November 3, 2017 Mastered Self Ascension Portal Closing Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

Cosmically & Physically here in 3D, we all have been experiencing turbulent times. What used to be isn’t, anymore, and most people still have not accepted that there is a New Normal. Spiritually, many of us have experienced either one Major Shift or a few mini-shifts, that have arrived us at different places and with new and improved gifts and with a Narrowed Down Purpose…More on that later…The past 30+ days or so have been like this relentless gauntlet of emotional tests & mental frustration. Think back to the Eclipse Season…Remember what you did not face, back then, Yeah, it’s here NOW and you must face it, head up, now. We are faced with the sum total of all of our missed opportunities to Be Real, right now. Each of us is going through some sort of cleansing of the Past. Completions & Graduations for some, Endings & New Beginnings for others and so the Cycles of Life continue on. Ready or not: We are entering into Ascension Season. On the “7’s” Ascensions: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial & Sexual Ascensions. All Across the Board Ascensions.

For the next 30 days, each of us will begin to realize the significant changes to our Daily Ways of Living. Subtle in nature, these changes spawn from an inner desire to optimize each moment, each experience and to maximize each endeavor with appreciation, only then can we INJOY this Experience, this incarnation, to the absolute fullest and remember and embrace all of ourselves. The quick expansion of knowledge is the effect of the Dimensional Access Gates Being Open. Each Dimensions has its own Entrance Gate. Each Dimension has its own Knowledge, that resides behind the Gate and evolves there. Each of those Dimensions is currently Open and all of the Knowledge housed therein is also Available. It is truly an advantageous time for those of US that seek this Vital Knowledge, as we can tap into Our Home Dime, as I like to refer to it. I AM the Gatekeeper of the 7th Dime, when I AM not incarnated here in 3D or the other Earth Type Realities that we concurrently experience. Those that dare, Seek Out Your Dime and ingrain all of the Dime’s Knowledge, while the gates Are Open…Portals Closing Very Soon! Approximately 75 hours before All Dime Gates Close! Monday Nov 6 @ 9:22 PM PDT.

Ascension Portals are currently open and the Power of Ascension is being felt by many of us. Spiritually, many of us are heading in different directions that we ever thought, learning new and advanced techniques and really just being brave enough to do something our very own way. Epiphanies & Awakenings are happening, almost daily, and the intensity of the downloads have been surging and rolling and penetrating and probing, have altered the Way many of us look at how we can Live Optimal & With Complete Liberty. Recent & On-Going Vibrational RE-Calibrations are effecting our Gifts, in the most profound ways. Activations are Happening and New Energies merge with Existing Energies and until all of this settles down, we can expect the mini-shifts of Awareness, to continue. Concurrently, On-Going Frequency Intensifications & Convergences are integrating into Our Operating Systems and we are experiencing Episodes of Ascension Symptom’s. You are Rising in Frequency and the old has a hard time vacating. Hang on in there and things will settle down, shortly. We need some of the old system, to stabilize the New System, until at maximum operating efficiency. Allow the fluctuations to be Signs of Ascension and Growth, and Encourage the Next Positive Thing that Occurs, In Your Life and the benefits will be tremendous.

More than a few of us reach this Auspicious Station with a Narrowed Down Purpose. The past 18 months or so, since early/mid 2016, the Way we live and conduct our daily business has transformed. Take an honest look at what you were doing back in early 2016 and what you are doing, today. Compare how you earn your money and how you live your Life between early 2016 and today and BE honest with the assessment. Some have moved on from stable careers and branched out, on their own, while others have gone the reverse. As we each Ascend, we begin to Narrow Down Our Purpose. As we embrace our Mastered Self, we overstand that what we really Pursue is Our Liberty in One’s Passion. I Desire My Passion. In My Passion Is My Liberty. We Desire Our Passions. In Our Passions Is Our Liberty. As we Ascend, we narrow our focus and concentrate our energies, towards those areas that really serve our Highest Good and allow each of us to begin to Live Life on Our Own Terms! Now is the Time to Turn Your On the “7’s” Mastered Self Desires, those Goals that you have been called to do or forced into, either way, into Your Pursuits. Now is the Time to Gather Up All That Is Showing Tangible Results, all that you are currently nurturing, all that is Intuitively Promising and Package it up and Market it. Now is the Time to just “Do the Damn Thang, Already!”

Your Mastered Self Will Guide Your Thoughts to Your Mastered Self Desires.

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  1. This is definitely speaking to the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Empaths and others! The Portals are open and in plain sight! Very profound! Thank you so much for sharing!

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