December 21, 2020 Winter Soulstice Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

We have been building up to this since Monday December 14, 2020 @ 8:13 AM PST when we experienced the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Event and then just 3 minutes later, @ 8:16 AM PST, when we experienced the Sagittarius New Moon Exact Station Event. Add in Saturn’s Re-Entry into Aquarius on December 14, 2020, where it will stay until March 7, 2023 and Chiron’s Direct Station Event into Aries on Wednesday December 16, 2020 and we can see and feel the effects of the Shadow Work, Releasing and Healing that has taken place, personally and collectively. TODAY, December 21, 2020 @ 10:22 AM PST The New Age, New Era and New Epoch of Aquarius is COSMICALLY-OFFICIALLY upon US and the Structures, Systems and Societal General Attitudes and Beliefs are in for a Radical Upgrade, ReBOOT and RollOUT! Subtle Shifts in Awareness bring on Significant Shifts in Consciousness. Changes in our personal philosophies has been upfront and center, where Truth and Deception are concerned. The LIES that have been repeatedly told are not being accepted and the New Story is still being determined. New Paradigm Thinking calls for New Attitudes, New Aspirations and New Incentives that promote EQUITY, FAIRNESS, TRUTH, LOGIC and COMMON SENSE. Where We Go and GROW From Here Is Much Better Than Where We Have Been! Many of US are being strongly drawn to the things that give each of US a real sense of FREEDOM and LIBERTY! What Frees the Soul is going to be what each of US gravitates towards, going forward. Restrictions, Limitations and Doubt, brought on by Fear-Based Thinking, Believing and Living, will no longer be the Order of the Day. What Motivates each of US towards our Individual Greatness will take on more meaning in the days and weeks that follow. Use Today’s Portal Energy to Set Your Highest, Brightest and BIGGEST Deliberate Intentions towards Manifesting Your Mastered Self Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits! Use Today’s Portal Energy to ReBOOT Your Life and Upgrade Your Lifestyle by tapping into the Frequency of Optimism, Ambition and Action. Use Today’s Portal Energy to Chart A New Course and to Set A New Plan Into Motion for Authentic Inspiration, Motivation and Production! Use Today’s Portal Energy to Awaken to a New Way of Thinking and Believing, to Ascend up into a New Level of Inter-Personal Relating and to Expand into New Ways and Means of Living and Being! Passion, Activity, Optimism and The Way Energy Moves will color our every decision while also pointing each of US towards those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that ONLY Align With Your Ascending and Expanding Soul, that ONLY Serve Your Highest Good and That ONLY Tangibly and Significantly Effect Your Material Existence. Use Today’s Portal Energy to Close The Book on 2020 and all that is WAS and WAS NOT and to Start 2021 with Confidence, Commitment and Quiet Assurance that all is going to work out in your favor!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

