June 20, 2017 Summer Soulstice Mastered Self Soul Vibe


Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Tuesday June 20, 2017 @ 9:24 PM PDT, we will experience the 2017 Summer Soulstice Exact Station Event. At this Exact Station Event, the Sun will move into Cancer. Cancer Energy injects emotions and feelings into those things that matter most to us. Cancer Energy infects us with its nurturing kindness. Cancer Energy comforts us with its concerning empathy and Cancer Energy strengthens us with its loyal understanding. Cancer Energy reminds us of what we received, as far as the love and compassion we each crave versus what we allowed others to give us in that regards. Cancer Energy puts it all on Front Street. This 2017 Summer Soulstice will draw each of us deep into our own tiny heartspace, to the place where our secrets reside. Open Up the vault and allow everything to come out, your fears, your past hurts, your desires, your goals, everything. Once the vault is clear, begin to gather up only those things that serve your Highest Good, and place those things in that space, nothing more. What you bravely face and let go of will strengthen you. What you hide from and hang on to will weigh you down tremendously. It is not about who you love as much as it is about who loves you and how they show that love.

The recent ride has been a bit bumpy for each of us. Changes of plans and unexpected happenings have become more regular than not. Changes in perspective are necessary to make sense of all that has Shifted in our individual and collective experiences. The New Normal is starting to take shape, for each one of us. Pay attention to the major happenings, events and endeavor opportunities that are present in your current experience, at this Exact Station Event and for the next 21 days. These will be incorporating and infusing into your individual New Normal as recurring experiences. The directions you take and the people you encounter will be indicative of the types of comings and goings that your New Normal will be all about. Take advantage of this Cancer Energy to clear out all Negative Energy Sources from within your own experience. Make a Stand Up Against the Negative Energy Sources that are outside of you, attempting to disrupt your Way of Life and Flow. Fortify yourself with this Cancer Energy when you have to slam a few doors shut or walk away from someone or something. Think about what is best for you when making your choices and decisions instead of what feels good, right or even practical to you. Look for the Pivot Opportunity and be ready for it when it present itself to you.

This 2017 Summer Soulstice is a balance point between Light and Dark, Up and Down, Black and White, Yes and No and Cause and Effect! The middle point of the Yearly Cosmic Cycle, where time stands almost still. The point where we either gain ground or begin our retreat. Shrewd Financial Energy is present, at this 2017 Summer Soulstice. Take advantage of this most auspicious energy by infusing your feelings into your current financial endeavors and vocations. It is Time to “Give It All You Got” concerning what you do for your financial security and stability. The energy is so Powerfully Present that our Highest Desires and Goals could actually manifest between now and the Fall Equinox, given the immediate influx of our true feelings. Surprises are in store for all creative business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors. Now is the time to instinctually connect with what matters most to you regarding your financial and vocational endeavors and to determinedly commit to manifesting the results that you know you can achieve and that you believe you deserve.

This 2017 Summer Soulstice can be the platform upon which you can build a great endeavor. The blueprint for your success resides inside you, already. You have to allow this blueprint to consume you in a way that will inspire you to reach for the Highest Expression of Your Mastered Self. What you produce now can profoundly affect your financial and social standing, in the most surprisingly positive ways. The Very Best of You is waiting to come out and now is the perfect time for this. No matter what it is that you endeavor and no matter what your current vocation is, each of us has the wherewithal to kick it up a notch and get the ball rolling, in new and prosperous directions. The old methods (The Old Normal) have ran their course and now it is time for fresh and innovative ideas and concepts (The New Normal) to jumpstart your stalled projects and opportunities. Give yourself permission to do something different and then trust the next step you take, in the new direction. Allow the process to fully run and nurture your decision into a positive outcome with your renewed efforts and dedication. Equip yourself by determining that you will succeed before you take the step. Empower yourself by believing you deserve your own determined level of success. Expand yourself in preparation to receive all that you desire, that you manifest into your experience.

What You Do With What You Have Will Get You To What You Really Want

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