March 20, 2018 Mastered Self Spring Equinox Cosmic Event Soul Vibe~Happy Solar New Year 2018

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Tuesday March 20, 2018 @ 9:15 AM PDT we will experience the Spring Equinox Exact Station Cosmic Event. This is the signal that our Solar New Year is upon us. January 1st is a very arbitrary date and no where near the actual start of the New Year, Cosmically Speaking. Calendars have their place, yet it is this time of every year that is the start of the New, all around. Resolutions, plans and promises of changes made on and for the Jan 1st Calendar New Year can seem to lose their steam very quickly while those made and instituted at this Cosmic Event will have much more lasting power and practical effect on our daily lives. Following the Powerful Pisces New Moon on March 17, 2018, we are arriving at this Event having been through the emotional tug of wars that have been swirling in our lives, in those areas that we have been unbalanced or deceitful and that needed stabilizing, which were exposed during Eclipse Season. All the tough decisions have been made and the new course corrections have been charted and now is the time to set sail for those prosperous new destinations that are up ahead.

As we each begin this Solar New Year, lets all take some time out and thoroughly examine each area of your life; Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Intellectually, Financially and Sexually. Honestly list all of the positive benefits that you assess in each area and then make a list of the self-imposed negative effects that may be in each area, and put them side by side. You will quickly see where your Highest Good is being served by your practices in each area and you will quickly see where your self-imposed negative effects are costing you in each area. Regardless of Who, What, Why, When or How, RELEASE ALL OF YOUR SELF-IMPOSED NEGATIVE EFFECTS IN EACH AREA YOU HONESTLY ASSESS. Self-Imposed Negative Effects are Low Lust Level Vibrations. Indulging Self-Imposed Negative Effects paralyzes your Mastered Self and hampers and delays Ascension. Look for ways to eliminate all negative effects, energies and influences that are evident in any area of your life. Make it a daily practice of starting and ending each day with this saying: “Today I  Choose The Positive In All Things and Refuse The Negative In All Things. Today I Choose To Be Great In All Things and Choose To Be Successful In All Things. Today I Choose to Be Positive, Prosperous and Productive.” Repeat this practice for 21 days and the changes that will manifest in your reality will transform your life.

What each of us plants during and immediately after this Cosmic Event will manifest in our individual realities, in the comings days, weeks and months. Now is the time for each of us to prepare our Highest Good Ground for the Spring Equinox Mastered Self Seed Planting. Take the time to carefully examine every Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial and Sexual association, situation, encounter and endeavor that you are currently connected to and determine which of them serves your Highest Good or your Low Lust Level Vibration. Pull up those Weeds of Outside Drama and Confusions that will drain your Ground of Manifesting Nutrients. Cut down those Trees of Negative Obligations and Unbalanced Burdens that are blocking the Cosmic Sun from shining on you. Plow over those Shrubs of Self-Doubt and Deception that diverts precious Cosmic Energy from you. This must be done for each area of your life to ensure maximum manifestation come harvest time. Take this time to Clean Your Highest Good Ground. The ground you plant in is just as important as the seeds you plant. This Ground work is vitally important and must be done thoroughly. Failure to properly prepare your Ground will result in less than desirable yields and in some cases, negative yields will be ever present. You will Manifest exactly what you plant, according to how and in what you plant in. Do All Of The Necessary Work and Prepare Your Most Fertile Highest Ground For Mastered Self Seed Planting with diligence, determination, dedication and desire. Go Ahead, Sweat a little bit, it really is worth it come Manifesting Harvest Time!

Once we have our Highest Good Ground ready, we can begin to gather up and plant the following 7 Mastered Self Seeds of Deliberate Intent:

  1. Mastered Self Seed of PURPOSE
  2. Mastered Self Seed of Positiveity
  3. Mastered Self Seed of Prosperity
  4. Mastered Self Seed of Practicality
  5. Mastered Self Seed of Productivity
  6. Mastered Self Seed of Provocation
  7. Mastered Self Seed of Precision

Without Purpose, we will continue to drift along aimlessly and unfulfilled. Without Positiveity, we constantly are faced with defeat and disappointment. Without Prosperity, we are just spinning our wheels and never gaining any traction or ground. Without Practicality, we will never overcome obstacles. Without Productivity, will will always be stagnant. Without Provocation, we will never step out of our comfort zones and Without Precision, we will just never arrive anywhere. Narrow down your Purpose. Promote your Purpose with Positiveity. Motivate your Purposed Positiveity with Prosperity. Maintain your Purposed Positive Prosperity with Practicality. Materialize your Purposed Positive Prosperous Practicality with Productivity. Market your Purposed Positive Prosperous Practical Production with Provocation and Manifest your Purposed Positive Prosperous Practical Productive Provocation with Precision.




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