November 30, 2020 Gemini Full Moon Soul Vibe

On November 30, 2020 @ 1:29 AM PST, we experienced the Gemini Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse Direct Station Event. The Vibe of this Event is centered around how we each interpret, communicate and share knowledge, along with What is Concealed and How it is Revealed, Individually and Collectively. Gemini Energy is Fast-Paced and All Over the Place and Comes At US Like A Rushing Wave. Eclipses tend to hide some things and reveal others and they always bring us to a Pivotal Point, and can have US a little groggy, so be Mindful of this for the next 3 days when making decisions. Now is the Time for the Great Mystical Revealing of the Concealed. Whatever has been personally held back, hidden or deceitfully Concealed, purposefully and otherwise, will be Revealed, in a Major Way. On Our way to the Intersection of Fate and Karma, we each will have to make critical life decisions based upon information that is coming at each of US, at a faster than normal pace. How we receive and then communicate the Facts of the information is very important. Distorted Information, Half-truth’s and Out Right Lies will be Exposed and ONLY The Detailed Facts of The Matter will be able to Stand. Now is the TIME for Releasing Every Toxic, Negative or Dysfunctional Personal Association, Situation and Endeavor, along with Releasing ALL Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial and Sexual “EXCESS BAGGAGE”. Now is the TIME to Release All Expectations ( Spoken & UnSpoken) that many of US have for others, as they are the Doors to most of our Personal Disappointments. Individually and Collectively, we are approaching The Karmic Crossroads, with Significant Fated Crosswinds clearing the way for a New Era, A New Paradigm and A New Age! Many of US will come to a Pivot Point and we must not allow any FEAR to prevent US from Stepping Up, Into The Liberty and Freedom of Expansive Living. Now is the TIME to Set New Patterns of Living and Being, for Setting New Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits to Manifest and for Establishing New Appetites, Attitudes and Aspirations that will provide you with the Life and Lifestyle You Deserve. We are entering a Potent Energy Portal that can be essential in transitioning from the Old into the New. Use this Time and Energy to Transform Every Aspect of Your Entire Existence. Eliminate ALL Fear, Doubt, Procrastination and Laziness from your life, immediately and permanently, and Replace them with Courage, Belief, Motivation and Productivity! Start with your most basic of needs, wants and desire and then EXPAND Outward. Start Right Where You Are At and Start Right NOW! Take that one idea and plant it in Prosperous Ground and Get Busy with the work that always follows any planting and watch it grow. Strive to BE More Authentic, Each and Every Day, in Every Deliberate and Intentional Thought, Action, Word and Deed and Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Assurance while you Repair Your Esteem, For Self and From Others! The Authentic YOU is the Very Best Version of You There Is. You have to travel a very bumpy Path on the Way to Authenticity, a Physical Obstacle Course and Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Gauntlet, however if you Keep It Positive and Keep It Pushing, You Will Arrive At Your Most Desired Destination. NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW, WHERE YOU ARE GOING IS MUCH BETTER THAN WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

November 14, 2020 Scorpio New Moon Soul Vibe

Saturday November 14, 2020 @ 9:07 PM PST, we experienced the Scorpio New Moon Exact Station Event. On the heels of Mars Direct Station Event on November 13, 2020, after 2.5 months of Retrograde Motion, this Scorpio New Moon is packed with Intense and Passionate New Beginnings Energy, Emotional and Physical Transformations Energy and Move Productively Forward with Positive Motivation Energy. Taking everything into consideration concerning the current Social Climate, we are at a Cosmic Crossroads and Societal Turning Point, turning the corner of Truth, Honesty and Integrity. Where we go and Grow, from this point, will be determined by how serious each of us is about Equity, Fairness, Liberty and Justice, first to and for ourselves, individually and then for Society and Humanity, collectively. This Scorpio New Moon will expose our Individual Behaviors, Philosophies and Belief Systems, exaggerating the Benefits, Flaws and Faults, for each of us to examine and make the necessary individual and collective changes in order to Align with the Cosmic Energy of Individual Transformation, Inter-Personal Reconciliation and Human Equality. Swift and Crushing Karma comes to those of us that fail to Align with this Comic Energy. The Energy of this Scorpio New Moon is Full of Optimism for a Better Future and gives each of us access to resources to assist us in Manifesting Our Mastered Self Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Now is the TIME for each of us to Lead with Our Values Up Front. Take the First Steps Toward Your Liberty, Bliss and Peace by making it a point to never reduce your value for the sake of fitting in or for getting along. Step Away from all of the Negative, Toxic and Corrosive GroupThink Rhetoric and make a Personal Choice to Self-Determine and Self-Validate Your Own Directions, Destinations and Decisions. Manifest Justice, Personally, One Associations, Situation and Endeavor, At A Time. Confront Those Dysfunctional Relationship Undercurrents that obstruct your progress and remove all Negative, Toxic and Low-Level Vibrational Associations, Situations and Endeavors that rob each of us of our Time, Talent and Treasury and Focus Only On What You Can Change, Control or Construct, Personally. Take some time to Celebrate The Small Victories and Successes that we each have achieved, and steady yourself for the tremendous journey we are all embarking upon. Start That Online Business, Write That Book, Develop That App, Apply For That Promotion, Paint That Portrait, Sing That Song, Lose That Weight, Manifest That New Transportation, Enroll In That Course, Solidify That Relationship, Invent That Gadget and Do Any Other THAT that needs to be done, with Intense passion, Conviction and Commitment and Trust The Entire Process of Manifestation. Start Today and You Will Be One Day Closer to Actualizing Your Goal. Now Is The Time To Stop Talking About “IT” and To Start Being About “IT”. What You Plant and Feed, Will Definitely Grow! Take Ownership of Your Own Attitudes and Responsibility for Your Actions and Start Happening To LIFE Instead Of Allowing Life To Happen To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

