November 3, 2017 Taurus Spiritual Full Moon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Friday November 3, 2017 @ 10:22 PM PDT, we will experience the Taurus Spiritual Full Moon Exact Station Event. Some would say that this is a SuperMoon, that’s cool, too. I tend to believe that this Taurus Full Moon is a Spiritual Full Moon. Spiritual because the SHADOWS are amongst US. All sorts of Beings and Spirits and Ancestors & Masters & Ancients are truly PRESENT & WATCHING & AVAILABLE, having travelled through Ascension Portals, which are currently open and available for Pivot Travel. Scorpio Season has driven each of us deep into the abyss of the Dark Cracks & Dim Crevices of our Souls. Those places that never get to the Light of Day, YES, Those Places There! Scorpio Energy is all about the underworld, the shadows, the Dark & Dim, the restricted and taboo, the place of your dreams/nightmares. YES, THOSE PLACES THERE! With all of this bubbling over, NOW everything in the home is getting ready to BE Transformed!

With the recent Cosmic Energy Shift and the Vibrational RE-Calibration, many of us have experienced different energy surges and changes in the way we see things about the Ways we live our daily lives. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is amplified with Ascension Energy. The Cosmic Veil is currently Transparent, take a peek into the Clear and see your soultions, to your every fear, your every deficiency, your every ailment & your every obstacle. Your Guides are Present and here to assist you. Step UP into your Transformation and allow the process to develop, organically. Resistance will only delay your Transformation. Take this opportunity to expose your shadows & conquer them & release them, once and for all, each and every ONE of them. Transform your fear into Fervor, and move past all of those dark hurts and pains and guilt’s and shames and abuses, for your own good. Use this Spiritual Energy to Fuel your Passion, again and to focus yourself back to your Highest Good. Transform your Reality by changing your perspective and Get Real & Honest and you will immediately see that your Pivot is not only close, it is necessary! This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will deal with all of the hidden things that we each refuse to face, in our daily lives. Taurus rules the creature comforts, the way we live and how we finance our Ways of Living and we each will come face to face with what has been lurking in the shadows of our heart.

This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is a time of Harvest. For a lot of us, it just seems that we need one more thing in order to step out of our comfort zone and into our Mastered Self. Making the choice to invest in oneself is always a risky proposition and there are no guarantees. Making the choice to break away from the normal and venture into the unknown can be very daunting. Thinking about remaining in the same place, doing the same thing, going the same direction should spur each of us into to immediate action yet most of us need a helpful nudge, now and again. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon is that helpful nudge each of us needs in order to believe that the Initial Process is Complete! Now is the time to ”Do The Damn Thang” with all that you have Gathered and Produced and Prepared and allow the fullness of the process to evolve, organically. These past few days have been a trek and journey of Gathering, getting together those things that are producing tangible results. This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will provide each of us with the courage & clarity to Go to Market with What We Already Have That Is Currently Producing Tangible Results! This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will clear the way for you, in your chosen Passion and will shine its Light Brightest on those areas that are definitely beneficial for you to give a little bit more attention to.

This Taurus Spiritual Full Moon will signal a time of Progressive & Forward Movement. Within the next 21 days, give or take, each of us will have to answer 3 hard questions, choose between 2 tough choices and make 1 MAJOR Decision, regarding something or someone. We must clear ourselves of all unhealthy associations as we Ascend or we will repeat the previous negative cycle. Releasing all toxic and harmful people, associations & situations will lighten your daily load and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter & emotional debris. Get Real & Honest, No Matter What Comes Your Way, and everything will work out accordingly. Most of the time, we make things way more than they actually turn out to be. Own your SHIT, when necessary and take No One’s in Return. When making your choices and decision, remember to rise above all pettiness and cut your losses when you know there is no other solution. BE Deliberate in your Thoughts regarding your relationships. BE Consistent in your Stances & Positions. BE Committed to Your Desired Results. Make Realistic Promises to Yourself & Stick to Your Word!

Each Step We Take, We Step Deeper into Our New Normal

Each Spiritual Ascension Step We Take, We Step Deeper into Our Mastered Self!

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