February 15, 2018 Mastered Self Aquarius Solar Eclipse Cosmic Event & New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Thursday February 15, 2018 @ 12:51 PM PST we will experience the Solar Eclipse Exact Station Cosmic Event. This is the Second Eclipse in the past 2 weeks. This is a Way Shower Eclipse. This is an Anything Goes Eclipse. This is an Aquarius Solar Eclipse. This is a Powerful Partial Solar Eclipse, one that is theme-packed with Karma, Fate, New Beginnings and a whole lot of Soul Mate-Centered Energy, on all levels and effecting all areas of our Current Reality.  Marriage and Partnerships, Deals, Ideas, Transportation, Education and Communications will be areas most effected by the Aquarius Solar Eclipse Cosmic Event. 14 minutes later @ 1:05 PM PST we will experience the Aquarius New Moon Exact Station Event. This Aquarius New Moon is supercharged with all the same themes of the Solar Eclipse, with an added bonus of the Unexpected (Karma, Fate) SHOWING UP, right in the middle of something Good. Where this can take you is beyond your wildest thoughts yet you will have to go in a totally NEW DIRECTION. Trust your Mastered Self to lead you in the Only Direction you can go and allow the New Beginnings to Manifest a Progressive and Positive Cycle into your Current Reality. Scientific Holistic Medicine, Alternative Pain Management and Therapies and Blogging and Writing will be very favorable areas and will produce some of the more advanced concepts of new treatments and better relief with some timely scientific breakthroughs. This Aquarius New Moon will multiply the effect and outcome of every area this Aquarius Solar Eclipse brings present into your Current Reality.

This Aquarius Solar Eclipse and New Moon Cosmic Event will bring up our Real Companionship Needs and exactly what each of us is prepared to do about them. Relationship deceit, lies and scandals are going to get ILLUMINATED! Karma has its own way of SHOWING each of us just what is really going on and this is PRIME TIME for these ILLUMINATIONS to take place. WHEN WE KNOW BETTER WE CAN DO BETTER—AFTER THIS, WE ALL WILL KNOW MUCH BETTER. This is a time to get very serious about this area of our life. Identifying what our Real Companionship Needs are takes each of us to our SoulCore. Now is the time to recognize what our affectional needs are and give energy and power to those that are vibrating on your Serious or Soul Mate Frequency. Trust your own intuition and believe that you are worthy of what you desire, and that will manifest in your chosen companion. Some Relationships will solidify and continue to Ascend and have a Significant New Beginning that will signal Positive Outcomes to Progressively Multiply and Manifest, in their Current Realities while others will experience the Unexpected Illumination of Discontentment and achieve the Breakthrough that either Transforms or Terminates your association and have a Significant New Beginning that will signal Healing and Self Discovery Outcomes to Progressively Multiply and Manifest, in their Current Realities. Believe the Signs that have been shown during the lead up to these events and watch for more to manifest along the Path of Our Highest Good. Fate always finds you right where you are. Fate always alters your Current Reality. Fate always signals a New Beginning. Now is the time to Recognize Our Fated Opportunities, as they begin to Manifest and Embrace the New Beginnings that are better for us. Now is the time to Release Our Past Failures, as we Awaken and Ascend into Higher Consciousness and Mastered Self Living and Lifestyles. Now is the time to Respond to Our Cause, as we Chart New Courses of Study and Sustenance.

This Aquarius Solar Eclipse and New Moon Cosmic Event is a time for each of us to Go In The Way That We Have Been Shown Is Best For Us. All of us will be faced with internal choices. Mastered Self versus Lower Lust Level Choices. Deciding what serves our Highest Good is not the easy choice due to individual appetites and proclivities. Being able to choose your own Path and your own Way determines your Ultimate Destinations. Positive Outcomes are created with Deliberate Intentions and seeking Mastered Self Endeavors and Experiences. Now is the time to take a honest and serious and complete Current Reality Inventory. List the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Thing, Situation, Association or Endeavor, in your Current Reality, along with Resolves for Each and Begin to Execute Every Ugly, Eliminate Every Bad and EXPAND EVERY GOOD THING, SITUATION, ASSOCIATION OR ENDEAVOR! Now is the time to Fortify the areas in our lives that are showing tangible results and to encourage those areas that are aligning with our Narrowing Purpose. Follow after those things that Satisfy the Mastered Self. Desire only those things that encourage your Positive Growth and Prosperous Endeavors. Give your total focus to those things that further your Ascension and fortify your Standings and Conditions. Now is the time to make Profoundly Progressive Life Pivot Decisions that Energize You and Equip You and Empower You, along your chosen Path.

Who You Desire to BE Is Already Who You Are. Who You Are Is What You Currently Desire to BE. Now is the time to Believe In The Total You and to Start To Just BE YOUR TRUTH—YOUR MASTERED SELF.


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