October 1, 2020 Aries Harvest Full Moon Soul Vibe

On September 29, 2020 we experienced Saturn Direct Station Event. Saturn had been Retrograde since May 11, 2020 and all of us experienced the effects of this Major Planet Retrograde. While in the midst of effects of the lockdown, Saturn, The TaskMaster Planet of our Life Lessons, Our Work and other Vocational Toils and Our KARMA reversed it’s course and threw a wrench into Our Highest Good Plans, Projects and Productions. Now that Saturn has turned Direct, we each can get back to those Highest Good Plans, Projects and Productions that have been stalled or on the back burner since early May 2020. On October 1, 2020 at 2:05 PM PDT, we experienced the Aries Harvest Full Moon Exact Station Event. This Aries Harvest Full Moon is packed with Tremendous “Move Forward Momentum” and serves as an Energetic Portal Opening for each of US to Ascend Up Through and use as our Cosmic Fuel to Boldly walk away from the Outdated Mentalities and Emotionality Obstacles that have held US back and at bay from truly Living Our Best Lives. While many people may be showing and expressing their Inner Rage, now is the time for Cleansing and Purifying Our Inner Anger and for Transmuting that Anger into Positive and Productive Outlets of Expression and Action. As Saturn picks up speed and as we navigate through this Aries Harvest Full Moon Open Portal, being Purposeful and Conscious with our Intentions and Motivations gives US extra inspiration and ambition to reach for and obtain our Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. By taking the Path that others are afraid to take, we can exalt ourselves ahead of the masses in terms of making tangible strides towards realizing Our True Purpose and putting our Untapped Potential to work for US, Practically and Profitably. Becoming Purposeful in Our Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deeds will lead US towards materializing our Biggest Desires, regardless of how far away from them we each may be. Now is the time to Think Before You Act and THEN ACT, Aggressively and Ambitiously and the Manifesting Results will begin to Tangibly Effect Your Individual Reality in the Most Profound and Precise Ways. These next few days and weeks are vitally important to the Health and Well-Being of Our Souls and Immediate Experiences and will definitely be the Beginnings of What is Yet To Come, for many of US! New Alliances Formed and Nurtured NOW will bring Amazing Opportunities into Our Existence and help to Ground Each of US in Ways only Dreamed About and Never Experienced. Take Complete Ownership of Your Attitudes, Actions and Beliefs and Transmute Negativity and Toxicity into Positivity and Profitable Production while Preparing for Expansive and Encouraging Growth as we each Embolden Our Directed Efforts towards Manifesting Our Desired Results! The Only Limitations We Face Are Self-Imposed! Be The Change You Seek By Becoming The Cause You Are and Allow Everyone Else To Become The Effect! Where You Go from Here Is Totally Up To YOU!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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