December 21, 2020 Winter Soulstice Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

We have been building up to this since Monday December 14, 2020 @ 8:13 AM PST when we experienced the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Event and then just 3 minutes later, @ 8:16 AM PST, when we experienced the Sagittarius New Moon Exact Station Event. Add in Saturn’s Re-Entry into Aquarius on December 14, 2020, where it will stay until March 7, 2023 and Chiron’s Direct Station Event into Aries on Wednesday December 16, 2020 and we can see and feel the effects of the Shadow Work, Releasing and Healing that has taken place, personally and collectively. TODAY, December 21, 2020 @ 10:22 AM PST The New Age, New Era and New Epoch of Aquarius is COSMICALLY-OFFICIALLY upon US and the Structures, Systems and Societal General Attitudes and Beliefs are in for a Radical Upgrade, ReBOOT and RollOUT! Subtle Shifts in Awareness bring on Significant Shifts in Consciousness. Changes in our personal philosophies has been upfront and center, where Truth and Deception are concerned. The LIES that have been repeatedly told are not being accepted and the New Story is still being determined. New Paradigm Thinking calls for New Attitudes, New Aspirations and New Incentives that promote EQUITY, FAIRNESS, TRUTH, LOGIC and COMMON SENSE. Where We Go and GROW From Here Is Much Better Than Where We Have Been! Many of US are being strongly drawn to the things that give each of US a real sense of FREEDOM and LIBERTY! What Frees the Soul is going to be what each of US gravitates towards, going forward. Restrictions, Limitations and Doubt, brought on by Fear-Based Thinking, Believing and Living, will no longer be the Order of the Day. What Motivates each of US towards our Individual Greatness will take on more meaning in the days and weeks that follow. Use Today’s Portal Energy to Set Your Highest, Brightest and BIGGEST Deliberate Intentions towards Manifesting Your Mastered Self Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits! Use Today’s Portal Energy to ReBOOT Your Life and Upgrade Your Lifestyle by tapping into the Frequency of Optimism, Ambition and Action. Use Today’s Portal Energy to Chart A New Course and to Set A New Plan Into Motion for Authentic Inspiration, Motivation and Production! Use Today’s Portal Energy to Awaken to a New Way of Thinking and Believing, to Ascend up into a New Level of Inter-Personal Relating and to Expand into New Ways and Means of Living and Being! Passion, Activity, Optimism and The Way Energy Moves will color our every decision while also pointing each of US towards those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that ONLY Align With Your Ascending and Expanding Soul, that ONLY Serve Your Highest Good and That ONLY Tangibly and Significantly Effect Your Material Existence. Use Today’s Portal Energy to Close The Book on 2020 and all that is WAS and WAS NOT and to Start 2021 with Confidence, Commitment and Quiet Assurance that all is going to work out in your favor!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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