9/9 Mars Retrograde Soul Vibe

On September 9, 2020 we experienced the Mars Retrograde Exact Station Event. From now until November 13, 2020 Our Individual and Collective Cosmic and Physical Landscapes will undergo a Massive Shift which will effect each of our Individual Realities, in the most profound ways possible. “As Above, So Below” is so apropos right now, as we experience tremendous shift’s related to social order and civility, racial equality and harmony, as well as a shift in our collective focus towards a Societal Greater Good; which is emerging and evolving, each and every day. New Ways and Means of Communicating and Co-Relating can only begin when the Old Ways and Means have finally come to an end. From NOW until November 13, 2020 we each have the opportunity to Review, Revise, Refine and ReBOOT Our Personal and Professional Associations, Situations and Endeavors, Our Personal Economic Situations and Our Personal Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Our Individual Worlds and How We Each Fit Into The Bigger Collective Picture of Our Current 3D World Reality. Turn your focus INWARD by only concentrating on those Associations, Situations and Endeavors that promote wellness for all and that move you closer to manifesting your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits. Give Your ENTIRE Thought Energy and Physical Effort to your Plans and Projects that Positively FEED Your Soul and Tangibly EFFECT Your Material Sustenance. Slow Down the Pace of Your Life by Quieting Your Mind with Meditation and Cleansing Your Soul with Purposed Breathing and SEE Exactly Where You Desire To BE and How You Are Going To get There and Get On With Your Part of the Work! Replace Your Excuses with Your Ambition by Reaching Deep Inside Yourself for the Motivation and Inspiration needed to JUMPSTART YOU, then fine tune your focus and efforts into a More Practical Approach to Manifest Your Most Desired Outcomes. Make It A Priority to Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially & Sexually Review, Revise, Refine and ReBOOT Yourself (Deep Dive Shadow Surgery), Fully and Completely; Thoroughly and Efficiently, for Maximum Return on Efforts Expended. Doing the Tough and Necessary Work Now Prepares YOU for the Uncharted Roads and Course Ahead and Equips YOU with the vital tools to navigate the Choppy Terrain that is on the Horizon! Your Absolute Best Is Already Inside YOU and Is Still YET TO COME!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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