Thoughtful (Mindful) Thursday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Become The Change You Seek By Becoming the Cause You Are!

Social Division and Unrest is Upon US! The Racial Divide seems wider than ever. Political, Religious and Physical Differences are spurring Violent Confrontations, Civil Disobedience, Spiritual Chaos and The Battle Lines have been drawn. It Is Now A Battle of Your Belief versus My Belief, Your View versus My View and Your Truth versus My Truth. One thing we can all be very sure about: There Are No Absolutes. There is My Way and Your Way, The Way and The OTHER WAY. There is many sides to Every Belief, Every View and Every Truth and everyone vehemently believes in Their Own Beliefs, Ways and Truths and condemns those that do not agree with Theirs! Harsh Words, Heated Exchanges and Cancel Culture have become The Norm. Healthy Discourse of Divergent Opinions quickly turns into Blame Placing Finger Pointing, Stance Shaming Ridicule and Emotional Insult Hurling. Problems Are Amplified and Solutions Are Elusive! Now, More than Ever, Is The Time To RISE Above Division and Become The Change You Seek By Becoming The Cause You Are! Before We Can Experience Global or Societal Change, We Must Embrace Individual Change and Balance The Divide Within Ourselves, At The SoulCore Level. We Must Become The Individual CAUSE That We Each Our and Then Align With The External Cause That Resonates With Each of Us. Only Then Can The Hateful Rhetoric About Each Other Be Replaced With Healthy Respect For Each Other!


I AM Determined to Become The Change That I Seek. I AM Committed to Becoming The Cause That I AM! I AM Balancing The Divide Within Myself. I AM Focusing My Thought and Action Energy On Solutions, Not Problems. I AM Tolerant of Divergent Beliefs, Views and Truths. I AM Owning My Divergent Beliefs, Views and Truths and Allowing Other’s To Own Theirs. I AM NOT Blame Placing Finger Pointing, Stance Shaming Ridiculing or Emotional Insult Hurling. I AM Replacing Hateful Rhetoric About Another With Healthy Respect For Another.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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