September 17, 2020 Virgo New Moon Soul Vibe

On September 17, 2020 @ 4:01 AM PDT, we experienced the Virgo New Moon Exact Station Event. On the Heels of Jupiter Stationing Direct on September 12, 2020, this Virgo New Moon is Power-Packed with Expansive and Manifesting Energy. Each one of US should feel Super-Charged with Self-Confidence, even more than we have before and should feel Extremely Motivated and Inspired to Reach For and Acquire Our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. With the Proper Attention of Individual Thought Energy and Productive Application of Individual Ambition Effort, EVERYTHING We Need, Want and Desire is well within Our Manifesting Reach. What You Feed Your MIND Will Definite Grow, Abundantly, Right Now! Positive Changes Are Upon US and The Approaching Horizon is Fabulously Clear and Ready For US to Embrace, with a Renewed Sense of Purpose and Innerstanding Of What We Came To Achieve, During This Current Incarnation. Where Each of US Is Going is Much More Fulfilling than Where Each of US has Been. Leave The Past In The Past and Launch Yourself Positively Upward and Progressively Forward and Anticipate Your Greatest Greatness to Emerge. New Associations, Situations and Endeavors will present themselves, in BOLD Fashion and should show US the Ways and Means towards Self-Sufficiency, Self-Sustenance, Self-Reliance and Self-Empowerment. These Are The Most Important Causes Each of US Face, NOW, and should take Precedence and Priority, in our Daily Manifesting Choices, Decisions and Well Thought-Out Plans! As We Each Come to Critical Turning Points of Destiny, take the time to get Clear about your Passions by Deliberately Focusing Your Entire Thought Energy into Those Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits that Feed Your Soul, Blissfully, Beautifully and Bountifully. Seek Clarity of MIND, NOW, and Strategically Implement Your Revised Plan for Personal Prosperity, With Purpose, Passion and Productive Action. Be Purposeful in Intent, Positive in Thought and Progressively Production in Action and Prosperous Results Will Manifest! Profitable Seeds Planted Productively Will Bear Prosperous Fruit, Purposefully!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

9/9 Mars Retrograde Soul Vibe

On September 9, 2020 we experienced the Mars Retrograde Exact Station Event. From now until November 13, 2020 Our Individual and Collective Cosmic and Physical Landscapes will undergo a Massive Shift which will effect each of our Individual Realities, in the most profound ways possible. “As Above, So Below” is so apropos right now, as we experience tremendous shift’s related to social order and civility, racial equality and harmony, as well as a shift in our collective focus towards a Societal Greater Good; which is emerging and evolving, each and every day. New Ways and Means of Communicating and Co-Relating can only begin when the Old Ways and Means have finally come to an end. From NOW until November 13, 2020 we each have the opportunity to Review, Revise, Refine and ReBOOT Our Personal and Professional Associations, Situations and Endeavors, Our Personal Economic Situations and Our Personal Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Our Individual Worlds and How We Each Fit Into The Bigger Collective Picture of Our Current 3D World Reality. Turn your focus INWARD by only concentrating on those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that promote wellness for all and that move you closer to manifesting your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Give Your ENTIRE Thought Energy and Physical Effort to your Plans and Projects that Positively FEED Your Soul and Tangibly EFFECT Your Material Sustenance. Slow Down the Pace of Your Life by Quieting Your Mind with Meditation and Cleansing Your Soul with Purposed Breathing and SEE Exactly Where You Desire To BE and How You Are Going To get There and Get On With Your Part of the Work! Replace Your Excuses with Your Ambition by Reaching Deep Inside Yourself for the Motivation and Inspiration needed to JUMPSTART YOU, then fine tune your focus and efforts into a More Practical Approach to Manifest Your Most Desired Outcomes. Make It A Priority to Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially & Sexually Review, Revise, Refine and ReBOOT Yourself (Deep Dive Shadow Surgery), Fully and Completely; Thoroughly and Efficiently, for Maximum Return on Efforts Expended. Doing the Tough and Necessary Work Now Prepares YOU for the Uncharted Roads and Course Ahead and Equips YOU with the vital tools to navigate the Choppy Terrain that is on the Horizon! Your Absolute Best Is Already Inside YOU and Is Still YET TO COME!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