October 16, 2020 Libra New Moon Soul Vibe

On Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 6:05 PM PDT, we experienced Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Exact Station Event. Mercury Retrograde (Until November 3, 2020) always signals a time of Review, Revise and Release and this time we are in for a Scorpion Type Intensity (+/- 16 Days) regarding the Situations, Associations and Endeavors we have to either Review, Revise or Release. On Friday October 16, 2020 at 12:31PM PDT, we experienced the Libra New Moon Exact Station Event. Balance, Harmony, Equality and Fairness are all Libra Themes. This Libra New Moon is All About New Beginnings in the Midst of Old Endings! Old Situations, Associations and Endeavors are coming to an end and New Situations, Associations and Endeavors are Beginning ANEW! Navigating through the Chaotically Intense Waters towards these New Beginnings and away from those Old Endings can be either Liberating or Limiting, with each one of US getting to decide which Water Way to FLOW With. As we Review Our Current Situations, Associations and Endeavors, we must decide which ones are New and Beginning and which ones are Old and Ending, and by making the Positive and Profitable Revision Decisions to the New Beginnings and by making the Self-Healing and Wholeness Releasing Decisions of the Old Endings, we will acquire Emotional Balance Within Our Individual Realities and Emotional Harmony Without Our Individual Realities. What You End NOW Will End Forever and What You Start Now Will Be Around for the Next 7-9 Years, so be Very Specific, I Mean Right Down to the Very Details, Specific, with your choices of Intentional Affirmations and in your Every Thought-Out Decision. What You Set Into Motion SHALL Come Back and Greet You. New Ways and Means of Living, Being and Becoming Our Truth draws each of US towards realizing Our Life Purpose and beginning to BE Our Purpose, instead of just Live It. By Living Your Truth, you transcend the mundaneness of Low-Level Vibratory Activities. By Being Your Truth, you operate only as your Authentic Self, no games and and no gimmicks. By Becoming Your Truth, you penetrate the veil of hypocrisy and BECOME The Rock of Liberty, Peace, Strength and Bliss, you long to experience. Your Individual Cosmic ReBOOT is Here! Embrace New Ways of Thinking and Communicating Those New Thoughts by Revising Your Perspective on those things outside of your control and releasing all things that have no direct effect on your sustenance, sufficiency and/or survival. Conduct a Thorough Review of Every Situation, Association and Endeavor and Every Thought, Action and Belief, currently in your Individual Reality and Absolutely Release everything that is Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and/or Sexually Toxic, Negative, Unbalanced, Draining and or in any other way, Detrimental to Your Spiritual Wholeness, Physical Wellness and Overall Success. Break The Cycles of Fear and Doubt and The Patterns of Procrastination and Malaise with Daily Affirmations of Power, On Purpose Breathing, Creative Visualization Meditation and Mind Empowering Exercises and start making Better Life Decision, from Better Life Choices and Options, while experiencing the Better Lifestyle You Thristfully Seek. For Every Old Ending There Is A New Beginning, So Make Every New Beginning Your Very Best Ever. Where You Go From Here Is Totally Up To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

