8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal Opening Soul Vibe

On Saturday August 8, 2020 We Experienced the Lion’s Gate Portal Opening Cosmic Event. The flood of our I AM Presence has begun to pour out on all of humanity and can be received, fully and completely, without respect of person, position or placement. Embracing your I AM Presence activates your Individual Sovereignty, which is the beginning of transforming our Individual Realities into exactly what each of us envisions for ourselves, at the Highest Levels of our existence. Since July 28, 2020, many of us have been experiencing a myriad of Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Symptoms that have cause us to question our health and well being. Most have experience upsets of routine and irregular happenings, in our body’s and throughout our daily lives that have caused us to rethink exactly what it is that we each incarnated for. Shadow Work to release long held traumas and the inner healing of old wounds has been difficult, painful, scary and liberating, all at the same time. Fear of the unknown has paralyzed a few of us, causing a delay in this much needed SoulCore Level Healing Process. Seeking answers for the recent upheavals and searching for Clarity has been elusive for some and apparent for others while we trek towards Wholeness of Self and the Well Being of others. Self-Refinement is a violent process, as it takes intense HEAT to purge all impurities out of Our Souls in order to get to the Most Precious and Valuable Parts of Our Existence. The PURGE is Real and Necessary and VITAL and NO ONE is EXEMPT of this Cosmic Process when The Lion’s Gate Portal Opens. Being striped of our old ways of being, thinking, seeing and perceiving should signal a Time of Gratifying Change however many view this process with uncertainty and resist all forms of Constructive Renewal for the sake of staying Comfortably Dysfunctional. The Process of our Souls’ Ascension is designed to challenge each of us to not only step out of our Individual Comfort Zones, it requires us to start to view our lives and lifestyles from a position of Unencumbered Independence, as well as adopting a Revised Sense of Purpose. Refusing to confront our own negativity prolongs the process of Healing and lends to our feelings of despair. Recognizing where we have contributed to the malaise of society and consciously correcting those Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deeds promotes Individual Wellness and encourages Global Evolution. Becoming The CHANGE You Seek in Others will Manifest The CHANGE Others Seek in You, which is exactly what has to happen for society to awaken and ascend and evolve. There are no shortcuts available and this process will only be accomplished with Determined Boldness and Courageous Effort. Use this time to embrace and fortify your Individual Truth and Stand Up Tall In It, backing down for No One. Align Your Thoughts with Your Highest Good and begin to live the Life You Desire. Become accountable for your every thought, action, word and deed and Believe in the Very Best of You that awaits emergence. No One and No Thing, Outside of Yourself can change who you truly are and desire to be.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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