September 2020 Monthly Soul Vibe

This will be a month of Karma & Fate In Action and of Putting YOUR Ideals to Work. Get the word out about your latest project or cause and the responses will overwhelm you. Service to others and Duty will Be keynotes and the month will definitely have a Karmic Vibe. Jump into that BIG Project you have been dreaming about, success is yours for the taking. Build upon Foundation already Laid. Put YOUR Plan into Action and the results will Manifest and you must use Sound Judgment, in ALL affairs. Dig deep inside and bring forth those Truth’s that live Hidden in your Spirit Man. BIG Things can happen for you if you take on a Attitude of Gratitude and keep your goals within reach. This is your MONTH for Building upon the Foundation already Laid. This is a very practical MONTH for you. You have much work to do. The plans and inspirations of last MONTH must now be put into more concrete form. You are not likely to have much time for personal pleasure; circumstances from time to time will force you to look at things from a material point of view and to “Stay On The Job” whether you want to or not. However do not mind this for by the time the MONTH is over you will feel Considerable Satisfaction in what YOU have accomplished, even though you have had to keep “Digging” and put your Shoulder to the Wheel & Your Nose to the Grindstone! If you manage well, face the facts and get down to Business as the MONTH requires, you can lay a foundation for Security and Lasting Conditions in the future. Order, System, Organization, Management & Application are VERY IMPORTANT, and in ALL Matters pertaining to Business, Property, Agreements, Contracts, Papers or Legal Matters, and details should be attended to with Patience & Honesty! The practical Side of the MONTH may bring health and financial matters of your own or your family, placing the responsibility upon YOUR SHOULDERS! You must attend to these matters Lovingly and attempt to get Orderly Results this MONTH that you may have the Freedom & Fuller Life which next MONTH promises. This Practical MONTH is indicated as a time for Buying, Selling, Trading and for all activities concerned with Building Homes, Lives and Property and doing things which give a Practical Foundation for the FUTURE! This is a Splendid Time for you to make the EFFORT to put your ideas in Concrete Form; however you have need of being Thrifty, Careful, Economical & Efficient in doing this for there is little to be gained through trusting to LUCK! At times finances will seem practical & slow, or expenses high however through good “Common Sense” you can meet all requirements and come out ahead. Should you find yourself to be careless, finding it too much trouble to manage properly or attempt to evade the responsibility and work you may REGRET it later for you could find the burden still present when next MONTH comes. Each MONTH brings its own peculiar Requirement & Opportunity and next MONTH is your freedom MONTH! Security & Stability will be Keynotes for you this MONTH and you will be thinking a lot about your “Future”. Fixed Attitudes will get you absolutely nowhere. Adjust with the Current Flow of Life to avoid STALLS & DELAYS! DIRECTED EFFORT BRINGS DESIRED RESULTS!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Thoughtful (Mindful) Thursday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Become The Change You Seek By Becoming the Cause You Are!

Social Division and Unrest is Upon US! The Racial Divide seems wider than ever. Political, Religious and Physical Differences are spurring Violent Confrontations, Civil Disobedience, Spiritual Chaos and The Battle Lines have been drawn. It Is Now A Battle of Your Belief versus My Belief, Your View versus My View and Your Truth versus My Truth. One thing we can all be very sure about: There Are No Absolutes. There is My Way and Your Way, The Way and The OTHER WAY. There is many sides to Every Belief, Every View and Every Truth and everyone vehemently believes in Their Own Beliefs, Ways and Truths and condemns those that do not agree with Theirs! Harsh Words, Heated Exchanges and Cancel Culture have become The Norm. Healthy Discourse of Divergent Opinions quickly turns into Blame Placing Finger Pointing, Stance Shaming Ridicule and Emotional Insult Hurling. Problems Are Amplified and Solutions Are Elusive! Now, More than Ever, Is The Time To RISE Above Division and Become The Change You Seek By Becoming The Cause You Are! Before We Can Experience Global or Societal Change, We Must Embrace Individual Change and Balance The Divide Within Ourselves, At The SoulCore Level. We Must Become The Individual CAUSE That We Each Our and Then Align With The External Cause That Resonates With Each of Us. Only Then Can The Hateful Rhetoric About Each Other Be Replaced With Healthy Respect For Each Other!


I AM Determined to Become The Change That I Seek. I AM Committed to Becoming The Cause That I AM! I AM Balancing The Divide Within Myself. I AM Focusing My Thought and Action Energy On Solutions, Not Problems. I AM Tolerant of Divergent Beliefs, Views and Truths. I AM Owning My Divergent Beliefs, Views and Truths and Allowing Other’s To Own Theirs. I AM NOT Blame Placing Finger Pointing, Stance Shaming Ridiculing or Emotional Insult Hurling. I AM Replacing Hateful Rhetoric About Another With Healthy Respect For Another.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Winning Wednesday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Planning For Your Prosperity

Success only shows up before Work in the dictionary and PLAN and Prosperity both show up before both of them. Planning for Your Prosperity should be the #1 Priority in Your Daily Life. We plan for vacations, we plan for holidays, we even plan for going to the grocery store. These are all worthy ventures however none more worthy than Your Own Personal Prosperity. Just as we make plans for the mundane things in our Life, we need to make Plans for Our Prosperity. Start a list, TODAY, of everything you realistically can do that will move you tangibly closer to Manifesting Your Mastered Self (Highest Good) Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Commit to a daily practice of planning out 7 Things you will do that move you forward, Positively! Become determined to align your Thoughts and Actions with a Plan for Your Prosperity. Planning for Your Prosperity Makes You More Productive and Less Procrastinating. Planning for Your Prosperity Energizes your Creativity and Stimulates Your Inspiration. Planning for Your Prosperity Eliminates All Unnecessary Steps and Puts You On Your Path to Greatness!

