April 15-17, 2018 Mastered Self Mercury Direct-Aries New Moon-Saturn Retrograde Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Sunday April 15, 2018 @ 2:20 AM PDT we experienced the Mercury Direct Station Event. Mercury will be in its Post-Shadow Phase until May 3, 2018. It will  take that long for Mercury to get back up to Full Speed. All Communication Delivery Systems and Methods are getting back in sync and running smoother than they have been these past few weeks. Clarity in Communications is a welcomed effect, during this phase and favors the “cleaning up” of your miscommunications rather than the “messing up” of Your Progress and Prosperity. Take some time to go back over your email and phone messages, for missed opportunities that may have slipped through the cracks. If you were expecting a call, text, email or package that never came, reach out and make the re-connection, and take Positive Action Steps towards your Goal Realization. Use this Post-Shadow Phase to infuse motivation into your daily affairs with Positive Outcome Affirmations.

Later this evening @ 6:57 PM PDT we will experience the Aries New Moon Station Event. This Aries New Moon is a time for Ascertaining and Asserting Your Ambitions. Take some serious time and give serious effort to the careful evaluation of all of your Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires. Identify those that are unrealistic or are now outdated and release them, without any thought whatsoever. Gather and Focus on only those Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires that are currently serving your Highest Good and showing Tangible Results and begin to actively nurture them, with Positive, Progressive and Practical Action Steps.  This Aries New Moon is a time for Inspiring and Implementing Your Independent Drive and Determination. Self-Motivation is critical to Mastered Self Goal Realization. Find those things that inspires your Mastered Self and sparks the Creative Light that yearns to shine Brilliantly from you. Give Fuel to Your Mastered Self Pursuits, Projects and Passions by adopting an Aggressively Forwardly Progressive Mindset, focused on purposely penetrating the barriers previously and currently between you and your desired lifestyle and destinations and by being thoroughly committed to overcoming the obstacles previously and currently hindering you from Mastered Self Goal Manifestation. This Aries New Moon is a time for Tapping Into and Trusting Your Individual Leadership. Now is the time to rely totally on your Own Intuition. Believe in Yourself and allow Your “For the Future” Forecasting to show you the Ways and Means for your successful navigation into the Flow of Life that you currently desire and deserve to experience. Trust your own judgement, now, and continue to advance along reasonable and practical lines of endeavor, with maximum efficiency and effort FOR maximum production and profit. This Aries New Moon is time for Preparing For and Promoting Your Positive Fresh Starts and Prosperous New Beginnings. Take advantage of this opportune time to Set The Stage for Your Greatness. Take the time, now, to Set A New Theme Song to Your Life. You Change Your Outcomes by Changing Your Beginnings! Make Positivity, Prosperity, Progression and Practicality the filler content of your New Story and begin to infuse Spiritual Success and Self Sustenance when you tell your New Story, again and again and again. Become the Champion of Your Own Cause and begin to attract other Champions to your Experience.

On Tuesday April 17, 2018 @ 6:46 PM PDT we will experience the Saturn Retrograde Station Event. This Cosmic Event is loaded with THICK and SUBTLE KARMA! Saturn deals with the lessons in life we need to learn and what is very restrictive, destructive and oppressive. Saturn normally forces us to slow down and brings challenges that are growth opportunities or demise markers, it just depends upon how you have been living and what you have been giving in those most vulnerable and vital areas of your life. What You have Set into Motion Is Coming Back To Greet You, Indeed and In Deeds! Karma is neither Good nor Bad, KARMA JUST “IS”. Your Recent Past Deliberate Thoughts and Actions and Intentional Behaviors and Attitudes will be directly responsible for the Cosmic Climate of your Current Karma Experience and what you will have to deal with in the next 16 days. Pay special attention to the recurring lessons, themes or patterns that you desire not to repeat, as they will definitely be featured and prevalent. Be determined to make a better choice or decision, this time around. If you must go through something, The FEAR of the Up Ahead is much better to carry than the FEAR of the Familiar. Be dedicated to the healthy final “Paid in Full” disbursement of all Outdated, Obsolete or Oppressive Associations, Endeavors, Goals and Desires that have served their Purpose and you have completed the Life Lesson for. Free yourself of the guilt, shame, disrespect and any other type of externally generated agitative influence so that you can experience the joy of living the Lifestyle you deserve simply by being Your Mastered Self. Regardless of the nature of the association, endeavor, goal or desire, when faced with a hard choice or decision, always choose what aligns with and serves your Mastered Self Destinational Goal Realization.


I AM Ascertaining and Asserting My Ambitions, Inspiring and Implementing My Drive and Determination, Tapping Into and Trusting My Leadership while I AM Preparing For and Promoting My Positive Fresh Starts and Prosperous New Beginnings.



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