Review, Revise and ReVIVE Across Every Spectrum of Your Life!

Mother Earth Is Signaling “THE SHIFT” which has already taken place. What was once stable and secure is NOW shaking at the very foundation and it is just the Beginning! Solar Energy Storms are effecting everything that is currently being revealed and expressed and demonstrated, in our personal and daily lives. What Was Hidden Has Been Revealed and NOW What? With Mercury(Communications and Knowledge/Truth) joining Jupiter(Abundance and Your Ability to Attain Wealth), Saturn(Karma and Overcoming Fear), Neptune(Your Own Goals, Desires and Delusions) and Pluto(Transformation) in RETROGRADE on July 7, 2019 @ 4:14 PM PST the timing is so perfect for each of us to do a serious Review of our daily lives, of each Association, Situation and Endeavor and of each of our own Motives and Intentions, for what is working and emerging, positively and to empower and encourage only those things that are tangibly effecting your life and that are contributing to your Awakening, Ascension and Expansion. Nothing Else Really Matters. Empower and Encourage Yourself to take that Leap of Deliberate Action and begin to Actualize Your Portion of Your Desired Reality. Face Your fears with Courage and Overcome them through Quiet & Deliberate Meditation and Focused Thought THROUGH each and every Fear that comes up for Final Resolution. THERE IS NO AWAKENING, ASCENSION OR EXPANSION WHILE STILL HOLDING ONTO ANY FEAR! Go back to late January/Early February 2019 and Revise and ReVIVE that creative project, presentation, business proposal, product idea, book/art/music/etc. project, that you may have put to the side or on a back burner or maybe even off the stove, altogether however that has always been Your Passion and that YOU know will become the Catalyst that propels you into Becoming The Cause that You Know You Came to Fulfill, during this incarnation. Karma and Overcoming Fear, FateFUL New Beginnings and The Chase(and capture) of some of Your Goals, Desires and Active Pursuits will fuel you as motivation and inspiration will come from the most stunning of Situations and Circumstances. What You Focus On, You Feed and What You Feed Will GROW! Transform Your Life by Seeking “The CALM” and “The Quiet” by seriously incorporating some form of Purposeful Breathing or Master Breath Work and Creative Visualization Meditation. This will allow YOU to Really SEE Yourself as Your Mastered Self. Your Mastered Self Will Show YOU “YOUR” Way. Operating as Your Mastered Self is True Liberty Indeed!

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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