 7-9 years. Seek and Secure The Clear MIND and The Calm MIND, And From Those States and Places, Make Every Choice, Decision and Connection Count! NOTHING ELSE TRULY MATTERS!


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

What YOU Feed Your MIND, Will Grow!

Train Your Mind to FOCUS. Being able to focus on a thought is vitally important. One must BE able to hold a Focused Thought for increasingly prolonged periods in order to infuse that Thought with the Cosmic Soul Energy necessary for activating the Manifestation Process. Focused Thinking is not a one-time deal. One MUST condition the Mind to filter out all unnecessary Chatter with a daily practice of Master Breath Work, Mind Empowering Meditation and Creative Visualization. Build up Your MIND with your Mastered Self Creative Visualizations, in and from Your Own MIND and Practice Clearing the Clutter by focusing in on Your Highest Good Goals & Desires, for as long as you can. PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE, SOME MORE! It will take serious commitment and dedicated efforts and the rewards will become Evident.

Allow yourself at least 11 days of committed practice and trust the process. The Longer One Can Hold Their Creative Visualizations, The Greater the Accumulation & Infusion of Cosmic Soul Energy for the particular thought. Start out not even keeping time until you get the hang of it, then Strive for 7 minutes of Focused Thought for Maximum Manifesting Effect.


I AM Training My Mind to Focus. I AM learning how to filter out unnecessary Chatter from My Mind. I AM Seriously Committed to the Daily Practice of Master Breath Work, Mind Empowering Exercises & Creative Visualization Meditation. I AM Trusting The Process!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US!

On July 31, 2019 @ 8:11 PM PDT, we will experience the Leo “BLACK” Super Moon Exact Station Event. Seven (7) minutes later, Mercury Stations Direct, as well. While we will still have Six (6) Planets in Retrograde, Mercury Stationing Direct signals the time for a smoothing out of communications and overstanding and of clarity of vision and thought. This is the End of Eclipse Season and the past 29 days have been a Real Emotional Rollercoaster of a Ride, for most of us. The areas of the Emotionality that flared are the areas where we each needed to Re-DEFINE or Establish Some Boundaries, which I AM sure most did. The Vibe of the season calls for that. No ONE was EXEMPT! Somehow, Someway we all went through SOMETHING, on some level. All of the Drama and Trauma that each of us experienced was for our Highest Good. Some have been Stretched out further than Ever before while others were Pushed all the Way to the Absolute Edge. BREATHE. BREATHE, Again. We Made it Through and NOW we are prepared to step into the Next NEW Phase of our Current Reality! The Doorway into Your Next NEW Phase is opening and it leads to the Gateway of Your Emerging New Normal. What each of us is stepping into is an entire New Way of Living and Being. These Next 88 Days can set the tone for the Rest of Your Incarnation and What We Have Set Into Motion IS Coming Back To Greet Us, Right Now. Cultivate those emerging situations, associations and endeavors that are aligning with your Mastered Self and that are adding Tangible Value to your Awakening, Ascensions and Spiritual Lifestyle. Effective Communication and Aggressive Promotion are the Keys and Ways to Accelerated Progress, along your Chosen Path of Self-Sustenance. Put Yourself Out There and Rise and Shine and begin to S.O.A.R.! Aggressively Advance Your Cause, Business, Endeavor by Empowering Yourself with Confident, Courage and Commitment. Push Through Procrastination with Positivity and your desired results will begin to Manifest. Smash Through Stagnation by Standing UP in Your Truth and the Stability it Affords You.

Next NEW Phase Breakthrough’s Are Upon US—What Will YOU Do?

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Manifesting Monday Focused Thought 11-Day Affirmation Soul Vibe

Promote Your Purpose, POSITIVELY!

Promote Your Purpose, POSITIVELY by Surrounding yourself with Progressively Positive Situations, Associations and Endeavors. Gravitate towards those situations, associations and endeavors that truly resonate with your Soul and Align with your Mastered Self and your Highest Good Goals and Desires. Make continuing connections with the Progressive Situations that Promote Positivity, with the Positive Associations that encourage Progressive Growth and with the Progressive Endeavors that Positively Promote Your Purpose. Become impassioned and driven to make the important connections count, and count for something tremendously prosperous. Examine all your situations, associations and endeavors and invest in those that pull you towards tangibly manifesting your own goals. Embrace your greatness and begin the steady march towards goal manifestation with confidence and clarity. Find the Winners in your field and begin to follow them closely and incorporate the practices and techniques that advance you and your situations, associations and endeavors progressively and positively forward.

AFFIRMATION: 3 Times a Day for 11 Days

I AM Promoting My Purpose, POSITIVELY. I AM surrounding myself and gravitating towards Progressively Positive Situations, Associations and Endeavors. I AM making continuing connections with Progressive Situations, Associations and Endeavors that Promote Positivity. I AM Embracing My Greatness. I AM Incorporating Winner Techniques and Practices that Advance Me and My Situations, Associations and Endeavors Progressively and Positively Forward.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!