May 4, 2019 Taurus New Moon Soul Vibe


Summons the courage to take the scary steps into Your Future and complete the Tasks that you know are the ONE’S that really resonate with you, at the SoulCore level and that can tangibly effect your Path to Prosperity.

Get Comfortable with your New Normal and allow the SHIFT to fully illuminate while you take the action steps towards manifesting your part of your reality.

Get Deliberate with your intentions and thoughts concerning what you actually desire to achieve and your results will begin to match your thoughts and vibration.

Get Familiar with your New Directions and Opportunities as they unfold before you, twice, once from the 3rd EYE View and again as they manifest in your reality, and encourage those that assist in your awakening and ascension process.

Energize your Soul and Empower your Mind, this New Moon Station Event, with the motivation and inspiration necessary to accomplish each Highest Good Goal and Desire you currently have in the works. Your renewed focus and dedication to your projects will JUMPSTART and clear the way for every stalled, slow-moving, or sputtering project, aligning your efforts with the Cosmic Manifesting Energy.

Your Mastered Self Awaits YOU!

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