September 2020 Monthly Soul Vibe

This will be a month of Karma & Fate In Action and of Putting YOUR Ideals to Work. Get the word out about your latest project or cause and the responses will overwhelm you. Service to others and Duty will Be keynotes and the month will definitely have a Karmic Vibe. Jump into that BIG Project you have been dreaming about, success is yours for the taking. Build upon Foundation already Laid. Put YOUR Plan into Action and the results will Manifest and you must use Sound Judgment, in ALL affairs. Dig deep inside and bring forth those Truth’s that live Hidden in your Spirit Man. BIG Things can happen for you if you take on a Attitude of Gratitude and keep your goals within reach. This is your MONTH for Building upon the Foundation already Laid. This is a very practical MONTH for you. You have much work to do. The plans and inspirations of last MONTH must now be put into more concrete form. You are not likely to have much time for personal pleasure; circumstances from time to time will force you to look at things from a material point of view and to “Stay On The Job” whether you want to or not. However do not mind this for by the time the MONTH is over you will feel Considerable Satisfaction in what YOU have accomplished, even though you have had to keep “Digging” and put your Shoulder to the Wheel & Your Nose to the Grindstone! If you manage well, face the facts and get down to Business as the MONTH requires, you can lay a foundation for Security and Lasting Conditions in the future. Order, System, Organization, Management & Application are VERY IMPORTANT, and in ALL Matters pertaining to Business, Property, Agreements, Contracts, Papers or Legal Matters, and details should be attended to with Patience & Honesty! The practical Side of the MONTH may bring health and financial matters of your own or your family, placing the responsibility upon YOUR SHOULDERS! You must attend to these matters Lovingly and attempt to get Orderly Results this MONTH that you may have the Freedom & Fuller Life which next MONTH promises. This Practical MONTH is indicated as a time for Buying, Selling, Trading and for all activities concerned with Building Homes, Lives and Property and doing things which give a Practical Foundation for the FUTURE! This is a Splendid Time for you to make the EFFORT to put your ideas in Concrete Form; however you have need of being Thrifty, Careful, Economical & Efficient in doing this for there is little to be gained through trusting to LUCK! At times finances will seem practical & slow, or expenses high however through good “Common Sense” you can meet all requirements and come out ahead. Should you find yourself to be careless, finding it too much trouble to manage properly or attempt to evade the responsibility and work you may REGRET it later for you could find the burden still present when next MONTH comes. Each MONTH brings its own peculiar Requirement & Opportunity and next MONTH is your freedom MONTH! Security & Stability will be Keynotes for you this MONTH and you will be thinking a lot about your “Future”. Fixed Attitudes will get you absolutely nowhere. Adjust with the Current Flow of Life to avoid STALLS & DELAYS! DIRECTED EFFORT BRINGS DESIRED RESULTS!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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