October 1, 2020 Aries Harvest Full Moon Soul Vibe

On September 29, 2020 we experienced Saturn Direct Station Event. Saturn had been Retrograde since May 11, 2020 and all of us experienced the effects of this Major Planet Retrograde. While in the midst of effects of the lockdown, Saturn, The TaskMaster Planet of our Life Lessons, Our Work and other Vocational Toils and Our KARMA reversed it’s course and threw a wrench into Our Highest Good Plans, Projects and Productions. Now that Saturn has turned Direct, we each can get back to those Highest Good Plans, Projects and Productions that have been stalled or on the back burner since early May 2020. On October 1, 2020 at 2:05 PM PDT, we experienced the Aries Harvest Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Aries Harvest Full Moon is packed with Tremendous “Move Forward Momentum” and serves as an Energetic Portal Opening for each of US to Ascend Up Through and use as our Cosmic Fuel to Boldly walk away from the Outdated Mentalities and Emotionality Obstacles that have held US back and at bay from truly Living Our Best Lives. While many people may be showing and expressing their Inner Rage, now is the time for Cleansing and Purifying Our Inner Anger and for Transmuting that Anger into Positive and Productive Outlets of Expression and Action. As Saturn picks up speed and as we navigate through this Aries Harvest Full Moon Open Portal, being Purposeful and Conscious with our Intentions and Motivations gives US extra inspiration and ambition to reach for and obtain our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. By taking the Path that others are afraid to take, we can exalt ourselves ahead of the masses in terms of making tangible strides towards realizing Our True Purpose and putting our Untapped Potential to work for US, Practically and Profitably. Becoming Purposeful in Our Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deeds will lead US towards materializing our Biggest Desires, regardless of how far away from them we each may be. Now is the time to Think Before You Act and THEN ACT, Aggressively and Ambitiously and the Manifesting Results will begin to Tangibly Effect Your Individual Reality in the Most Profound and Precise Ways. These next few days and weeks are vitally important to the Health and Well-Being of Our Souls and Immediate Experiences and will definitely be the Beginnings of What is Yet To Come, for many of US! New Alliances Formed and Nurtured NOW will bring Amazing Opportunities into Our Existence and help to Ground Each of US in Ways only Dreamed About and Never Experienced. Take Complete Ownership of Your Attitudes, Actions and Beliefs and Transmute Negativity and Toxicity into Positivity and Profitable Production while Preparing for Expansive and Encouraging Growth as we each Embolden Our Directed Efforts towards Manifesting Our Desired Results! The Only Limitations We Face Are Self-Imposed! Be The Change You Seek By Becoming The Cause You Are and Allow Everyone Else To Become The Effect! Where You Go from Here Is Totally Up To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

September 22, 2020 Fall Equinox Soul Vibe

On September 22, 2020 @ 6:31 AM PDT we experienced the 2020 Fall Equinox Exact Station Event. Today, The Cosmic Scales are Balanced, as we will experience Equal Portions of Light and Dark. Libra Season is ushered in upon the back of this Auspicious Energy and is the Overall Theme of the Day and the Next 16 Days. On the heels of the recent Virgo New Moon and Mars Retrograde, the Need to Seek Balance, in all of our Associations, Situations and Endeavors is the Most Pressing Need that each of US must face and deal with, as we Move Forward Towards Manifesting Our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Renewal of Individual Optimism, Self-Confidence and Belief in Our Individual Aspirations is definitely present and should be embraced and utilized as the Catalyst for Our Positive Outlook, as we Productively March towards Our Progressive Outcomes. Today is the DAY to REVIVE Our Individual Ambition by arousing Our Inspiration for those ideas and ideals that Saturate our Soul with Bliss and that Satisfy our Thirsts for Knowledge, Sustenance and Self-Sufficiency.