Start Today, Your Future Self Will Thank YOU!


I AM Actively Planning for My Prosperity. I AM Prioritizing My Plan for My Prosperity, Daily! I AM Committed to Manifesting My Mastered Self (Highest Good) Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits according to My Plan for My Prosperity. I AM Tangibly Moving Forward with My Dedicated Daily Actions Steps. I AM Energizing My Creativity and Motivating My Inspiration according to My Plan for My Prosperity. I AM On My Path to greatness Because of My Plan for My Prosperity!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Transformation Tuesday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Change Your Reality By Changing Your Perception

Train and Equip Your Mind in the Art of Focused Thought. Being able to focus on a thought is vitally important. One must BE able to hold a Focused Thought for increasingly prolonged periods in order to infuse that Focused Thought with the Cosmic Soul Energy necessary for activating the Manifestation Process. Focused Thought is not a one-time deal. Focused Thought is Most Effective as a Daily Practice! One MUST condition the Mind to filter out all unnecessary Emotional Chatter & Mental Clutter with a daily practice of Mind Empowering Meditation and Creative Visualization. Build up Your MIND with your Mastered Self Creative Visualizations, in and from Your Own MIND and practice clearing the clutter and focusing in on Your Creative Visualizations, for as long as you can. One starts this process by removing all EMOTION from Your MIND and focusing in on what the real “MATTER” is and what it will take to change it into Your Desired Result! Make a Mental List of EVERYTHING YOU “REALISTICALLY” DESIRE TO ACCOMPLISH and Focus Only on That List! Allow yourself a few days of committed practice and trust the process and begin to add Your Creative Visualizations to the mix! The Longer One Can Hold Their Creative Visualizations, The Greater the Accumulation and Infusion of Cosmic Soul Energy for the particular thought. Start out modest and work your way up to 7 minutes of holding your Creative Visualization. Practice Daily, for 88 Days, for Maximum Effect.

Chase Away the Frivolities of Life with Your Empowered MIND! EMPOWER Your MIND with Focused Thought. Learn how to Breathe Cosmic Soul Energy into your Focused Thoughts and Daily Experience and Become much more empowered and much more involved in how your life and the experiences thereof, manifest. Guide Your Focused Thought Energy to those ideas and goals that will elevate you and align you with your Deep Desired Self, Your Mastered Self! Daily Become Mindful and Purposeful to Seek Out, Search For & Serve ONLY those situations, associations and endeavors, that serve your Mastered Self (Highest Good) and Positively Promote You and Your Mastered Self Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits, Progressively Forward!


I AM Changing My Reality By Changing My Perceptions. I AM Training and Equipping My Mind in the Art of Focused Thought. I AM Filtering Out of My Mind, All Unnecessary Emotional Chatter and Mental Clutter. I AM Empowering My Mind with a Daily Practice of Meditation and Creative Visualization. I AM Making a List of and Focusing My Entire Thought Energy On All Associations, Situations and Endeavors I Realistically Desire. I AM Becoming More Mindful and Purposeful, Each Day, As I Practice and Perfect The Art of Focused Thought!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Manifesting Monday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Keep Going, You Are Almost There

Your best success is that which is up ahead of you. Become determined to master your life and direct your thoughts to only those associations, situations and endeavors that serve your Highest Good and Align with Your Soul and that tangibly assist you in Manifesting Your Mastered Self (Highest Good) Goals, Desires & Active Pursuits. Energetically Infuse Value into your associations, situations and endeavors that begin to show tangible promise for Progressively Positive Outcomes and continue to keep your thoughts pure and positive regarding each new opportunity that is a product of this Energy Infusion.

Manifesting Progressively Positive Outcomes starts with making better choices in regards to our associations, situations and endeavors. Seek Out, Search For and Serve only those associations, situations and endeavors that Align with Your Mastered Self (Highest Good) Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits and that Tangibly add to Your Manifesting Process. Start Living and BEING the Cause that you know you truly are and allow your Soul Full Cosmic Expression by giving it Full Operational Control of your Daily Life, for Optimal Living. Start Happening to Life instead of Life Happening to You. Step out of your comfort zone and believe your best is still worth striving for and within your realistic reach. Make the necessary adjustments to align yourself with that which will progress you forward and closer to your Mastered Self (Highest Good) Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits Realization. Trust Yourself and Trust The Manifestation Process.


