May 25, 2017 MEPS Mastered Self Gemini New SuperMoon Soul Vibe

Cosmic Greetings Connected Souls,

On May 25, 2017 @ 12:44 PDT, we will experience The Exact Station Event of the Gemini New Moon. This also considered to be a SuperMoon. Because of the Moon’s closer proximity to Earth, SuperMoons not only appear to be larger but they also have an intensified effect upon us.

This New SuperMoon is sure to have the intensity & punch of a heavyweight fighter. Gemini has the ability to “split” into two separate entities and many of us will feel this “splitting” in the most dramatic of ways. Because this Moon falls in Gemini it will put emphasis on our having to make a choice between the TWO. This energy will be all about choosing between Me or You, Black or White, Right or Left, Up or Down and In or Out! Feelings of being torn literally in two will pervade the climate and some will feel like that “Am I coming or going” contradiction very heavily. We will all have to exercise our courage of conviction in making these choices, and we must remember to allow that which serves our Highest Good to be the first determining factor in all decisions that will be made. The effects of this Cosmic Storm will be felt, one way or another!

Mercury and Venus are both now out of their post-retrograde shadow periods, and they are going to be key elements in this event. Pluto will be in harsh opposition to Venus and this placement will cause radical transformation to relationships of all kinds — intimate, personal, professional & financial — in some MAJOR way. Pluto tends to just ‘blow things up,’ Figuratively and Literally! Once this occurs, Pluto then shines its transformational Light on the essence of the matter, as that is all that will be left after the bomb drops. It is in these surviving elements where each of us will find the Seeds to plant so that we may begin to cultivate our Intention for our future harvest of manifestations. As the dust settles, make sure you are allowing yourself to process what has been blown up. Take advantage of the transformative power that will be present to improve upon your working situations. Be grateful for the releasing of all things that no longer serve your Highest Good and leave closed doors CLOSED!

Embracing the “New Normal” has been a rocky endeavor for many of us so far. Most of our lives have just been rolling along, then the Shift happened and BAM — what once was normal is now either totally foreign or completely gone from our lives. What we used to do no longer is profitable, healthy or practical, and finding the New Path has been a crap shoot. Fortunately for us those uneasy moments will be replaced with a calming assurance that everything is still moving forward.

With this Gemini New SuperMoon, you will definitely arrive at a New Place of Comfort after the Storm subsides. In order to stay above the fray of emotional outburst and physical harm, this is the time for you to take cover inside your Mastered Self and ride out the waves of jealousy, confusion and entitlement. This is the time to “Man Up” or “Woman Up” and challenge yourself to — for the Last Time — Clean House & Clear the Decks of all negative energy and associations that are no longer welcome in your experience. Make those Choices, NOW!

Time is constantly moving forward. Now is the time for each of us to Move Forward with that THING that we have been nursing. That THING we have been babying. That THING that we are counting on to transform our current Reality… That THING that you know is only for YOU to do! Yea, THAT THING, INDEED! Whatever that THING is for each of us, we must put our Entire Self into it for maximum return. Remember, this is The New Normal and the ‘old thing’ stopped working a long time ago. ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF, because this Gemini New SuperMoon will call for you to make a Choice. Choose THAT THING for yourself. What are you waiting for? Be accountable and take control of your own destiny. Be assertively selfish when making your Choice. Think of your Highest Good only, when making your Choice. Be a friend to No One until you are a friend to yourself, FIRST!

NOW is the time to fully embrace and embark upon Your New Normal. Where it takes you is much more exciting than anywhere you have already been. What it entails is much more fulfilling than anything you have ever done. Whom you will encounter is much more interesting than anyone you have ever met. Why you are taking this Journey is already inside of you. When you get there, you will definitely know it.


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4 thoughts to “May 25, 2017 MEPS Mastered Self Gemini New SuperMoon Soul Vibe”

  1. So proud of you Cuzzo!
    Self-realization is the knowing – in body, mind, and soul –That we are one
    with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it comes to
    us, that we are not merely near it all times, but that God’s omnipresence is
    our omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of Him now as we will
    ever be. All we have to do is improve our knowing.
    ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. I truly appreciate your support and interest in becoming a member of my site. THAT IS HUGE!

      There is a subtribe button at the bottom of my blog post, in the middle of the bottom tool bar section. Just click on that and complete the required information and you will be all set.

      Again, thank you for your interest in my work, it is much appreciated!

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