January 16, 2018 Mastered Self Capricorn New Moon Soul Vibe

Awakened Greetings Ascending Souls,

On Tuesday January 16, 2018 @ 6:17 PM PST, we will experience the Capricorn New Moon Exact Station Event. This Capricorn New Moon will be centered around going Deep Within our own thought processes and revising, repairing or releasing the patterns that seem to still be lingering, that no longer serve our Highest Good. This Capricorn New Moon will send us into our Intentions and cause each of us to revise, repair or release the reason why we do what we do and to make the changes necessary to manifest our Mastered Self Desires. This Capricorn New Moon will met each of us right where we are at and allow us to KNOW that we are equipped with all we need, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT WHERE WE ARE, WITH EVERYTHING WE CURRENTLY HAVE! This Capricorn New Moon will launch those of us that are ready, forward, into our (Narrowed Down) Purposed Work. This Capricorn New Moon is our opportunity to Plant Revised and Repaired or Release Our Deliberate Seeds of Intent, with Maximum Manifesting Energy and for Maximum Manifesting Effect.

Many of us arrive at this Capricorn New Moon with lingering doubts about the directions and Paths our lives are currently on. This Capricorn New Moon will shine a very bright light on areas of our lives that are in definite need of reviving, repairing or releasing. We all must remember that everything begins with a Thought. What we focus our thoughts on manifests into our Reality,over and over again. When we focus on those things that are NEGATIVE in our lives, we continue to manifest those same NEGATIVES into our Reality. The same holds true when we focus on the POSITIVES. The power of consistent Positive Thought can transform our Current Reality into the Life and Lifestyle our Mastered Self knows is already ours. Start with how you perceive your relationships and associations to see where you may hold lingering negative thoughts and revise, repair or release those thought patterns that are sabotaging your progressive movement and delaying your Spiritual Ascension. When we think better, we feel better and when we feel better, we live better. Something as simple as this can really change your Current Reality Experience.

Everything we do has an Intention. We have many different intentions, for many different things and each of them comes from our Soul. Regardless to what stage of Spiritual Ascension any of us is on, what we do and why we do it is all determined by our intentions. People with Positive Intentions do Positive things. People with negative Intentions do Negative things. The results of our actions directly correlate with the original intent of those actions. What we set into motion shall come back and greet us, Good, Bad, Ugly & Unexpected. This Capricorn New Moon provides each of us with the ability and courage to examine our intentions for everything and everyone we are currently engaged with and revise, repair or release those intentions that no longer serve our Highest Good and delay manifestation of our Mastered Self Desires. Take a close look at your Reasons and Reasoning for the things you do and the people you relate with. Ask yourself “Why do I do the work that I currently do?” or “Why am I in the current relationship that I am in?” and acknowledge the real reasons why you are currently where you are. Once we can acknowledge the real reasons, then we can revise, repair or release those intentions that cause the our actions to continue to manifest negative results. Something as simple as this can change your Current Reality.

This Capricorn New Moon is meeting everyone of us right where we currently are. What I mean by this is: Each of us is at some point in our life where we are feeling the push to do “something”. Some of us want more personal freedom while others seek more security and stability. Some of us are looking for a career change while others are contemplating getting off the Grid, altogether. No matter where each of us is currently stationed in life, each of us needs to know that whatever IT is that we seek, we are equipped to receive IT, RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT WHERE WE ARE! Waiting on the perfect time to do anything will have us doing exactly that—WAITING—Paralyzed with fear, doubt or inadequacy. This Capricorn New Moon will be a springboard for each of us that is at this place. We have no more excuses to make. We have no more obstacles to overcome. We have no more preparations to complete and no more titles to acquire. Those that are ready to launch must now launch, with all the quiet assurance and confidence necessary to sustain and fortify you, after your launch. Trust in all that you currently are and trust that you are more than ready to fulfill your (Narrowed Down) Purpose. Trust that the Next Step you take will lead you to everything you desire and deserve. Trust your Mastered Self to lead and guide you to your Mastered Self Desires.

This Capricorn New Moon is a time to Plant Our Revised and Repaired Seeds of Deliberate Intent and to Release Our Sabotaging Seeds of Deliberate Doubt, for Maximum Manifestation Effect.



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