May 18, 2019 2:11 PM PST Mastered Self Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon Soul Vibe

On May 18, 2019 @ 2:11 PM PST, we experience the Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon Station Event. This Mystical and Rare Event will not come back around again until 2021. This Full “BLUE” Moon is infused with at least 12 times the Manifesting Power and Strength than a normal Full Moon. Whatever THOUGHTS you have been focusing on will quickly start to manifest, following this Full “BLUE” Moon. This is a Manifesting Full Moon and as such, you can expect Kismet, Good Fortune, Positive Karma and Blessings, both Cosmic and Material, during the initial days of this auspicious cycle. It is vitally important to BE Deliberate in your Intentional Thoughts, focusing in on those endeavors and pursuits that are showing tangible signs of actually effecting your Spiritual and Financial Well-Being. Give all of your thought-energy to only these things—NOTHING ELSE—for the first 3.5 days of the cycle and you will quickly see the manifesting results that will even surprise the most lofty thinkers among us. Deliberately THINK BIG and watch the Expedited Returns Multiply, into your current Reality.

Expect Intense Passion to be infused into all of your Sought After Endeavors and Active Pursuits. Expect dreams being realized and long sought after pursuits to finally come into your grasp. WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE, THIS TIME AROUND! Expect Instant and Immediate Success and Expect it in 3’s. 3 Amazing Opportunities may present themselves and you could choose between them or all of them, it just may BE that beneficial, or 3 Difficult Situations may clear themselves up without any effort on your part or 3 Promising Endeavors may manifest into your current Reality, or you may get 1 of each or any combination thereof, that is the Cosmic Beauty of this Auspicious Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon. Always REMEMBER to keep Your Highest Good in your Thoughts and Mind, when any of these present themselves to you and Trust Your Intuition when making Any and ALL Life Decisions. Expect Expansion along Your Most Dedicated Lines of Daily Endeavor and Living as this cycle ushers in a Time of Action and Progress, inspiring each of us to Higher Heights and motivating each of us towards our Goal Realization.

Embrace Your Journey and Empower Yourself, this Scorpio Full “BLUE” Moon, with your own dedicated and directed efforts being put into practical use towards manifesting your part. Motivate Yourself with Positive Affirmations that focus on Production, Progress and Profit and commit to a daily regime of Self-Love, Self-Sustenance & Self-Discovery, in order to fully take advantage of the Energies that are transmitting and transmuting, at the time of this Station Event. Face ALL fears and push yourself through any procrastination and doubt and RISE UP, within Yourself, and BELIEVE that this TIME is Your TIME! Shut The Door to Yesterday and Welcome Tomorrow, as we each venture into our New Normals’ and New Beginnings. Become More Grateful and More Generous however More Wise and More Prudent, Indeed and In Deeds! Start Carving Your Niche Out With Precision and With Purpose!

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