As we enter into this Season of Bliss, Beauty and Bountifulness, anticipate New Changes of Directions that will push US further away from the pains and pitfalls of previous entanglements that caused self-doubt to permeate our very existence. By Rekindling Our Awareness of the Necessary Balance that is needed in our Individual Lives we can Realign Ourselves with what is truly Most Important to US and get back on track towards realizing and experiencing the Outcomes that we richly desire and deserve. Self-Care and Self-Love is Absolutely VITAL, Right Now, and will Rejuvenate each of US in Ways and Means that will be beneficial in establishing the solid foundations with which to build upon. Now is the TIME to Reevaluate Every Association, Situation and Endeavor we each are currently in and for recognizing which of these are really serving our Highest Good and which of these are merely harboring our fears and complacencies. By making the precise distinctions between the discrepancies that cause US to wallow in procrastination, vacillation and timidity, we can forge ahead with Revitalize Determination and Discipline, as we consolidate our Directed Efforts and Ambitions into the New Associations, Situations and Endeavors that Tangibly Effect Our Souls’ Ascension and Profitably Influence Our Fundamental Realities.

By Reorganizing, Revamping and Resetting Our Spiritual and Physical Alters in Our Lives we can Receive and Appreciate the Clarity of Mind and Certainty of Communication that is the result of the Sincere Honoring of Our Individual Guides that assist US, each and every day. Intentional Openness, Deliberate Honesty and Vulnerable Transparency, in Every Thought, Word, Action and Reaction will Elevate Our Every Association, Situation and Endeavor to Levels of Individual Awareness that have been Elusive up until now and will allow US to generate the Necessary Courage and Commitment to Step Up and Out of Our Comfortable Discomfort and Start happening to Life, instead of allowing Life to Happen to US! Everything that we Need, Want and Desire is Ahead of US and Where Each of Us Is Going Is Much More Beautiful and Beneficial Than Where Each of US Has Been. Manifesting Our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits, in Our Every Association, Situation and Endeavors and On All Levels of Our Awareness should BE The ONLY Objects of Our Attention and The ONLY Real Concerns We Each Should BE Considering. By Focusing Our ENTIRE Thought Energy to the Associations, Situations and Endeavors that are bubbling up, from Our SoulCore, we can eliminate wasteful efforts and cure the malaise that may be present in Our Daily Lives and Physical Beings. Filter out all Negativity with Purposed Breathing, Mindful Meditation and Creative Visualization and incorporate these and other necessary rituals into your daily practice of Self-Care and Self-Love. Start each day with a Gratitude Walk, Run or Exercise Regimen for Maximum Manifesting Power and Ultimate Peace of Mind and Overall Wellness. Transmute Every Adverse Thought, Word, Action and Deed into Progressively Positive Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deeds by changing your perspective and perception of the things you choose to involve yourself in and with. Repel Toxicity with Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Decisions and Well Thought-Out Plans and Make Wholesomeness, Wellness and Virtuous Living a Daily Choice instead of an Emergency Alternative. Believe Your Most HUMBLE Hype, Encourage Your Self-Motivation and Embrace Your Self-Inspiration and get busy with Reshaping Your Life into Your Desired Outcome! What You Feed, NOW, Will Definitely Grow!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

September 17, 2020 Virgo New Moon Soul Vibe

On September 17, 2020 @ 4:01 AM PDT, we experienced the Virgo New Moon Exact Station Event. On the Heels of Jupiter Stationing Direct on September 12, 2020, this Virgo New Moon is Power-Packed with Expansive and Manifesting Energy. Each one of US should feel Super-Charged with Self-Confidence, even more than we have before and should feel Extremely Motivated and Inspired to Reach For and Acquire Our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. With the Proper Attention of Individual Thought Energy and Productive Application of Individual Ambition Effort, EVERYTHING We Need, Want and Desire is well within Our Manifesting Reach. What You Feed Your MIND Will Definite Grow, Abundantly, Right Now! Positive Changes Are Upon US and The Approaching Horizon is Fabulously Clear and Ready For US to Embrace, with a Renewed Sense of Purpose and Innerstanding Of What We Came To Achieve, During This Current Incarnation. Where Each of US Is Going is Much More Fulfilling than Where Each of US has Been. Leave The Past In The Past and Launch Yourself Positively Upward and Progressively Forward and Anticipate Your Greatest Greatness to Emerge. New Associations, Situations and Endeavors will present themselves, in BOLD Fashion and should show US the Ways and Means towards Self-Sufficiency, Self-Sustenance, Self-Reliance and Self-Empowerment. These Are The Most Important Causes Each of US Face, NOW, and should take Precedence and Priority, in our Daily Manifesting Choices, Decisions and Well Thought-Out Plans! As We Each Come to Critical Turning Points of Destiny, take the time to get Clear about your Passions by Deliberately Focusing Your Entire Thought Energy into Those Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that Feed Your Soul, Blissfully, Beautifully and Bountifully. Seek Clarity of MIND, NOW, and Strategically Implement Your Revised Plan for Personal Prosperity, With Purpose, Passion and Productive Action. Be Purposeful in Intent, Positive in Thought and Progressively Production in Action and Prosperous Results Will Manifest! Profitable Seeds Planted Productively Will Bear Prosperous Fruit, Purposefully!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

