After the Cosmic Upgrade Comes The ReBOOT

June 2019 comes in on the hills of some very turbulent and very transforming Cosmic Energy, courtesy of a Major Solar Shockwave approximately 7 days ago and the Aftershocks that have followed. As June begins, BE mindful of the Atmospheric Ripple Effects (The FALLOUT) that are still weighing and laying, HEAVY, all across our World and on each of us, to some degree. The Spiritual, Physical, Mental and/or Emotional Minefields that we have and are currently navigating through have been some of the most intense that we have experienced, in quite some time. The month starts out with a Double-Edged Sword Gemini New Moon on the 3rd that has the Power and Positive Energy to Push you Forward, in the most progressive ways, into your Emerging New Normal. Some will experience Consciousness Upgrades while others will receive Updates, depending upon your Rate and Speed of Evolution. These upgrades and updates are intended to effect ACTUAL CHANGE, Internally first, then Externally and THEN, MATERIALLY! There are No Shortcuts this month!

For the Two Weeks that ensue after this New Moon is THE Most Opportune and Most Auspicious Time to experience a Pivot into Action. Many have been dragging our feet on that project that stretches us out of our comfort zone. Many of us have been beaten down by one Motivation-Killing Obstacle after another. Most are ready for the New Beginnings we have been nourishing since March to start to show some Progress and PROFIT! Take advantage of the two weeks following the New Moon by Going ALL-IN on that Project or Goal or Desire or Whatever IT is that you have been procrastinating on or that you have just about given up on. By giving your Directed Effort to your Project, Goal, Desire or Whatever, you will make very measurable progress, both physically and financially and you will begin to secure and solidify your Expanding Reality. Stretch Yourself OUT, Uncomfortably, into Your Next Level Comfort Zone, boldly and confidently KNOWING that you are definitely Doing and BEING Everything You Desire to Do and BE. Reach Higher than Ever, Go Farther than Ever and BE Greater than EVER and the Multi-Level Returns will astound you.

Watch for the Subtle Changes of Directions or Subtle Changes of Plans during the 3 days leading up to the Full Moon on the 17th. Slight Directional Course Corrections are in store for most of us, during this transit and we all should Trust our Highest Intuition in choosing the Most Auspicious Avenue of Action. This will be a time of Quick Manifestation so BE Wise in Your Desires and Clear in Your Thoughts during this time. Multi-Level Karmic Connections, Circumstances and Opportunities will start appearing immediately following the Full Moon Phase and is a time for seizing on those Things and People that are definitely going to BE Major Parts and Players of the next 9 years of your Life. This is how it is when the ReBOOT is initiated. This is the TIME to Seek Out and Search For and ENCOURAGE only those Situations, Associations and Endeavors that contribute Tangibly to Your Current and Future Sustenance and that attract Experiences and Opportunities for Higher Realm Awakenings and Ascensions. Embrace all the Changes and Explore all of the Enhancements to better navigate through the fears of the UNKNOWN and Uncertainty that lies ahead.

The last 11 days of the month with be your Empowerment Time of the Month. Use this time to Relax Into Your Truth and by doing so, you activate a process within you that will allow yourself to FULLY Actualize what it is that each has come to Fulfill, during this incarnation. Relaxing Into Your Truth takes courage and the determination to stick to your plan, no matter what and no matter who are against You and Your Highest Good Progress and Profit. Use these last 11 days to identify Your Truth(s) and to start to Speak Your Truth and Live Your Truth, 24/7/365, On Purpose and With PURPOSE! Release the Limiting Beliefs and Self-Defeating Attitudes and Actions that have held you back and embrace the Uniqueness that YOU Are, with Assurance that The Very Next Step You take in Your OWN Direction, is the BEST and Most Auspicious Step You can take. Ride this momentum all the way through to the end of this month for maximum effect and returns. July 2019 promises to be a month of pleasurable pursuits and passionate acquisitions. Make sure to end the Month ON PURPOSE!


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