June 9, 2017 MEPS Mastered Self Sagittarius Full Moon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On Friday June 9, 2017 @ 6:09 AM PDT we will experience the Sagittarius Full Moon Exact Station Event. 57 minutes later @ 7:02 AM PDT we will experience the Jupiter Direct Station Event. What a magnificent welcoming of this Sagittarius Full Moon. The benevolence of Jupiter stationing direct will lend tremendous expansion energy to all endeavors that are currently manifesting in your New Normal. Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarius Full Moon and as such will assist in the abundant growth that your ideas and desires have been slowly marching towards. This means full steam ahead with that THING that each of us has been babying along and nurturing. During this Sagittarius Full Moon, Venus will be snuggling with Taurus, emphasizing the creature comforts and what, where, how, when, why & who you love. Things that are close to the home & heart will be featured and relationships of all kinds can benefit from this very auspicious linking. This Sagittarius Full Moon will be in very close degree proximity to Saturn-The Master Teacher & Task Master. Saturn comes to remind us of what each of us has been doing the past 2 years. Saturn’s kind placement here calls for the harvesting & celebration of what is left. Saturn has had us toiling away at something. Through the ups and downs and all of the purging and revisions, through all of the starts and stops and malfunctions, through all of the moves and unpacking, what we now have left, that is serving our Highest Good, is what needs to be harvested & celebrated. We must allow the fruits of our labor to be recognized (harvested & celebrated), by ourselves first and then by others.  

This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Harvest. For many of us, the dust is still settling after the May 25 2017 Gemini New SuperMoon Exact Station Event. The Aftershock Vibration still reverberates, and events that were blown up at that Station Event are just now beginning to show how they will transform our individual realities. Each of us has had to carefully navigate through a situation that transformed a certain part of our life and caused changes to our Way of Living. What we are doing, now, are the most important endeavors we have ever accomplished. Where we are heading, now, are much better destinations than anywhere we have ever experienced. Who we are meeting, now, are the most important connections we have ever made. Transformations are like that. This Sagittarius Full Moon will provide the grounding energy that will allow each of us to begin to move forward, towards our Mastered Self Desires, with a fresh or new perspective, with much better perception and with more confidence and courage. This Sagittarius Full Moon will provide us with the foundational base upon which we can build a more secure and less chaotic future. This Sagittarius Full Moon will give each of us some much needed Quiet Assurance concerning the things that matter most in our daily lives. This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Harvest!

This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Yearning. The Yearning has been building and gaining momentum, for quite a while. The Yearning became apparent to many of us at the May 25, 2017 Gemini New SuperMoon and has been steadily gaining speed, at the SoulCore level. With all that has been happening, energy-wise, most of us have not been able to get away from what is churning and building and percolating inside our Soul. Through all of the recent life-altering eruptions, we have been keenly aware of our Individual Yearning that continues to invade our hearts. For some it may be financial security, for others it may be a new or better job or new home or place to live, and for others it could be some sort of relationship reconciliation, personal, intimate or business. The Yearning is that powerful force that drives each of us and motivates us to make the choices and decisions that shape of Individual Realities. All of us have been awakened to our Personal Yearning and regardless of what it is, Your Personal Yearning will continue to get in your face, up close and personal like, and can make you uncomfortable if you are resistant to the changes that are necessary to manifest Your Personal Yearning. Our Personal Yearnings serve as our motivating factors when we embrace them and when we ignore them, they become significant irritants that delay and stunt our Spiritual & Material growth. We must put our Personal Yearnings in the most important place of our manifesting life. The place that will insure that they receive the best and most of our attention. The place that is just outside our comfort zone. The place that we make sure to nurture and cultivate and encourage. The place that matters most to each of us. Yeah, That Place, Right There! This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about The Yearning.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about embarking upon Your Greatest Journey, Ever! Now is the time to reach past your failures and succeed. Now is the time to start to soar above your mistakes and thrive. Now is the time to start living your New Normal!

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    1. Thank You for your most encouraging words of inspiration concerning my posts. I greatly appreciate you for your interest in my work.

      I AM very positive about the Source of all of my work.

      All of my work is my own original thoughts, words, concepts and interpretations.

      I AM very confident in the accuracy and authenticity of all of my work!

      I thank you for your interest and concern!

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