Transformation Tuesday Soul Vibe Affirmation

Awaken the Very Best of You

Self-Determination begins with establishing the value that you add to every situation, endeavor and association. Your Value is determined by what you give, how you give it and the intentions that motivated you into service, along with what someone else determines is beneficial, therapeutic or satisfying, in some way. Make it your practice to always live in a way that is truly giving the best of you, truly sharing your gifts, and your value. Connect with and Embrace and Trust the Magic that resides inside of your Soul. Entertain and Appreciate and Attract, to yourself, all of Your Highest Good Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits and Start To INJOY All The Finest Tastes and Desires that reside inside of your Soul. Give Yourself Every Highest Good “Thing” practically possible. Believe Your Own Most Humble Hype and Begin to Quench Your Highest Good Thirsts.

Awakening the Very Best of You will allow you to start Taking Care of the Rest of You!


I AM Establishing My Value. I AM Living a Beneficial, Therapeutic or Satisfying Lifestyle as an Example to Others. I AM Embracing and Trusting the Magic that Resides in My Soul. I AM Attracting Every Highest Good Goal, Desire, Active Pursuit and Opportunity to Me. I AM Awakening The Very Best Of ME!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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