I AM Manifesting Progressively Positive Outcomes, in all my situations, associations and endeavors. I AM Energetically Infusing Value into My all of my associations, situations and endeavors that begin to show Tangible Promise for Progressively Positive Outcomes. I AM Seeking Out, Searching For and Serving Only those associations, situations and endeavors that perfectly align with and Tangibly Add To My Mastered Self (Highest Good) Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits Manifestation Process. I AM allowing My Soul Full Operational Control of My Daily Life. I AM Trusting Myself and The Manifestation Process, Completely!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Self-Sustenance Sunday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Promote Your Purpose, Positively

Surround yourself with Progressively Positive Associations (People), Situations (Places) and Endeavors (Opportunities).

Gravitate towards those associations (people), situations (places) and endeavors (opportunities) that truly resonate with your Soul and that align with Manifesting Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Make Continuing Connections with the Progressively Positive Associations (People), that Promote Positivity, with the Progressively Positive Situations (Places) that Encourage Progressive Growth and with the Progressively Positive Endeavors (Opportunities) that Positively Promote Your Purpose. Become impassioned and driven to make the important connections count, and count for something tremendously prosperous. Examine all your Emerging and Existing Associations (People), Situations (Places) and Endeavors (Opportunities) and ONLY Invest in those that Seriously Serve Your Highest Good and that Pull You Towards Manifesting Your Own Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Embrace Your Greatness and Begin the Steady March Towards Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits Manifestation with Commitment, Confidence and Clarity. Find the winners in your field and begin to follow them closely and incorporate the practices and techniques that advance You and Your Highest Good Associations (People), Situations (Places) and Endeavors (Opportunities) Progressively and Positively Forward.


I AM Surrounding Myself with Progressively Positive Associations (People), Situations (Places) and Endeavors (Opportunities). I AM Making Continuing Connections with Progressively Positive Associations (People), Situations (Places) and Endeavors (Opportunities) that Promote Positivity, Encourage Positive Growth and Positively Promote My Purpose . I AM Embracing My Greatness. I AM Incorporating Winner Techniques and Practices that Advance Me and My Highest Good Associations (People), Situations (Places) and Endeavors (Opportunities) Progressively and Positively Forward.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Self-Love Saturday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Feed Your Soul Spiritual Empowerment

Commit to a Daily Self Love and Spiritual Empowerment Practices and Rituals that nourishes your Soul and fortifies you as you navigate along your Path. Everything you experience and desire feeds on the nourishment you give your Soul. Begin by starting to feed your Soul in the same way that you feed your other appetites, with spiritual empowerment affirmations, practices, rituals and mental empowerment techniques (meditation), along with adopting a positive perspective on the things that matter most to you. Transform your life around your Daily Self-Love and Spiritual Empowerment Practices and Rituals and make your outside associations, situations and endeavors fit into your Emerging Spiritual Lifestyle. Give your Soul what it truly desires, full control of your life and trust the guidance received. Treat Yourself Better Than You Treat The Most Important Person In Your Life. What You Feed Will Definitely Grow!


I AM Committed to Daily Self-Love and Spiritual Empowerment Practices and Rituals. I AM Treating MySelf Better Than I Treat The Most Important Person in My Life. I AM Transforming My Life around My Daily Self-Love and Spiritual Practices and Rituals that Nourishes My Soul as I Navigate My Current Path.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

Fortifying Friday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Efficient Production Maximizes Results

Maximum productivity starts with you being and living at your Maximum Efficiency. Mastering ones’ efficiency starts with recognizing and enriching and encouraging your strengths and limiting your exposure to things that are negative and toxic and that drain on your energy. Passionately pursue those positive associations, situations and endeavors and maximize each of those opportunities that present themselves, as a result. Persistently search for and align with Equal Exchange of Energy Associations, Situations and Endeavors, as these will add value to your journey and provide an energy balance, which is a Soul Booster. Analyze every process in your daily life and look for the gaps of time that are not lining up with your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits and fill them with positive and progressive action steps towards manifesting your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Eliminate wasteful appetites that add anything unwanted to you or causes an interruption to your lifestyle and embrace the realness of who you truly desire to be and positively progress towards manifesting your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits, Efficiently.


I AM Recognizing and Encouraging My Strengths. I AM consistently aligning with Equal Exchange of Energy Opportunities. I AM Eliminating My Wasteful Appetites. I AM Embracing The Realness of Who I Truly Desire to Be. I AM Living at My Maximum Productive Efficiency. I AM Positive and Progressive in My Action Steps Towards Manifesting My Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!