Reshaping Your Reality by Rebalancing Your Relationships and Shifting (Raising) Your Vibration!

On Tuesday April 7, 2020 @ 7:34 PM PDT, we experienced the Libra Pink Full Supermoon Exact Station Event. Libra Energy is all about RELATIONSHIPS! Libra Energy is all about BALANCE, EQUITY and HARMONY, In Relationships! All ImBalanced, UnEqual and Chaotic Association, Situation and Endeavor will come to a head and must be dealt with during this Libra Pink Full Supermoon Phase. Take some time out, RIGHT NOW, and Reflect on all that you have going on in your Reality and Release Every Unhealthy Element That Currently Weighs You Down and Keeps You From Being Who You Truly Are. RIGHT NOW, Start Reshaping Your Reality Into All That You Desire It To Be. Now is the time to DISLODGE Yourself from any Association, Situation or Endeavor, that is not in Perfect Cosmic Alignment with Your Mastered Self. Every ImBalanced Relationships, On Every Level and of Every Kind, will be brought to a head and dealt with, SWIFTLY, either by Solidifying or by Smashing. Every UnEqual Association, Situation and Endeavor will be brought into Perfect Balance, either by Extreme Compromise or by Complete Removal. Any Chaotic Association, Situation or Endeavors will be QUIETED, either by Reformation or by Removal! No Other Options Are Available, At This Time! We all have at least ONE THING that we know is Detrimental to our Ascension and Forward Progress. RELEASE IT and Replace It with Positive and Productive Action that lead You Closer To Your Desired Results.

Resetting Your Reality (Shifting (Raising) Your Vibration) is mandatory, in the current climate we each are faced with. Regardless of our Personal Associations, Situations and Endeavors, New Developments have caused each of us to reevaluate our current Ways and Means of Being, Living and Doing. Old Sure Things have suddenly become unreliable and forecasting the future is proving to be a crap-shoot, at best. By adopting a Consistent and Continuous Daily Spiritual Regime Of Visualization Meditation, Purposed Breath Work and Daily Affirmations, we align ourselves with Every Positive Cosmic Force, working for Our Good and we are equipping ourselves with the very best tools, practices and techniques, to Shift (Raising) Our Vibration and Maintain It. By ReProgramming The SoulCore Level (Activating Our Mastered Self), we each can find the Cosmic Balance Necessary for Constant Ascension. New Solutions to Old Problems Are Only Received After Clarity of Mind Is Achieved.


Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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