9/9 Mars Retrograde Soul Vibe

On September 9, 2020 we experienced the Mars Retrograde Exact Station Event. From now until November 13, 2020 Our Individual and Collective Cosmic and Physical Landscapes will undergo a Massive Shift which will effect each of our Individual Realities, in the most profound ways possible. “As Above, So Below” is so apropos right now, as we experience tremendous shift’s related to social order and civility, racial equality and harmony, as well as a shift in our collective focus towards a Societal Greater Good; which is emerging and evolving, each and every day. New Ways and Means of Communicating and Co-Relating can only begin when the Old Ways and Means have finally come to an end. From NOW until November 13, 2020 we each have the opportunity to Review, Revise, Refine and ReBOOT Our Personal and Professional Associations, Situations and Endeavors, Our Personal Economic Situations and Our Personal Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Our Individual Worlds and How We Each Fit Into The Bigger Collective Picture of Our Current 3D World Reality. Turn your focus INWARD by only concentrating on those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that promote wellness for all and that move you closer to manifesting your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Give Your ENTIRE Thought Energy and Physical Effort to your Plans and Projects that Positively FEED Your Soul and Tangibly EFFECT Your Material Sustenance. Slow Down the Pace of Your Life by Quieting Your Mind with Meditation and Cleansing Your Soul with Purposed Breathing and SEE Exactly Where You Desire To BE and How You Are Going To get There and Get On With Your Part of the Work! Replace Your Excuses with Your Ambition by Reaching Deep Inside Yourself for the Motivation and Inspiration needed to JUMPSTART YOU, then fine tune your focus and efforts into a More Practical Approach to Manifest Your Most Desired Outcomes. Make It A Priority to Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially & Sexually Review, Revise, Refine and ReBOOT Yourself (Deep Dive Shadow Surgery), Fully and Completely; Thoroughly and Efficiently, for Maximum Return on Efforts Expended. Doing the Tough and Necessary Work Now Prepares YOU for the Uncharted Roads and Course Ahead and Equips YOU with the vital tools to navigate the Choppy Terrain that is on the Horizon! Your Absolute Best Is Already Inside YOU and Is Still YET TO COME!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

