January 31, 2018 Mastered Self Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon & Lunar Eclipse Cosmic Event Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Wednesday January 31, 2018 @ 5:26 AM PST, we will experience The Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon Exact Station Event. Leo themes will be magnified and Leo situations will be dramatically illuminated, for each of us. Strong Creative Influences will be highlighted and available, for each of us. Full Moons signal a time for Endings, Enhancements and Expansions. This Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon will carry with it a triple-magnifying effect, meaning 3 times the POWER. Take some time and write down all of your intentions that you absolutely set on and clear about as this is the MOST ADVANTAGEOUS time for planting Deliberate Seeds for Maximum Manifestations. 3 minutes later @ 5:29 AM PST, we will experience The Lunar Eclipse Exact Station Event. Eclipses have a way of covering up and holding back those things that are actually being released for you and then MAGNIFYING the manifestations of those exact things beginning soon and up to 6 months after this Lunar Eclipse.  This Lunar Eclipse will add another Triple-Magnifying Effect to all of your Deliberate Seed Intentions. Approximately 5 hours later @ 10:23 AM PST, we will experience The North Node Stationary Direct Event. The North Node deals with your Soul and the Destiny of our Mastered Self. This Stationary Direct Event will definitely bring each of us face to face with our Current Reality Path and Experiences. Each of us will have to make some decisions as to what is serving our Highest Good versus what is serving our lower natures and vibrations. This Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse Cosmic Event is a Prosperously Powerful time to step out of the shadows of your life and start to manifest your Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

This Leo Full SuperMoon-Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse Cosmic Event will feel like we have reached a Point of Culmination. The Peak Point. The Summit. For some, it will seem like we have stretched ourselves or our situations every way possible and there just isn’t anywhere else to take things to. We have done all the necessary “things’ and attempted all the “checklist” items and still, WTF?-Point of Culmination. For some, it may feel like our situations are fine or okay. Everything is running smoothly and you are settled. Life is routine and regular-The Peak Point. For those that are absolutely living their Mastered Self Purposed Life-The Summit. Each of us is at least at one of these Points, some of us are at all 3. We can have some things that are culminating, some that are peaking and some that have reached their summit, it just depends upon where each of us is in our Ascension and what Energies and Associations we are allowing into our Individual Experiences. Endings are part of this Journey. Each of us goes through many endings during this incarnation. For Every Ending there is a New Beginning. Every Relationship has a Life Cycle. Every Association has a Life Cycle. Every Situation has a Life Cycle. We can end a cycle and begin another, anew, in the same relationship, association and situation. Endings do not necessarily have to be completions! Take this time to examine your relationships, associations and situations to see which ones are Culminating, Peaking and Summiting and set your deliberate focus on ENHANCING those that are serving your Highest Good and beginning to produce tangible results. Give your real and honest and total focus to only what matters to your Mastered Self, not to what matters to others, and follow your passions to your Purpose! This enhancement should be done with expediency in order to capitalize on this Most Auspicious Time. Expansion is favored, especially for those that are ready to assume a leadership position and willing to realize their Maximum Self Potency. Expand encouraging projects that serve Humanity, in any capacity, as well as those that are holistically based and service oriented. For those that are employed in the public and private sectors, you can start by enhancing your resumes and expanding your perspective. Today is a very good day to ask for a generous salary increase, apply for that next level promotion or to launch your own entrepreneurial endeavor, for maximum long term success.

Your Soul Destination can only be determined by you. We each make decisions based upon our own set of morals and values. Internally, we set our own standards and live according to what we inherently feel is right or wrong. At the SoulCore level is where our beliefs reside. In the Invisible One that resides inside each of us. We each have the power to determine our own Destiny. Some of us will come face to face with our very own Fate, and will not like what we see and what our future prospects are. Ask yourself this question: Am I too afraid to step out of my comfort zone to continue to suffer in a relationship, association or situation that is not serving my Highest Good and never will? Use this time to tap into your SoulCore and get acquainted with your Mastered Self and Chart a New Course. Set Sail for Ports of Cosmic Calibration. Trust in the directions that you are lead into and trust YOURSELF, THIS TIME!



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