September 2020 Monthly Soul Vibe

This will be a month of Karma & Fate In Action and of Putting YOUR Ideals to Work. Get the word out about your latest project or cause and the responses will overwhelm you. Service to others and Duty will Be keynotes and the month will definitely have a Karmic Vibe. Jump into that BIG Project you have been dreaming about, success is yours for the taking. Build upon Foundation already Laid. Put YOUR Plan into Action and the results will Manifest and you must use Sound Judgment, in ALL affairs. Dig deep inside and bring forth those Truth’s that live Hidden in your Spirit Man. BIG Things can happen for you if you take on a Attitude of Gratitude and keep your goals within reach. This is your MONTH for Building upon the Foundation already Laid. This is a very practical MONTH for you. You have much work to do. The plans and inspirations of last MONTH must now be put into more concrete form. You are not likely to have much time for personal pleasure; circumstances from time to time will force you to look at things from a material point of view and to “Stay On The Job” whether you want to or not. However do not mind this for by the time the MONTH is over you will feel Considerable Satisfaction in what YOU have accomplished, even though you have had to keep “Digging” and put your Shoulder to the Wheel & Your Nose to the Grindstone! If you manage well, face the facts and get down to Business as the MONTH requires, you can lay a foundation for Security and Lasting Conditions in the future. Order, System, Organization, Management & Application are VERY IMPORTANT, and in ALL Matters pertaining to Business, Property, Agreements, Contracts, Papers or Legal Matters, and details should be attended to with Patience & Honesty! The practical Side of the MONTH may bring health and financial matters of your own or your family, placing the responsibility upon YOUR SHOULDERS! You must attend to these matters Lovingly and attempt to get Orderly Results this MONTH that you may have the Freedom & Fuller Life which next MONTH promises. This Practical MONTH is indicated as a time for Buying, Selling, Trading and for all activities concerned with Building Homes, Lives and Property and doing things which give a Practical Foundation for the FUTURE! This is a Splendid Time for you to make the EFFORT to put your ideas in Concrete Form; however you have need of being Thrifty, Careful, Economical & Efficient in doing this for there is little to be gained through trusting to LUCK! At times finances will seem practical & slow, or expenses high however through good “Common Sense” you can meet all requirements and come out ahead. Should you find yourself to be careless, finding it too much trouble to manage properly or attempt to evade the responsibility and work you may REGRET it later for you could find the burden still present when next MONTH comes. Each MONTH brings its own peculiar Requirement & Opportunity and next MONTH is your freedom MONTH! Security & Stability will be Keynotes for you this MONTH and you will be thinking a lot about your “Future”. Fixed Attitudes will get you absolutely nowhere. Adjust with the Current Flow of Life to avoid STALLS & DELAYS! DIRECTED EFFORT BRINGS DESIRED RESULTS!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Thoughtful (Mindful) Thursday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Become The Change You Seek By Becoming the Cause You Are!

Social Division and Unrest is Upon US! The Racial Divide seems wider than ever. Political, Religious and Physical Differences are spurring Violent Confrontations, Civil Disobedience, Spiritual Chaos and The Battle Lines have been drawn. It Is Now A Battle of Your Belief versus My Belief, Your View versus My View and Your Truth versus My Truth. One thing we can all be very sure about: There Are No Absolutes. There is My Way and Your Way, The Way and The OTHER WAY. There is many sides to Every Belief, Every View and Every Truth and everyone vehemently believes in Their Own Beliefs, Ways and Truths and condemns those that do not agree with Theirs! Harsh Words, Heated Exchanges and Cancel Culture have become The Norm. Healthy Discourse of Divergent Opinions quickly turns into Blame Placing Finger Pointing, Stance Shaming Ridicule and Emotional Insult Hurling. Problems Are Amplified and Solutions Are Elusive! Now, More than Ever, Is The Time To RISE Above Division and Become The Change You Seek By Becoming The Cause You Are! Before We Can Experience Global or Societal Change, We Must Embrace Individual Change and Balance The Divide Within Ourselves, At The SoulCore Level. We Must Become The Individual CAUSE That We Each Our and Then Align With The External Cause That Resonates With Each of Us. Only Then Can The Hateful Rhetoric About Each Other Be Replaced With Healthy Respect For Each Other!


I AM Determined to Become The Change That I Seek. I AM Committed to Becoming The Cause That I AM! I AM Balancing The Divide Within Myself. I AM Focusing My Thought and Action Energy On Solutions, Not Problems. I AM Tolerant of Divergent Beliefs, Views and Truths. I AM Owning My Divergent Beliefs, Views and Truths and Allowing Other’s To Own Theirs. I AM NOT Blame Placing Finger Pointing, Stance Shaming Ridiculing or Emotional Insult Hurling. I AM Replacing Hateful Rhetoric About Another With Healthy Respect For Another.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!